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Light-Life DNA Recoding Episode 2 – Endocrine Gland Upgrade

The second of six episodes of Light–Life DNA Recoding is live in the Library as of today! This is the next step of physical regeneration after Regeneration Alchemy, which is also in the Library. 


Light-Life DNA Recoding means the transmission of energy words of New Creation from Source Creation/God transmitted into the cells of the body and the DNA template designed to shift humanity out of old physical and consciousness patterns and create a more evolved physical form. 


The ETERNAL LIGHT of ALL - GOD MIND - is encoded into the energy words spoken by Judy Satori to create a process of divinely guided and activated metamorphosis, an evolutionary advancement of what is to be a human being.


It is Source Creation, LIGHT creating New Life in the Human Body.


January 1998: It was a Sunday night. I had been speaking that day at a workshop about healing in the human energy field. One of the participants, a man called Alvin, telephoned me asking if he could come to my home. He told me that he had waves of energy running through his body. As he walked through my front door he was swaying with the energy and didn’t know what was happening to him.

As I held onto his feet, a strong wave of vibration passed through his body and his back arched. The energy passed through his feet and into me, throwing me back against the wall with the force of it. Alvin lay very still with his eyes closed. I asked him how he was feeling. He told me then that he could not open his eyes and that he was ‘out there in the Universe’. He said that he was looking out of the windows of a Galactic Federation starship and that he was looking back at Earth. I raced to get paper and pen and for the next two hours, Alvin described the interior of the spacecraft and the star beings he could see. One of the beings told Alvin to tell me that my ‘role’ was to recode human DNA.  

In 1998 I did not understand what this meant. I wasn’t speaking the languages of light at the time. I know now that our human DNA  is like a complex digital code spelling out a recipe for the creation of human life. The energy words that I speak are energy words of NEW CREATION from SOURCE / GOD, working at a DNA template and cellular level.  What excites me is that at the Codes of Light event in Sydney, Australia in 2024, I began to work to activate previously untapped human DNA potential.


Episode Two - Introduction 

Episode Two of Light - Life DNA Recoding balances the endocrine system and supports the body’s metabolism to step up endocrine functioning to allow for physical upgrade and regenerative change to occur in the body.



  • A more balanced hormonal and nervous system
  • Better glandular function
  • Enhanced energy and vitality

The endocrine glands secrete hormones, which are the chemical messengers of the body.  Hormones carry chemical messages to organs, skin and tissues. 

As we age, the optimal function of the endocrine system diminishes. 

The Ascension process is a consciousness expansion process and a physical regeneration/ better energy process. 

Endocrine Gland Advancement – How to Use

  • The recording begins with Judy Satori explaining about each of the seven endocrine glands and their function. These glands include the pineal, pituitary, thyroid and parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, ovaries/testes, adrenals.
  •  Each endocrine gland relates to one of the seven chakras of the body.
  • The hypothalamus also secretes neurohormones that act on the cells of the Pituitary gland, the Master control center of physical metabolic function. 
  • This recording incorporates divinely designed energy transmissions. When you listen, your endocrine system is powerfully supported and advanced in function by getting the seven endocrine glands to operate together in harmony. 
  • Later in the recording, the transmissions have a positive enhancing effect on endocrine gland function.  Note: If you are on medication for endocrine system/hormonal imbalance, you MUST NOT discontinue your medication without medical advice. It takes time for energy to affect physical change in the body
  •  This recording creates an ongoing, synergistic energy-building and endocrine-balancing effect. REPETITION IS IMPORTANT as benefits accrue. 


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Feedback from Ascension Library members

Marie H.

"I am blown away by the wondrous beauty of these transmissions of light and love and wisdom. What's more, is that I am finally remembering!"

David A. 

"If someone is willing to work the library, they will find tremendous value and benefit. It is hard to believe that you offer so much for so little cost to make this available to everyone."

Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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