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Like everyone on the planet, I have been forced by COVID-19 to look at life through new eyes and to set a new template for what I want to create in life. In this post, I will share simple strategies for us all to become better CREATORS by deliberately connecting to and creating the energy emotion of LOVE.

BE and Create LOVE:  The frequency of love vibrating in body and mind guides us on our journey of soul in human form.  This is why our capacity to vibrate at the frequency of love is so very important to our happiness.  Love is the gateway to healing. If you can’t feel love and life has not been loving for you, tip the balance by first clearing the discordant energy frequencies that are blocking you and deliberately creating more expanded states of consciousness. 

Take Conscious Action – Meditate: Chart the course of a happier and more empowered future by deliberately creating the energies of love within you. Begin by meditating for 11 minutes every day.  Place your right hand over the heart chakra in the centre of your chest to connect with love and the heart and your left hand below the diaphragm to connect with your soul.  Shut your eyes and imagine a beautiful magenta-coloured pyramid, (purple-pink), superimposed over your upper body.  Imagine the base level with your heart chakra and the apex about three feet above the head, at the outer limit of your auric field.  This meditation is not zoning out. Imagine that you are deliberately creating a feeling of peace, the strongest emotion of peace that you can possibly create and placing this feeling of peace at the lower left-hand side of the pyramid looking down at yourself. Every time you breathe in, send that feeling of PEACE coursing through your body and out into your auric field for three feet around your body.  Then move to LOVE and create the emotion of love in the lower right-hand corner of the pyramid and then JOY in the same way at the apex of the pyramid.  Try to expand the feeling of JOY out and out and out into the Universe.  Focus on continuing to create and feel the emotion of JOY for the chosen duration of your meditation.  It helps to say the word softly to yourself as you feel it’s energy. 

At the end of your meditation time, you should feel different...more expanded and happier. If you are feeling sad, or struggle with this meditation in the beginning, just sit within the love of your own heart under your right hand and connect to your heart and soul. You may cry.  That’s a good sign.  You are letting go of energy/emotion that no longer serves you. Practice every day.  Repetition is the key to success.  To become a concert pianist, or skilled at anything, requires repetitive effort on our part.  Be disciplined, but also allow yourself time every day to just BE and do what you ENJOY.  Note: Say ‘With the power of God that I Am’, when you want to create because these words will automatically link you with Source/God, or universal creation frequency. 

Ask Questions of your Heart and Soul: At the end of your meditation connect with your heart’s voice by feeling through your right hand over your heart chakra to what your heart is guiding you to do.  ASK.  Speak out loud as if you were speaking to a friend. The voice of the heart, our higher self will always guide us if we take time to stop and listen.  Write notes, like creating a mind map to do with current questions for your life every day for 21 days.  Do the same thing by feeling into your soul through the left hand and asking your soul questions about your life to help you get clarity about the action steps that you could take to get to where you want to go.  21 days is a powerful creation cycle.  Use this time to gain clarity about what YOU want to create. This is YOUR life! As you build your vibratory energy coherence you will become healthier, happier and a better creator.

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