How do we overcome life's challenges and obstacles that can seem unrelenting when it feels like there is no patch of blue sky ahead? What do you do when you just don't know what to do anymore, because nothing you do seems to work?

The energy in these programs will help you connect with your guardian Angel and support you to deal with anxiety and depression. Millions of people are feeling extreme angst after a year of Covid-19 filled with uncertainty and massive disruption. There is ENERGY SUPPORT, listening to this show is a good place to start.

Judy Satori's series of online discussions and energy transmissions with Dr. Jean Farish on her ‘Love Light’ program on Voice of America will break you free of energy vibrations that may be holding you back and getting you nowhere in creating the changes that you want to manifest.

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If you enjoyed this, you may also like the Breaking Through series that can be found in the Ascension Library. The Breaking Through series will prepare you physically and emotionally to write a new chapter of your life's story and help you to adapt with strength and resilience. To find out more about this series, > CLICK HERE <


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