What a week! 33 people joined me at Mana for the Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat, a seven-day Spirit-led process to rewrite one's script for life. This certificated course worked on all levels of one's being - physically, emotionally, and mentally. Spirit designed it as a RESET for a NEW BEGINNING. The sessions delivered advanced energy alchemy and focused on participants becoming self-actualized Master Creators.

Each day began with exercises and techniques to raise vibration and to prepare the body to receive the energy that was transmitted and accelerated daily over the course of the week. Every day I read more of the Sunshine Before the Dawn story and every day the energy transmitted was grounded into enhanced understanding and grounded tools to enable people to take action to create beauty, love, joy and light and to BE HAPPY in life.

I plan to continue working with the initial Sunshine retreat group over the next seven weeks and then bring them forward to speak about their experiences at the Codes of Light event in Sydney. I intend to hold the Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat in other countries next year and again at Mana Retreat Centre from 11-18 February 2024. Registration will begin in November, but SAVE THE DATE as this retreat is definitely scheduled. The New Zealand retreat will include a one-day tour to the places that Essayenya travelled to in my book.

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