In 2012 Judy had a dream to curate her collection of spiritual recordings into an online ‘Ascension Library’ - a portal for Human Advancement. After many years of ‘hearing the dream’, her youngest son Ric set out to use his TV production skills to support her to make the dream a reality. The mission was to use their newly acquired Kajabi license to co-create new pathways into a spiritual ‘Netflix’, using Judy’s 20-year body of work.

At the core of the Ascension Library lies a treasure trove of teachings and energy transmissions. These enlightening offerings serve as a guiding light for seekers on their path of evolution. The thing that has made this portal so successful over the years is Rich's expertise as a video producer, a skill he adeptly harnesses to weave technology and spirituality into a harmonious tapestry. This has been particularly evident with his production of the Search for the Golden Tara program, and will again become clear in the global portal he is creating for the upcoming Ascension 2023 - Anchoring the Codes of Light event. 


As the architect of this transformative portal, Rich's journey has intertwined seamlessly with the pioneering work of his mother, way-shower and multidimensional channel Judy Satori.


With an innate ability to merge the profound with the accessible, he has brought a vast archive of recordings to fruition, now easily accessible through the Ascension Library. This repository of wisdom is made available to a global audience through flexible monthly and annual memberships, ensuring that seekers from all walks of life can partake in this transformative journey.

The Library has just turned 5 years old, and Judy and Rich would like to thank the many supporters who have been part of the journey. The product development evolution embarked upon half a decade ago continues to this day, as the Library remains at the forefront of global spiritual growth and exploration. Yet, Rich acknowledges that this journey is not a solitary one. Behind the scenes, an exceptional team works tirelessly, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations and addressing the diverse needs of the ever-growing global community.

Rich continues to steer the Ascension Library towards new horizons and his story serves as an inspiration to all. He exemplifies how innovation and technology can serve as conduits for ancient wisdom, bridging the gap between the past and the future.


With his unwavering commitment to growth and transformation, Rich invites us all to join hands and embark on a journey of ascension, where the union of knowledge and innovation propels us toward a brighter tomorrow.


Activate your account today and see how your portal from human evolution continues to expand.

Feedback from Ascension Library members

Marie H.

"I am blown away by the wondrous beauty of these transmissions of light and love and wisdom. What's more, is that I am finally remembering!"

David A. 

"If someone is willing to work the library, they will find tremendous value and benefit. It is hard to believe that you offer so much for so little cost to make this available to everyone."

Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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