Ascension Library Team

Even as a child, I could never enter a room silently. If I wasn’t speaking with words, my energy was palpable. The nicknames were apropos including ‘the energizer bunny’ and ‘the voice’. Despite considering myself to be an atheist, I had a powerful experience at 15 years old that can only be described as a memory from a past incarnation. After an intense day of mountain climbing, I felt drawn to be by myself, something I never did, and repose on the dewy grass. I instinctively sat on the ground with crossed legs, closed eyes, and began meditating. Being in stillness enveloped by the towering trees, the whoosh of the gentle breeze filling my ears with the sounds of the babbling brook, the animals playfully calling me home, and the aroma of the musty earth underneath the dusky sky, felt natural.

I’ve had miraculous experiences which can only be described as ultimately surrendering and being saved by divine intervention including nearly drowning, falling down a mountain, and surviving a car accident. The commonality was a feeling of peace and letting go even for a moment before 3D fear flooded back into conscious awareness. 

On my 32nd birthday, I woke up feeling connected to God, and a new chapter in my evolution commenced. My spiritual journey reached a crescendo when I moved to London and became enraptured by a quest to discover the symphony in my soul. Experimenting with many different modalities and practices to heal the wounds of the past and go beyond the pain. 


I’ve always known that my calling is to be a role model and lead others to feel empowered, enlightened, and enlivened. 


As an Intuitive Holistic Healer, it is an honor to use my spiritual gifts and natural ability to connect with clients’ souls as a catalyst for transformation and to guide them on their healing journey. Empowering clients to break free from whatever is holding them back to step into who they really are.

The journey is not linear and has had many twists and turns. Even when I had many friends, I felt like I didn’t fit in and have always heard “you’re not the typical…(fill in the blank)”. As the magical seeds sprouted, producing a field of colorful wild flowers, I embarked upon the next chapter of self-acceptance of my gifts and how I could use them as a golden thread, weaving heart-mind with God-mind.

After a long career developing and launching new products, communities, and companies globally, I realize the only place I’ve felt at home is in serving others outside the traditional realm. Being able to touch the heart of another fills my soul with purpose. My core values have always been community, connection, spirituality, positivity, and empathy. Every day I endeavor to connect with one or more people to enable them to feel seen, heard, and understood as well as shine the light of love wherever I go. 

As the newest member of the Ascension Library team and the leader of the community, it is a joy to bring Judy Satori’s work to awaken souls to transform. 


I’m thrilled to be able to use my gifts and background to lead the community to activate their human potential through the Library programs, weekly Lightworkers Connection Calls (watch this space), and fostering connections with other members.


As the heartbeat of the community, I am here to support and energize the members, creating new ways to engage and accelerate your ascension. I’d love to meet everyone so reach out to me through the green help button in the library!


I believe that we are united as a global soul family of lightworkers carving the path of ascension for all beings.


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