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The Myasmia Code

In chapter 14 of Judy Satori’s book ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’ the Siriun woman Essayenya meets a young man from Aldebaran on a beach at Ontara, the place of LIGHT for the people of Mu. The young man gives her a key code to access the wisdom of the higher heavens beyond Lyra. This is a powerful creation code and when spoken will activate and support manifestation. These words are a precise coding of sound and light that creates an opening for your soul. They will also help to activate soul knowledge and soul potential to express.

The star Aldebaran was known by ancient Persian astronomers as one of the four ‘royal’ stars in the night sky and the divine star of revelation. On January 13th 2023, a stellar gateway opened known by Spirit as the ‘stargate of Aldebaran’. This portal will allow for more light from ‘Beyond the Beyond’, from the heart center of a 22-galaxy multi-galactic diamond to stream to Earth. This means that we will be exposed to and be able to access more powerful energies of God’s new creation than ever before.


We can amplify the effects of these energies by saying this Key Code of Manifestation to help us to create anything we want in life.


Say the code 3x or 9x after affirmations, when you want a desired outcome, or just to inspire and strengthen you and your words as the God Creator that you are and will increasingly become in the year ahead. 


  • Myasmia (My – ars – me- a)
  • Yanonia (Ya – no - ne – a)
  • Yasintay (Ya – sin – tay)



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Marie H.

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Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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