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You are unique.  There is no one on the planet just like you, but are you fully able to reflect your special version of uniqueness out into the world, or are you held back by self-doubt and limiting behaviour?  

If you feel that you could be more than who you show yourself to be to the world, delve deeper into the energy fabric of who you REALLY ARE as an eternal soul and how your past has shaped you.   When you understand why you are as you are and that energy influences from past life may have blocked you from being your very best version of self, you can begin to set yourself free.   

The spiritually directed process of human Ascension is very much about clearing an old cycle of soul and getting ready for a new, more capable and joyful kind of life as a human person and in the realms of spirit.  Ascension is not going up or going anywhere.  It is a process of upgrading and evolving what it is to be a human being and bringing more of the soul’s authentic light into one’s day-to-day human experience. 

We are people with flesh and blood bodies, but we are also timeless energy beings with an energy anatomy, as well as a physical form.  We are eternal souls existing for only a relatively short life span in physical human form.  It is the core "note" of that soul’s energy vibration that sets the energy template for everything that we are in our human life.  

The "one note" of the soul transfers its tonal quality via the cells and the body’s energy anatomy and also affects the body and mind.  The "one note" of the soul underpins the morphogenetic energy field light grids that first build and then crystallize into the structure of our physical form when we are a fetus growing in our mother’s womb.  If the "one note" of the soul holds off-pitch, discordant energy vibrations, which are created by significant trauma energy in past life, the energy discordancy is transferred holographically throughout the morphogenetic light grid pattern of the newly forming physical body.  The end result is a body that exhibits weakness, or is prone to chronic dis-ease issues, especially as we age, in the places where the light grids of form are under-energized. 

The grids of light that shape our physical form are also impacted by inherited lineage line DNA energy patterns and when energy issues inherited from our ancestors in this lifetime combine with similar soul "one note" energy distortion from way back in time, the damaging physical or emotional effects for us in this life become worse.    

Severe past life emotional and/or physical trauma leaves a scar on the energy template of who we are as a timeless soul.  Instead of the core "one note" of the soul ringing like a bell with pure, harmonized sound, that note becomes muffled and diminished in tonal quality and so do we!

To heal our physical and emotional human selves in this life and move into a cycle of regeneration, we need to clear the energy trauma of what has gone before.

A strong, resonant tone of soul will allow you to stand powerfully in your strength, stand in your heart centred power and BE AUTHENTIC and SOVEREIGN UNTO SELF.

A strong resonant tone of soul will allow you to connect better with the positive attributes of the soul from past life and bring these into your life and who you are today. 

If we tried to dissect the body to find the seat of the soul, we would never find it, as the soul is pure energy.  The soul seat is explained by energy healer Barbara Ann Brenan in her book Light Emerging to be a tonal quality, a "note" of vibration deep within the area of the solar plexus, beneath the diaphragm and above the navel.  In her book, she calls this "one note" the Core Star

The energy purity of the "one note" of the soul can be affected by strong physical or emotional energy that has been projected at us by others in past life and by past life decisions and strong intention affirmations that we have made in some other time. 

We are usually oblivious to anything that happened to us in past life. We know only that certain trigger situations in our life today can irrationally overwhelm or disempower us.  We freeze, panic, become fearful and can’t give of our best to life and we don’t understand why.

Are you feeling that it’s time to become more authentically YOU?  Are you trying to feel more what your heart is guiding you to do and make decisions more from the heart and not so much from the head? 

You could say that that this increasing desire to be sovereign-unto-self is of itself a symptom of Ascension. The Ascension process is a tremendous shift, an evolutionary upgrade in what it is to be a human being and these changes are triggering a change in the way we view ourselves and how we want to live our life.  It’s about setting aside outmoded and limiting ways of seeing oneself and the world in which we live, and creating life in a way that brings more happiness and peace. 

Change always brings uncertainty.  Doubt can creep in when we are tired or are trying to do too much at once.  Becoming more authentic usually brings with it a raft of old anxieties, as when we change, the psyche, the ego-personality self of who we are usually wants to keep us exactly where we have been and where it feels safe.

The video above is a 22-minute meditation experience called Beauty of Soul and it is from the BEAUTIFUL program in the Ascension Library. All you need to do is sit quietly and listen, preferably through headphones. The energy words of new creation from Source/God are safe for children and animals to listen to as well. 

Beauty of Soul Delivers: 

  • Energy to allow the light of the soul to radiate through your human self and works to harmonize the "one note" of soul.
  • Mastery - a passage and progression into a new way of being.
  • A restructuring of the physical body according to the true light image and template of the soul.
  • The capacity to better reflect your soul’s authentic light.

If you are an Ascension Library member, you can access the complete BEAUTIFUL program, including Beauty of Heart, Beauty of Mind, Beauty of Body and Beauty of Soul, FIND IT HERE. 

Not a member? The Ascension Library has hundreds of audio recordings, videos and programs that are designed to clear karmic past life trauma energy, activate more expanded states of consciousness such as inner peace and love, and go beyond achieving physical balance to physical and consciousness re-genesis. 

Not a member? Start your membership today!

Beautiful features frequencies of sound and light called UltraLight, coming from a new fifth-dimensional energy spectrum. Judy shares more about this on the induction page for the BEAUTIFUL. Listen to it HERE.

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