We should definitely eat more plants, because organically grown plants are of the Earth and so are we. 

Eating a diet that is 80% plant-based delivers a host of health and longevity benefits, but it ALSO helps our bodies acclimate to Ascension-related physical changes. Eating plants reduces inflammation in the body. Our fast-paced lifestyles, plus the constant energy bombardment we are exposed to in daily life, plus the impact on the body of solar flares, tend to create acidity in the body and so increase inflammation.  

This is a photo of my parsley patch.  I add a good handful of chopped parsley to lunch or dinner every day. Parsley is easy to grow in a pot inside or out. It is a welcome additional source of winter nutrients when grown in a pot near a window with plenty of light. It  keeps on producing for months, is organic and spray-free and SO GOOD for you.


The many benefits of eating parsley every day:

  •  The vitamin K in parsley helps with blood clotting and contributes to bone health;
  •  Helps keep kidneys healthy by fighting inflammation and reducing high blood pressure and the risk of kidney stones;
  •  Helps to heal anemia as it is high in iron;
  •  Has been found to reduce high blood pressure, because it acts as a calcium channel blocker and relaxes the walls of arteries. 
  •  Is loaded with antioxidants and cancer-fighting compounds.


Disclaimer: Judy Satori is not qualified to give medical advice. She is speaking from her own personal use and experience. Consult your doctor if you have health issues and/ or are on medication.



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