Lightworkers Connection Call – April 24: The full moon on April 23 is a Pink Moon, named after the pink windflower, ‘Wild Ground Phlox', that blooms in early spring and has pink petals. Pink is a color associated with the LOVE vibration. To give love to another, we must first love ourselves. This Lightworkers Connection Call is hosted by Juliet Herman, who will be discussing self-love and the nurturing of self. This ties in with the energy influences that we will all be feeling during April, as self-love precedes our stepping into our authentic personal power, which in turn activates our UNTAPPED POTENTIAL.  


Sometimes we all need a bit of help from our friends! 


The purpose of these calls (now held monthly) is for Juliet, with her warm and generous heart, to hold you in a space of unconditional love, to answer questions about Library programs and to facilitate discussion and personal connections between all lightworkers in our global community.


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