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Regeneration Alchemy: Coming in June

On 14th June we are releasing REGENERATION ALCHEMY into the Ascension Library. This set of recordings works at the fifth level of the body’s energy field called the Etheric Template.

These are the energy pattern grids for the physical body, the grids of light that create the imprints for physical health and energy harmony in the bones and skeleton and the organs and systems of the physical body. 

They work on the premise that if we balance energy distortion in the physical body’s pattern grids and then create ENERGY PERFECTION at this level of the human energy field the physical body can then heal and restore, harmonise and balance. Outcomes are that you will feel better, have more energy and vitality and chronic dis-ease conditions MAY be supported to heal.  

Note: Outcomes will depend on age, the degree of physical body imbalance and existing genetic physical body DNA programming. Repetitive use of the recordings is required. No healing claims are made. Testimonials are from the direct experience of individuals who have worked with the recordings. 

Regeneration Alchemy: Check it Out!

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