In August 2020 the first ‘Anchoring the Codes of Light’ three-day retreat was held at Mana Retreat Centre on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.  This event was presented live to those who were present at Mana and also live-streamed to a global audience. 

The energy and information in the first 24 Codes of Light is VERY RELEVANT now with the opening of the Stargate of Aldebaran as the energy outcomes of each of the first 24 codes will now be able to have a much more profound effect. The energy will go much deeper and you will be able to receive and assimilate it better than in 2020, because of the shifts in energy happening at this time. This is why all of the Ascension Library programs will have a more profound effect. As we change, the energy can go deeper. 


If you want to understand the bigger picture of what is happening on Earth in 2023 and beyond, listen to Judy’s story ‘Your Alpha to Omega Cycle of Soul’ from this event.


Then listen to each of the 24 energy codes in turn focusing on any you feel drawn to. The year ahead is the time to go powerfully forward in our lives, but when you go back in time, as you will when listening the Codes of Light and the story of who you may have been in the time of Tara and Mu, you will be empowered to recalibrate in body and mind more rapidly and gracefully. These next ten years are about integrating one’s soul self into the physical body and into physical life experience and the Codes of Light set a very powerful foundation.


Judy has decided that the next ANCHORING THE CODES OF LIGHT: Light Codes 25-48 will be held in September, or October.  The location and venue are being determined. The event will also be live-streamed globally as was done in 2020. It’s time in 2023 for the next three chapters of the story. Stay tuned to find out more about this exciting event, we will be releasing more info in the coming months!


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