Whilst it is important to look forward, we often forget to reflect back on how far we’ve come on our journey. Even if it has been a year of trials and tribulations, we will benefit from acknowledging the baby steps we’ve made along the path. Think of walking along a rocky path. We take two steps forward surmounting the boulders and trip over the pebbles, slipping one step back. Celebrate that only upon praising ourselves we are able to exhale and lighten the fear, anxiety, or disappointment and continue the journey.

The start of a new year tends to be filled with excitement and hope representing an opportunity to deepen our connection with our inner wisdom. We tend to pressure ourselves to create the ultimate resolutions believing these goals will expedite the Ascension journey. This is the opposite of what we need, as resolutions are very different than intentions. Would you rather lose 20 pounds of excess weight or improve your well-being in mind, body, and spirit?


Let’s view this as musical instruments. Resolutions are the cymbals slamming together in a loud, crashing sound. Intentions are the gentle angelic sounds resonating from the strings of a harp. 

What we hear is the difference between doing versus being and our internal GPS is beckoning us to return to a state of being. 


Are you wondering how to set intentions? The beauty of intentions is Spirit is always listening. Call in your team of angels, ascended masters, archangels, Gods, and Goddesses to guide you. Stepping into a new year is an opportunity to release what is no longer serving you and transform. 2024 is particularly strong due to the energy from the Year of the Dragon. 🐲 You may need to reset the intentions at points throughout the year depending on your needs. Continue to check in with your progress and respond to any bumps along the path. Let go of judgment and allow the expansion to be gradual and permanent.

If you’re still feeling unsure of where to start as life is a bit overwhelming, take a deep breath and close your eyes after reading each of these sample intentions. Allow your instincts to guide you to choose what resonates. Change the wording to language that creates vivid images and positive feelings in your mind and body.


I intend to:

  • Practice self-love by prioritizing my needs
  • Trust my path is unfolding for my greatest good
  • Sit in stillness and connect with my higher self daily
  • Let go of what no longer serves me
  • Live in the present and bring myself back when I am not
  • Treat others with compassion and kindness
  • Embrace who I am
  • Be a role model for my family, friends, and others 


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