Judy cares deeply about what's going on for all of you at any given moment, and as such her work is always guided by alleviating suffering and improving the human condition for all. With Spirit backing her in this, she is able to create the work that's on the pulse of the time, divinely intuiting what's needed. With this in minded, it's no surprise that she has recently and spontaneously been guided to create this work targeted at Social Anxiety and Isolation.

Do you suffer from social anxiety and feel afraid to go out or worry about what other people will say about you? Have lockdowns and their repercussions trapped you inside your home for so long that you have no one to talk to and feel isolated and lonely? Judy and the Library have now created transmissions and recordings to address these issues and help to soothe your soul. 

Social Isolation and Anxiety is now LIVE in the Library and accessible to all Library members.



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