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The energy transmissions in the library are all spiritually designed tools for personal empowerment and advancement. Many of these concepts may be new to you so we have produced this article, to expand your understanding of metaphysical / energy terms used on this site.

Adamic Image The Adamic Image means the physical embodiment of man as a spiritual-physical creation with a 12-strand DNA potential. This 12-strand DNA potential allowed man to participate in the higher worlds of light and to heal and regenerate his physical body. It was nullified at the time of the Fall (see Fall) so that mankind could not misuse his spiritual gifts and abilities or harm others or the Earth. Our innate spiritual knowledge and ability is now being returned to us. 

Alpha Centauri Alpha Centauri is the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus and a binary star system. It is the third brightest star in the night sky. Alpha Centauri is the closest star to our solar system. From now until 2012 and for some years ahead, Alpha Centauri will be primed by the Lords of Light in Orion with energy that will support the Earth during this time of vibrational transition and provide an anchoring and supportive energy. Alpha Centauri is a very significant part of this transformative process. 

Alpha/Omega - From Alpha to Omega From Alpha to Omega refers to the beginning to the end of humanity's present evolutionary cycle or program. We are in the last days of this program, which is due to end on 21 December 2012 when Earth aligns directly with the Galactic Center, but the process of change is a transition, it is not finite. 

As we come to the end of this program the Earth will spin into a new vibratory pattern and angle of torque and a new evolutionary program will begin. The new program requires that the genetics of man functions on a higher wavelength of light in a less dense matter-energy domain called the fifth dimension. Humanity is to collectively go beyond Alpha and Omega. This is part of the soul's ascension process as much as it is part of the Divine Plan. 

Amino Acids There are 20 basic amino acids found in the proteins of all living tissues. These amino acids are Glycine, Alanine, Serine, Cysteine, Threonine, Methionine, Valine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Aspartic Acid, Asparagine, Glutamic Acid, Glutamine, Lysine, Arginine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Tryptophan, Histidine and Proline. 

Andromeda Andromeda is the ninth dimensional stargate. From late 2009, Andromedan energy has been flooding into our planet to support and solidify the changes that lie ahead. 

Andromeda is out of all the extraterrestrial civilizations aligned with the Divine Plan; civilization of extremely mixed and volatile energies. The Andromedans are a catalyst for change and as this energy comes to Earth we should see much change, both within ourselves as individuals and without in world affairs. The Andromedans have many star seeds on Earth and these people will begin to speak out to agitate for peaceful change. The Andromedans may be expressive and determined, but they are aligned only with good, truth and wisdom. They cannot allow truth to be covered up and they work to ensure that all beings recognize and feel that they are one with God and have value. Andromeda is a constellation in the northern sky named after Andromeda, the princess in the Greek legend of Perseus, who was chained to a rock to be eaten by a sea monster. Called the 'Chained Woman' the role of the Andromedans could be said to be about releasing us from our emotional (watery) fetters. 

Anu – See ‘On’ in this glossary. 

Arcturus Arcturus is like a mid way station between Earth and the higher heavenly worlds of light. As Orion was known by the ancients as the Heavenly Shepherd, so Arcturus and the Arcturians is considered to be as the Shepherd, helping us on our path to ascension. 

Arcturus is a seventh dimensional Christed civilization noted for the ability of its beings to help with healing and balancing the emotional body. See the Fourth Blessing and Arcturian Healing Meditation on this site. The Arcturians usually work in groups of three, one being to bring in and control the energy and two to calibrate it at the precise color and light vibrations for the individual being healed. They say that it is important to ask and to begin to link with their energy. You can do this by sitting quietly in meditation, centering yourself and opening your heart into love. Then with your hands palm up say the words... Allium Frajnea Melchior Orionis say three times... then ask quietly for the healing and balancing you need. Rhymes with Al (bell) I (ee) um (sanctum) Fra (far) j (gee) ne (knee) a (ah) Mel (sell) chi (key) or (door) Or (orange) I (ee) O (oh) nis (kiss) 

Ascension In spiritual terms, ascension means a rising of consciousness on a journey towards enlightenment. On the path of ascension one becomes increasingly able to resonate with love, joy, peace, and unity consciousness. It is the journey of the soul to be eternally seeking to reconnect with its spiritual source. Jesus Christ is said to have ascended and to inhabit a body of light. Earth's ascension means an evolutionary shift and upgrade in consciousness of the Earth from a third dimensional vibrational energy pattern to a faster pulsating fifth dimensional energy pattern. See also Light Body

Ashtar Command The Ashtar Command is an intergalactic force of united souls who stand for peace and unity. The Ashtar Command works together with the Brotherhoods of Light to support humanity through this time of transition. They maintain balance and order. 

ATP - adenosine triphospate The ATP molecule is composed of a base, adenosine; a sugar, ribose; and three phosphate groups. The chemical bonds between the phosphate groups contain the energy stored in this molecule, and it is the breaking of these bonds when ATP is converted into ADP or adenosine diphosphate that provides the energy to power muscle contractions and other cellular functions. ATP is the key to bringing the energy to give 'new life' into the physical body as it is the basic energy system for the transduction and monitoring of light signals within the biochemical body of man. See also 'Muon Waves' in this glossary. 

Axiatonal Lines Axiatonal lines are energy feeder lines of light; extended vibratory meridian lines that connect human electrochemical energy circuits into astrobiological circuits that span the solar system and are connected with other star systems. 

In this way the human being is interconnected with and able to be programmed by a more advanced vibratory light of spiritual creation and so be physically renewed and re-patterned. The axiatonal lines feed into the acupuncture points and meridian system of the human body. Axiatonal lines are open-ended and connect the body with other axiatonal lines from other star systems and from higher spiritual evolution. Since the time of the 'Fall, man has had limited capacity to pull energy through the axiatonal lines as their capacity to operate to renew the body's molecular and biological functions was prevented. (See Fall). In other words, man was cut off from the energy required to maintain the body in a state of perfect health and perfection. 

A new human species is now being created at this time and through the intervention of the Office of the Christ the axiatonal lines are being restored and renewed. The axiatonal lines are part of a fifth dimensional energy circulatory system combining color and sound. They begin to operate prior to the sparking of the animation of new life, i.e. prior to the physical recoding of the DNA and recalibration of the human body to hold fifth dimensional energy. See article on Axiatonal Lines. 

Brotherhoods of Light The Brotherhoods of Light are beings from other dimensions of light and from other star systems, who have been assisting mankind for millions of years. They are dedicated to being of service to beings of lower light density such as human beings on Earth. They come from many dimensions, but share one thing in common, the fact that they are Christed beings, i.e., of love, peace and light and dedicated to the furtherance of the Divine plan and to service. There are said to be 70 Brotherhoods of Light, including the Great White Brotherhood. 

Centrophy Centrophy is the electrification of matter producing creative renewal. The centrophic energies coming into the Earth's atmosphere as part of God's Divine plan for renewal are accelerating in intensity as we approach the year 2012. These energies are actually centrophic, i.e. causing such changes in the cells and DNA as to spark a creative renewal of the human species, but their immediate effect on the body can feel just the opposite. It is part of the alteration of physical form to allow for physical life to be renewed to go into another Divine program of creation in a new vibratory environment, the Fifth Dimension. 

However for many people these energies actually initiate entropic changes, (sickness and physical breakdown) as the body struggles to adapt. This is why so many people are experiencing 'Ascension Symptoms' as the physical body adapts to energy anatomy change and karmic miasms clear. Karmic miasms are like off pitch notes of distorted frequency held on all levels of the body's physical cellular structure and energy anatomy. This distortion is the result of past life trauma causing us to feel erroneous thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, about others or about life itself that is not of harmony and love. Centrophy causes incoherent or distorted energy to become coherent and so is life enhancing and renewing. 

Chakras A chakra is an energy structure, a whirling vortice of energy that acts a bit like a windmill sail pulling energy through the body's central vertical power current, the main energy feeder line of light and energy coming into the body's energy systems. The central vertical power current is aligned with the spine. The spine curves, but this energy line is straight. There are seven chakras in the third dimensional human body, but in recent years other chakras have opened to begin to prepare us to hold the energy of the fifth dimension. See Information...Article on this topic. 

Chamuel - Archangel Chamuel The Archangel Chamuel is the angel of unconditional love who will help you with matters of the heart and with relationship issues. He will help you heal if you are hurt or broken hearted. He is also believed to help find accommodation, help with artistic expression, engender world peace and assist with emotions and thoughts of self- condemnation and low self-esteem. His message to us is this: "Trust your own your own self be true. Love yourself, as from your self-love, the energy to truly love another will come. BE LOVE and this is what you will create." 

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) DNA is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and function of all known living organisms. Human DNA is called the Genome. The gene pool of the genome consists of 23 chromosome pairs, the full collection of DNA required to produce a human being. 

The DNA molecule is a polymer. It is made up of subunits called nucleotides. Each nucleotide consists of a sugar, a phosphate and a base. There are four different types of nucleotides found in DNA differing only in their nitrogenous base. The four nitrogenous bases most commonly found in DNA and RNA are Adenine, a purine, Guanine, a purine, Cytosine a pyrimidine, Thymine, a pyrimidine. RNA, the messenger molecule, which helps to convey the DNA instructions, has the nitrogenous base, Uracil instead of Thymine. 

The basic structure of DNA is a helical spiral with the bases stacked on top of each other. It is the different base pair combinations of the DNA that create the chemical, mathematical and nucleic acid, (protein building block) 'word' instructions for the creation and functioning of the human body. This is the DNA for 3rd dimensional life and the carbon based human body as we know it. 

Scientists have described the DNA molecule as being like a vibratory tape recording of 'words' that provide precise instruction (sentences) to create the chemical and nucleic acid building blocks of the human body and for all organic life. Each molecule, cell, organ and system of the body is composed of different 'word' and 'sentence' combinations of sugars, phosphates and nucleotide bases. 

DNA - The 12 Strands of DNA Human beings were created according to a Divine Plan in a body image called the Adamic Image. The human being was divinely created with a 12-strand DNA potential. This gave the original human beings who lived on this planet the ability to pull energy programming and light through 12 energy pathways or meridians from 12 dimensions of reality. The original human being was therefore more advanced in consciousness and awareness and physically was able to heal and be renewed and so remain healthy and live a long time. However, the ability to access and use all 12 strands of DNA was cut off from man by the Spiritual Hierarchy during what is known as the 'Fall', when some of the angelic deities opposed God's plan to accord humanity the capacity for soul advancement and mankind acted as separate from God and in ways that were not of love. (See Fall) 

As of 2010 a few people have 5 strands of DNA functioning, (relating to fifth dimensional change), more people have 5 strands of DNA connected but not yet functioning and four strands functioning, many people have four strands of DNA connected but not functioning and some people have only two strands functioning and three strands connected. 

DNA Change in the Fifth Dimension As the Earth moves into a Fifth Dimensional vibratory pattern, all life is required to be upgraded to exist within this new faster vibrating energy domain. We must be physically, emotionally and mentally cleared of old disharmonious thought and belief vibrations (karmic miasms) to handle this energy. Just as the Earth will have in the future 24 energy meridians as it spins into a fifth dimensional vibratory frequency, so too will we as human beings have 24 energy pathways, thus altering the body's existing energy meridian system. We will also have a 24 strand DNA potential. The word 'potential' is important here as 24 DNA strands connected and functioning is where humanity is heading over the next several hundred years. What this means is that humanity will come of age and along with other extraterrestrial civilizations existing within this 12 dimensional matrix will move through the 13th aeon or 13th heaven to become one with higher dimensional, more evolved spiritual beings of light and love. The key to this change is our ability to hold the love vibration in our consciousness and to embody this vibration in daily thought, word and deed. This is what Jesus Christ and other spiritual teachers came to Earth to teach. Love is the gateway back to Source, God or Oneness. At the time of the 'Shift' of the Earth, 21 December 2012, new energy words will be transmitted by the Elohim as Light, as Sound and as Energy Coding that will spark changes to the human genome so that the DNA and hence the physical body will advance into a new biology and consciousness creation. However, the 'Shift' is also a process of change. It is already happening. 

Dimensions - Dimensions of Reality The Earth is considered to exist in a Third Dimension comprising length, width, depth and linear time. A dimension can be considered as a vibratory envelope of light on one hand and a way of measuring reality on the other. Everything vibrating at a particular frequency is said to be within that particular dimension. Dimensions are not stacked up like pancakes. One vibrational dimension flows through another. It is said that there are 48 dimensions back to Source or God and that the human race came down to the Third Dimension through the portal or star-gate of Lyra, which is 12th dimensional. We therefore exist within a 12 dimensional matrix in the lower heavens, which includes time, space and matter in varying states of vibration, electric energy, magnetic energy, etheric energy, thought and feeling. 

Elohim The word 'El' in Hebrew means God and Elohim in the plural means 'the Gods'. This refers to the Lords of Light from Mintaka, Orion; the Creator aspects of God or infinite intelligence. The Elohim control all the calibrations of light necessary to create the image and capacity for replication of all life. They have the capacity to return us to the perfected pattern of the Adamic image, (see Adamic Image) and to recalibrate the DNA to allow for progressive evolutionary change for the human race. 

It is the Elohim who transmit the Light Language Fire Letter codes through Judy Satori to spark the energetic and biological changes required for new physical creation to occur. 

Energy Feeder Lines The main energy feeder lines that bring energy from the universal energy fields through the human body are the meridians, the smaller nadis and the axiatonal lines. The axiatonal lines are feeder lines of light that enter the body at the acupuncture points. See the article on this topic. 

Entropy Entropy is the negative decay and degeneration of matter. For a very long time humanity has been locked into a cycle of entropy on a third dimensional Earth. This is now changing. Also see Centrophy. 

Extraterrestrial Races - Christed Extraterrestrial Races There were 12 founding races; civilizations from the stars who contributed their genetics to the divine human experiment, the Adamic creation known as Man. These founding races can also be considered to be 'Christed' races as they work together with the Christ Consciousness energy and the spiritual 'Office of the Christ' to further an energy and consciousness of Love, Peace and Unity in what is known as the lower heavenly worlds. These 12 founding races are the stellar civilizations of Pleiades, Sirius B, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, Venus, Ursa Minor, Ursa Major, Alpha Draconis, Vega and Lyra. 

Fifth Dimension A dimension is rather like an envelope of light vibrating at a certain frequency. The Earth is considered to exist in three spatial dimensions. The connecting bridge between the third and the fifth dimension is the fourth dimension of time relativity. It is considered that the Earth is moving towards a shift in vibrational resonance and that this is due to occur around 21 December, 2012. No one can say for sure what will occur, but there are many Earth changes and weather changes taking place that have been predicted will occur as part of this 'Shift'. My spiritual guidance says that the Earth is part of a 12 dimensional energy matrix. It is thought that we as physical/spiritual beings living many physical lives descended through each of these 12 dimensions before coming to Earth. It has also been taught that there are 48 dimensions of reality back to the Godhead or Source. 

Physicists are now discussing String Theory as a theory of everything. String Theory is the idea that the fundamental constituents of matter are tiny string like objects vibrating at different frequencies. There is increasingly greater acceptance by scientists of multidimensional realities. 

"The Cosmos would make perfect sense if it turns out we're living in a 10 or 11 dimensional realm where gravity is bubbling off a different plane entirely. String theorists could come up with equations to cover gravity as well as quantum effects as long as they were given 10-11 dimensions to work with".( Source: Alan Boyle, Science Editor, Science Report June 6 2006.) 

Frequency The frequency of a waveform relates to the number of cycles per second from the start of each waveform pattern to its next start point. Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). 

Gabriel - Archangel Gabriel The Archangel Gabriel is one of seven Archangels who stand before God. He is known as both an angel of mercy and a messenger of God. He appeared to Mary to foretell the birth of Jesus and to Zechariah to announce the forthcoming birth of John the Baptist. His name means Strength of God. His message to us all at this time is one of hope and the certain knowledge that we are loved and supported. Gabriel came to support Jesus in his hour of need in the Garden of Olives and he will also support us through trials and challenges that we may face in our lives. Just ask! 

Harmonic Convergence A New Age term used to describe an astrological event that occurred on August 16 -17 1987. At this time the sun, moon and eight out of ten planets in our solar system formed a grand trine configuration in the sky. The timing of the Harmonic Convergence correlated with Mayan prophecies about a great shift in the energy of the people of the Earth from warlike to peaceful. Since this time much spiritual awakening has occurred for many people. The Harmonic Convergence also marked the start date of a final 26 year countdown to the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar that ended on 21 December 2012. The evils of the modern world were predicted by the Mayans to end with the coming of the sixth sun and the fifth dimensional Earth. 

I Am That I Am - Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (Hebrew) 

This is the highest energy word mantra that we can speak as human beings. It energetically expresses our connection with our higher soul divinity and our knowledge of oneness with God. 

Jophiel - Archangel Jophiel - Angel of Wisdom and Illumination The name Jophiel means Beauty of God. The archangel Jophiel works through the second ray, the yellow ray of understanding, inspiration, knowledge and clear seeing. Wisdom and inspiration come from God, the source of all creativity. 

His message to us is to call on him to activate soul wisdom from previous life times. Now is the time to tap into the richness of experience that lies within our soul memory and use it in the service of all upon the Earth. 

Kwan Yin - Kuan Yin - Quan Yin - Chinese Goddess - Bodhisattva of Compassion There are a number of legends about Kwan Yin the Buddhist Goddess of mercy and compassion. In Sanskrit her name means 'born of the lotus' and also 'one who sees the cries of the world'. There are many legends about her life times of incarnation on Earth, but each involves loving self-sacrifice for the good of others. In one legend she stood before the gates of heaven, but chose to return to help alleviate the suffering of the people of the Earth. She is always there with her loving wisdom to support and comfort us when we are in need. When you pray to Kwan Yin your prayers will be heard. Speak to her with your heart and in your heart you will hear her reply. There are a number of Kwan Yin energy activations on this website. See Activations. 

Last Days We are currently in the last days of a 26,000-year cycle of time called the Annus Magnus or Great Year. This is the time it takes (actually 25,920 years) for the Earth to complete a great circular arc in the heavens known as the arc of precession and to align directly with the center of our Milky Way galaxy. However, this conclusion of Great Time, which is due to end on 21 December 2012, is much more than this. This time is also the conclusion of a four 26,000-year cycle, approximately 100,000 year Divine Program for Earth and the people of the Earth as we are to be upgraded into a new evolutionary pattern and vibratory state. It is a time of increasing joy, peace and an outpouring of the gifts of Spirit. It is also marked by a noticeable speeding up of consciousness time. It feels like we have no time in the day to get things done. This period marks a transition from linear time to cosmic time. 

Law of Attraction Like attracts like - your vibration created by your thoughts, beliefs and emotions will attract a like vibration to it. 

What you sow is what you reap - this is karmic law. As we move closer to a Fifth Dimensional state of consciousness and embodiment we begin to manifest more quickly what is in our thoughts. Therefore we have to become vigilant about weeding out those thoughts that are not positive, harmonious or constructive. The energy activations and online products on this website are designed to help you override and clear distorted, inharmonious energy patterns from all levels of the body's energy anatomy. It is these incoherent energy vibrations that directly affect how you think, feel, how you interact with others and how you act in the world. 

Lemuria Lemuria is the name most often given to the most ancient civilization of the Earth, also called Mu, the 'Motherland'. Mu, a huge continent in the South Pacific may have existed from as early as 200,000 years ago. Some writers and spiritual channels say it was inhabited from 78,000 years ago until around 12,000 years ago when a great cataclysm, likely to be a series of Earthquakes and tidal waves is said to have destroyed this huge land mass and its 63 million people. The destruction of Mu was similar to that of Atlantis but occurred according to ancient writings several hundred years earlier. The people of Mu were peace loving and centered in the heart. They lived in harmony with nature and had advanced spiritual, telepathic and psychic abilities. Mu was the true birthplace of the human race, the true Garden of Eden. The people of Mu lived as an extension of the Creator and understood that concept of unity and oneness that humanity urgently needs to relearn today. 

Light Body The Light Body refers to our physical body of greater light, or sometimes it refers to a person who has ascended through the transformative process of physical death and is considered to be in their 'Light Body'. It really means that an individual can hold more light, i.e. energy in the cells of the body. The process of ascension is a process of enlightenment of both consciousness and physicality. Enlightenment requires purification of the physical vessel, clearing the thoughts and emotions of lower vibrational thoughts, and clearing the body's energy circuits of karmic miasms, the distorted patterns of energy that are the result of past life thought and belief. (See the Karma Klear program in the Library section). Moving into light body creation also requires conscious thoughts and action that is loving, joyful and peaceful. It requires understanding and merging with the consciousness that we are all one. 

Light Language Light Language is the primal language of Spirit that on a soul level we all know and understand. It gives instant communication and connection with Universal Mind or the Mind of God. Light Language is used by the Elohim, the Creator aspect of God to program evolutionary change in beings on many planetary worlds, reality levels and dimensions. It can then be understood to be as the 'Word'. 

The Language of Light is often a language of energy field and DNA instruction, but can also be a language of communication between us and other planetary civilizations of intelligence. For example, Judy Satori usually transmits coding sequences of sound and light transmitted through her by the Elohim, but at times she can also be speaking the Arcturian or another extraterrestrial language, that is translatable. Some people can speak a Light Language that is part of their core soul memory from some time in their soul's past experience. Speaking in tongues is also a form of Light Language. It is the spiritual language that we all remember on a soul level. 

Lords of Amenti - Seven Lords of Amenti Amenti is the place that holds the heart beat rhythms of the Earth and is deep within the inner Earth on the astral plane. The seven Lords of Amenti oversee Earth's life force rhythms to ensure that all is in balance. Amenti is also a school, stargate and cosmic energy vortex. Only ascended souls who hold a consciousness of love and service may be admitted to Amenti.

See Tablet II of the Emerald Tablets (Google). 

Melchizedek - Lord Melchizedek Melchizedek is a Lord of Light together with Michael and Metatron in charge of regenesis and regeneration as we move into new creation. He is in charge of the Order of Melchizedek, which is a priesthood of light administering the 'Shekinah', the energy of the Holy Spirit, purifying and sanctifying molecular form. 

Merkaba - Merkabah A merkaba is a rotational field of light that may spin either clockwise or counterclockwise according to its function. Masters of Light, that is Whole Light beings, travel interdimensionally within their own Merkaba field that is calibrated to both their energy vibration and to the vibration of their destination. Therefore to travel through space-time we also need to calibrate our vibration with that of our destination in cosmic time. We do this by aligning our mind and our intention with both our source and our destination concurrently and creating the energy coefficients to bring the two together in cosmic time. (see Cosmic Time).There are several devices and codes to create differing merkaba fields. A simplified field can be created at will to do with love. (See below) This is a powerful magnet to help you attract and create love in your life. Place your hand on your heart chakra and say the words: 

8:8:8 Love Merkaba Activate (breathe out with force) combination phase lock, expand and activate (breathe out with force) Cosmic Waveform Align ...repeat this several times.

You should feel a tingling or mild vibration start up around you when you say these words. You can also try making it a Triple Love Merkaba by saying 8:8:8 Triple Love Merkaba and see what happens. You should feel happier, more loving and attract more love to you. 

You can also sit in meditation within the energy merkaba of any of the Ascended Masters so that you take on by entrainment their perfected energies. To do this you sit in meditation, open your heart into love and call to you the Master of your choice. Ask to sit within the Merkaba field of that Master and just enjoy the energy for as long as you feel guided. 

Metatron - Archangel Metatron The Archangel Metatron is the visible manifestation of God, the 'body' of the Shekinah, the Divine Feminine energy. He is the Creator of the divine voice of God. He is considered to be a teacher and guide to Enoch. Metatron is the supreme Archangel, associated with the Crown, the pinnacle, Kether of the Sephirah, the Tree of Life. He is considered to be the highest of the recording angels maintaining the eternal archives of God, congruent with Thoth - Hermes, the Divine Scribe of Akashic record. 

Metatronic Creation Metatronic creation is creation through the Divine Word, taking the ideas and thought impulses of God and causing them to be made manifest in the world of physical form in the outer worlds of light of which the Earth is a part. Metatronic creation is through 'Fire Letters', seed forms of sound, light, vibration and energy that 'instruct' the DNA to function in precise and ordered ways according to a given biological form and design. Fire Letters are swirling geometries of light, precisely coded to create life in different dimensions and with differing image and form. Creation is through the eternal 'eye' of God as the image. Metatronic creation allows for these seed form ideas to take on manifested form. 

Michael - Archangel Michael - Mikhael The Archangel Michael is a guardian overlord of the angelic host, the elemental kingdom and humanity. He is an archangel in the Jewish, Islamic and Christian tradition. He is described as a Prince of Light leading the forces of God and also as an angel of forbearance and mercy. He is a true Master of the First Ray of Divine Will and Power. You can pray to the Archangel Michael for protection from seen and unseen forces that might seek to cause harm. Archangel Michael is one of the seven Archangels who stand close to God. 

Nucleic Acids - Nucleotides A nucleic acid is a long chain molecule formed from a large number of nucleotides. A nucleotide is a compound formed from one molecule each of a sugar, phosphoric acid and a nitrogen containing base. Nucleotides are found free in cells and as part of various coenzymes, and as the building blocks of nucleic acids.  

On - Anu - An In the heavens, On or An can be considered to be the central star in the belt of Orion, the gateway to the higher heavens and higher threshold dimensions of spiritual light. Here on Earth, On is really any place where Light is revealed by the Masters for the teaching and education of the soul. One such place of high spiritual light was the temple of Heliopolis in ancient Egypt, which was a center of light and spiritual teaching in the ancient world. It is thought that members of the priesthood of On built the major spiritual archaeological sites such as Stonehenge. 

Orion Orion is the point of balance in the heavens, the template for Earth of the words, 'as above, so below'. Like Earth it holds a delicate balance of duality. The star fields of Orionis are many and include Rigel, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Saiph, but most people know Orion to be the three stars of Orion's belt, Mintaka (El), Alnilam (An) and Alnitak (Ra). From the higher star fields of Mintaka emanate the creative programs for all life within our galactic 12 dimensional matrix. This is the programming center of the Lords of Light, the Elohim who govern creation in the lower worlds. The Council at Orion is a bit like our United Nations in that this council represents and controls the welfare of all galactic civilizations. Ancient Babylonian texts from the Bronze Age referred to Orion as 'the heavenly shepherd'. 

Outer Worlds of Light The outer worlds of light refers to the 'lower worlds', dimensions 1-12 that are part of God's creation. It may also refer to Earth and other planets and stars in terms of distance from the Galactic Center. Light is transposed into form in the outer worlds. 

Pleiades The star system Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, is a spiritual stepping-stone for us as we move through our own ascension cycle. Much of our human DNA has Pleiadian origins. In seeking to understand the Pleiades we should understand that the members of this fourth dimensional civilization have advanced knowledge in understanding, feeling and expressing love. They are available at all times to help us open into higher states of love. We have only to center ourselves, open our hearts into love and with focused intention or thought ask to connect to the Pleiadians. They tell you through me to ask for what you want and need in a spirit of grace, humility, love and light hearted expectation and they will assist. They want us all to understand that we are not alone as we are part of the one thought and the one love. 

Raphael - Archangel Raphael The name Raphael means 'God heals'. The Archangel Raphael supervises healers and healing for all humanity. Ask for help with all physical and emotional issues and Raphael will support you with sudden thoughts and ideas or people to give you the right information to help you. He assists us to open our hearts and minds to the healing power of Spirit. 

Raziel - Archangel Raziel - Angel of Mysteries The name Raziel means 'Secrets of the Lord'. Raziel stands close to God and has written a book of secret knowledge, 'The Book of Raziel the Angel'. It is said that he gave this book to Adam and Eve when they were expelled from the Garden of Eden to help them find their way home and better understand God. Raziel says that The Book of Knowledge is only partly complete and that there is more wisdom soon to come forth. 

SA - The Sa - The Saha Principle The Sa is the energy spark of recreation, the correct word sequences of sound and light that will create the new Adamic image and form. This Sa principle is to take us, as human beings, beyond alpha and omega to an entirely new cycle of evolution and consciousness. 

We are being prepared now, but in the coming months and years the creation energies of the Sa will come forth. In the early days in ancient Egypt, the human progression from the physical plane through the astral plane to become as an ‘Osiris’ (a divine being) was represented by each of the temples along the Nile. Each temple was a place of initiation leading the initiate to higher spiritual consciousness and knowledge. The Osirian or Divine Soul is represented by the Saha principle. This temple is at Abu Simbel, inland from Aswan. Therefore the Sa is the energy required to create the ascension and expansion into our own higher soul aspects. 

Seventh Ray The radiation of spiritual intelligence used by the Elohim, the Creator aspect of God to recharge, transmute and re-educate the divine part of the human soul to prepare and transform for new creation. It prepares us for the Eighth Ray, the New Heavens and the New Earth. St Germain is the Chohan, or one in charge of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray. 

Sirius The Siriuns are a fifth dimensional race. They hold the responsibility and energy of ensuring that the creation codes of beings within the 12th dimensional matrix are kept pure and uncorrupted. They therefore work with the DNA and with DNA modification and change. At this time they are working to hold certain balances of light/sound/energy in precise configurations and calibrations in accordance with the directives of the Elohim and the Office of the Christ, who are overseeing Earth changes as part of a Divine evolutionary plan for humanity and other beings within our galactic area of space and within our 12 dimensional matrix. As Sirius is to do with creation, it is also referred to as being synonymous with the energy of the Divine Feminine as Sirius holds the energy focus of new creation. 

Sirian Council The Sirian Council is a collective of beings who oversee the manifestation in the lower worlds of the creative programs of the Elohim. They could therefore be considered to be a force that oversees new creation. The Sirian Council was also the group who overshadowed the mission on Earth of Yeshua, Christ Jesus and of many great teachers who have been a part of this Divine program. The Earth is at a stage of transition into a greater connection with other realms of higher consciousness and technology and an understanding of consciousness creation. 

St Germain - Ascended Master The Ascended Master St Germain is the Chohan of the seventh ray of spiritual intelligence, the violet ray that is helping to take us through this time of Earth transition and change. He is well fitted for this role from past human life experience as he is reputed to have been the soul of Christopher Columbus, Merlin, Sir Francis Bacon and a ruler in Atlantis and an ancient kingdom of the sun. 

In his lifetime in France as the Comte de St Germain in the seventeenth century he assisted the founding fathers of America in writing the declaration of independence and is thought to have been well-known to the French monarchs, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. He was known in this lifetime as 'The Wonder Man of Europe' as he never appeared to age and always seemed to have money. 

He was a master alchemist and herbalist. His words 'I AM THAT I AM' are the crux of his teaching, which is that the God that we seek is found by mastering the self and that the art of being is what we must cultivate, within ourselves above all else. His words to us, "God lies within your own heart. Peace, love and abundance can only be found by looking within your own being." 

Thoth - Hermes Trismegistus Thoth is the name of one of the most important deities of the Egyptian pantheon, God of the moon, magic and writing. Thoth was known by the ancient Egyptians as Djehuti. He was often depicted in art with the head of an ibis or a baboon and the body of a man (both animals were sacred to Thoth). His shrine was located in the city of Khemennu later called by the Greeks Hermopolis. 

Thoth was the supreme articulator of the Divine Word. He is also thought to have been an Atlantis priest king who may have traveled to Egypt, the land of Khem at the time of the final destruction of Atlantis. Thoth is credited with writing the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, an account of old Atlantis now translated by Doreal, a literal account of one of the most ancient and secret works. This is available online. 

The Emerald Tablets recounts a history of Atlantis and keys to time, space, cause and effect and life and death. It also includes the 'Secret of Secrets', keys to unfold the God man, the keys to eternal life. In a later incarnation, Thoth was Hermes in ancient Greece, called Hermes Trismegistos, the 'three times great' and compiled a number of hermetic texts called the Kore Kosmu. 

Hermes is considered to have written 42 books, which included instructions on achieving immortality and a further two books which were hidden separately. These books are thought to have been written sometime between 300 BC and 100 AD. 

Toning Making of audible and verbal sounds composed of tones and overtones to set a coherent vibration for healing, calming and balancing of the human energy field. 

Transmutation To change one form into another, in a positive way. For example, the alchemists of old reputedly changed iron ore into gold. The violet ray, the Seventh Ray is the spiritual ray of transmutation as humanity is being transmuted or changed into a more evolved physical and consciousness creation. It is part of a divine plan for humanity to be upgraded in this way and to move from a 12 strand DNA potential to a 24 strand DNA potential. Humanity is going through a process of metamorphosis. 

Uriel - Archangel Uriel The name Uriel means 'Light of God'. Uriel is considered to be one of seven Archangels who stand before the throne of grace. Called the 'Lord of Powerful Action', Uriel commands and oversees the highest initiatory teachings of the New Age. Uriel reminds us of the fire of dynamic action in our lives and of the steadfast pursuit of truth and of living our lives in accordance with what we inherently and intuitively know is right. Right thought and right action gives 'fire' and power to all that we wish to create. On this website there are a number of energy transmissions from the Archangel Uriel. See Activations

Word - The Word The 'Word' in this context means the emanations of the Divine Mind as sequences or sentences of sound and light transposed upon the matrix codings of all creation. This transposition of sound and light coding called the 'Word' activates the required sequences of DNA programming that in turn creates all form in a certain prescribed image whether that form be human, animal, plant or matter. All is created from the 'Word'. At this time of evolutionary change for the Earth and the people of the Earth, new 'Words' will soon be spoken to allow for new coding mechanisms for physical human form. This new human form will be advanced and prepared for the energy changes that will occur for the Earth, ie a shift to a faster pulsating frequency pattern of vibration called the Fifth Dimension. 

Yeshua - Jeshua - Jesus Christ Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem was baptized in the Hebrew transliterated as Y'hoshua, Yahoshua, Yahshua or Yeshua. His name means 'Yaweh is Salvation', or 'God is Salvation'. His name was not changed to Jesus by the Western world until much later. He came to Earth to teach us about love, a very necessary prerequisite for soul ascension. 

Zadkiel - Archangel Zadkiel - Bringer of Joy The Archangel Zadkiel works through the seventh ray, the violet ray of transmutation helping to transmute karma and to purify body, mind and spirit. He stands for justice, mercy, soul freedom and forgiveness. 

Reference: The Source of some information is Spirit and my own understanding over 20-years.   As part of my training with Spirit I was guided to read The Keys of Enoch by Dr J J Hurtak, published by the Academy of Future Science. Some of the terms listed are referenced in that book. 

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