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Star Called Sirius Holder

If you gaze up at the stars on a clear, still night, you will probably see the star Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens. 

Sirius is in the constellation of Canis Major, meaning ‘greater dog’ in Latin and is 8611 light years away from Earth.  Sirius is actually two binary stars, Sirius A and its smaller dwarf companion Sirius B.  Many of Earth’s indigenous peoples have a reverence and honoring of Sirius. They KNEW that Sirius was special. 

One night in 2010 I noticed an orb of light hovering above the lake where I lived in upstate New York. A beam of energy seemed to stream to me from the light. It almost knocked me down.  I was asked by a voice that seemed to speak from the light to write a story from the stars.

I called this book ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’. It is the story of the creation of a new species for Earth called the hu-man, that took place 100,000 years ago in Earth time. This was a genetic co-creation by the Siriuns, the Lyrans and the Elohim God Creators of this galaxy. 


The purpose of the hu-man creation was to advance and upgrade Earth after the contraction in consciousness and energy vibration that had happened since the ‘Fall’ and to restore the beings then inhabiting Earth back to a fifth dimensional energy frequency of love, peace and unity consciousness. Our modern-man hu-man species was designed with the best genetic attributes of these guardian races the Star Nations of this galaxy, with a genetic potential that was never fully activated until NOW.


As I wrote, I began to understand a lifetime I had on Sirius 100,000 years ago as a woman called Essayenya, who was the Siriun delegate to the Galactic Council, and was an integral part of the hu-man creation project. 

Essayenya eventually let go of her Siriun form to reincarnate on Earth and become HUMAN. 

She was not alone. This is what she was told at that time:


“When you go to Earth you will not go alone. There are many souls who are preparing to incarnate on Earth.  You will go together to hold the Light. For four great cycles of time, (four cycles of Earth precession), you will be reborn into many bodies and have different life experiences.  It is necessary for many from our worlds to do this so that the genetics of the hu-man, which has been seeded on Earth, can pass to souls who carry a higher light. As you and your kind intermarry with the root races of the planet, you will generate a new kind of hu-man.  The combined genetics of the Star Nations of the galaxy will in time be held within the genetic code of all people of Earth.”


๐ŸŒŸDo you resonate with this story? ๐ŸŒŸ

๐ŸŒŽDo you feel that you came with me, Essayenya to Earth?๐ŸŒŽ


When I wrote the story, I saw in a series of movie-like visions that Sirius A was a planet of high, rocky, wooded hills, interspersed with lush, cool valleys and deep ravines. One hundred thousand years ago when my story took place, the Siriuns lived in pod-like tessellated and enclosed cities of light, but they also spent time in places of high energy that were located in natural, organic settings, such as the Mountains of the Morning Star. This was where Essayenya, the heroine of my story, who was the Siriun delegate to the Galactic Council had her home.  From here she could see the smaller companion star Sirius B twinkling its morning welcome at the start of every cosmic day.

Of course, if we went at the speed of light in a space ship to Sirius today as we see it shining in our night sky from Earth, it would not be as I am describing it. The Siriuns in my story lived and possibly still live today in a completely different dimensional environmental domain than is our reality here on Earth.  This is sometimes why it is so confusing to appreciate the concept that extraterrestrial life can and does co-exist with Earth. Our present-day knowledge of science does not have advanced astrophysical knowledge as proven theory.  The idea that there are enlightened, loving and very advanced extraterrestrial races guiding and over shadowing us on Earth exists merely as creative possibility and conjecture, without much, if any, proven scientific evidence to back it up. 

We see what we see. We experience life within the confines of what we know and what is proven to be true. As human people most of us cannot see right now with our naked eye into a dimensional world that we cannot at this time enter, but this does not mean that such a world, or worlds do not exist.

However, we can enter these worlds in our astral bodies through meditation.  In this state we often see visions.  We might feel that we are making these visions up, but then we have energy experiences; shaking, sensations, heat, cold, tingling, emotional responses that can’t be explained away as mere fantasy.  WE FEEL THEM PHYSICALLY.

Perhaps another aspect of YOU is way out there in another dimensional ‘mansion world’ of God’s infinite creation.  Listen to any of the ‘Journey to Amenti’ meditations in the Ascension Library and see what you experience.   

100,000 years ago, the Siriuns had such advanced technology that they could create a merkaba force field of light around their starships. They also had a special device called a transporter station to enable them to travel inter-dimensionally in their physical bodies to a few designated places in the galaxy.

I write these words from the truth of what I see, feel, hear and have personally experienced.  Feel into your own authentic truth.  The star Sirius may also once have been your home.


Let’s go back to go forward...


The ancient peoples of this planet always looked to the stars. In dynastic Egypt Sirius was known as Sopdet. Sirius rising in the sky before the sun each year in late July heralded the inundation of the Nile and ‘shemu’, or summer, the hottest season the year.  For 70 days, from May until just after mid-summer, the sun’s greater light blocked the visibility of Sirius, which came into view again with the heliacal rising, when Sirius could be seen on the horizon just before dawn. This marked the beginning of the ancient Egyptian New Year.

Sirius, deified as Sopdet, the ‘fair star of the waters’, was often used by the Egyptians interchangeably with the Goddess Isis, ‘Queen of the Heavens’. In ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts Isis was described as she who guides. Isis was thought to stand at the prow of the solar barque, the great boat of the sun God Ra, guiding its daily progress across the sky.

The boat of Ra also has its metaphor in our human lives as we journey through our lives from birth to death and then just like the sun setting at dusk, pass away to be reborn on a new day, into a new body and a new life.

The Dogon people from West Africa also have an ancient oral tribal history that tells the story of the tribe being visited by beings from the star Sirius. The Dogon called these beings the Nommos.  In 1930 they first told their stories to a group of western scientists. They knew without a telescope, or any previous astrological knowledge that Sirius had two binary stars. They also mentioned a third star called Emma YA, which has yet to be located by man.

Many other ancient peoples also revered the star Sirius. In her book ‘Sirius, the star of the Maltese temples’ author Lenie Reedijk writes about the stone age temples that were built all over the islands of Malta and Gozo.  They were all built with different stellar orientations, but it has been theorized by Reedijk and by author Graeme Hancock that they were built with an orientation towards Sirius, built by supposedly stone age people, who should not at that time have had the technological ability to lift these massive stone blocks.

Reedijk and Hancock believe that what they believe  is the first constructed of these temples, at a site called Ggantija on Malta, was originally aligned with the star Sirius as it would have been seen in the night sky in 9,400 BC. Both authors think that ALL of the temples on Malta and Gozo were aligned with Sirius at its precise location in the sky when each were constructed.   

Maybe these ancient peoples believed that clearly receiving the energy of the star Sirius was very important?  


Why was Sirius so special to these ancient peoples? 


Was it just because Sirius is the brightest star in the sky or was there another, more compelling reason? 

In 2003 I first visited Egypt. I wanted to visit the Temple of Philae, which is located in the middle of the river Nile at Aswan and is now relocated from Philae to an island called Agilkia. 

I had long wished to go to Philae, also known as the birth house of Isis. The day after I arrived at Aswan, I went very early in the morning to buy an admission ticket. What I didn’t expect was that hordes of tourists would also have the same idea. I quickly discovered that there were no boats left to go to the island. They had all been hired by tour groups and I was alone.

Wondering what to do I wandered down to the wooden pier. A flotilla of small craft, felucca and motorized dinghies were tied up waiting to depart. People were boarding.  

Then Spirit smiled on me. “Would you like a ride to the island”, came a voice from the prow of the boat at the front of the queue.  A smiling young man from Sweden welcomed me aboard and we set off.  

Arriving at the island, I thanked him and his group for the ride and raced off. I had to run quickly so as to be alone, before all the other people caught up. Everywhere I went there was energy streaming through my body and the light languages that I speak echoed from my lips and into the dark spaces of the still empty stone rooms. My body shook. My heart opened. The energy of Isis consumed me.  

Words streamed from my lips automatically, as if remembered from some time in my past.  What fascinated me was the fact that words I was speaking were all repetitions at different speeds and vocal pitch of the word SA.

Later I understood that while KA represents the physical body and BA represents the soul or spirit body as personified by Isis, SA represents the Osirian soul, the ascended self of who we are, both as a human and as a soul. I understood that the energy of the SA, the ascended, higher-self aspect of my own soul, was somehow anchoring more with my human Judy self. 

I now know that this SA word and its energy was to do with the Ascension/Expansion process that we are going all through as people, because I speak it a lot!




It is simply the spiritually and energetically motivated process that will give us as human people the ability to transcend our human drama and evolve in consciousness.  The Ascension process will advance and expand our human abilities to live our physical Earthly lives with greater happiness, purpose and peace. Ascension is the expanded God-given energy activation of our true, innate human genetic potential. Ascension is the divinely planned evolution of the human species

Sunshine Before the Dawn is the story of how and why the human being was genetically designed by the Siriuns, divinely energized by the Lyrans and the Elohim God Creators and deliberately brought to seed Earth with a more advanced genetic potential. Over a long period of time humans intermarried with the existing root races of the planet. Now it is time for the true potential and capacity of the human DNA code to be activated to express. 

It is this activation and expression of our human genetic potential that will help humanity get out of its own way and with every successive generation become more conscious and evolved. 

The Siriuns once held the keys to our human genetic code. 

Maybe they also hold the keys to opening it so that we might express our true Avatar human potential?

Maybe the ancients left marker points in stone to help future generations to remember and reconnect to their origins, so that together we might find our way home to our true essence and express this in our lives?

In the time of Zep Tepi, the first times, when human beings were first seeded on Earth, they were brought to Mu, also known as Lemuria. Mu was the motherland of modern humans on Earth.  Mu was an ancient civilization that goes back beyond 100,000 years. It was settled first by the Pleiadians, but also by beings from Sirius, who had to return to their star of origin every 22 Earth years to maintain their healthy physical form away from the dense and contracting vibrations of Earth.  Many souls on Earth today came here at this time of beginning. We came to bring our more evolved soul Light to Earth, to hold a higher consciousness vibration of love, peace oneness and to be here NOW.


From Beyond the Beyond...


Do not judge your future like your past.

Your future is a moment-by-moment creation that you think and dream into being. Every thought that you have directs the future path of the being that is YOU.  Know what you wish to dream into manifestation. Learn to catch thoughts that are not in alignment with those dreams, but do not make yourself wrong for having them. Just observe, as you would observe your breath in meditation and let all such thoughts go. It is your ongoing attachment to thoughts of limitation that cause a mis-creation of your future. 

When you let an inappropriate thought go just by breathing that thought out of body and mind you continue to set yourself free of what holds you back in life. In that energy freedom it is so much easier for the energies streaming to Earth and the energy words that you will receive as spoken ‘Codes of Light’ to remodel body and mind and to transform you. Then the hidden potentials within you can be activated to express.

Judy Satori

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