What is it revealing? How will this affect us in 2023 and beyond? 

On the 13th of January 2023, a very special energy portal called the Stargate of Aldebaran opened in perfect divine timing, as part of the ongoing process of human and planetary change called Ascension. 


Ascension is about us as human beings being able to access and express more of our innate human potential. It is the activation by light/energy words, light codes of new creation of our human genetic code to switch on aspects of that code to become activated and then express differently.

The process of Ascension, therefore, is a divinely inspired and orchestrated upgrade of the human species and of what it is to be a human being.  Along with this our worldview of what life is and how we fit into life on and beyond, Earth is also changing. We are seeing the eternal cycle of soul and human life in a more expanded way.


The primary Ascension cycle when these changes will occur is between the years 2020 and 2033, but they will likely continue for hundreds of years. This is a window in time that is divinely designed to take us through a process of transformation that will awaken humanity into a new way of being, living and functioning.  Ascension is a process of human species upgrade to become a more consciously and physically evolved type of being, while still remaining in the same physical bodies in this lifetime.  

We are faced with many challenges today, but in general, people are becoming more aware of the well-being of others and of the well-being of the planet; more able to express love and peace and to collaborate to create positive and impactful change for the highest good of all.


My role is to transmit energy words of new creation from Source – key codes to open and activate DNA potential and to communicate the information from Spirit so that we can understand what is happening to us as we move through change. This year, 2023, we enter a new and very powerful phase in the Ascension process. The opening of the Stargate of Aldebaran is allowing very catalytic and transformative energy through to us and to the Earth. 


The next decade until 2033 will be a time of rapid transformation.


As human beings, we are energy conduits between above, the energy coming in from deep space, from a more expanded and more powerful God/Source/Creative energy; and below, from the place of creation within the heart center of Earth called Amenti.

Just as in the Hermetic teaching of ‘as above, so below’, this new and more powerful phase of Ascension is bringing more energy through us as conduits between heaven and earth, above and below.  The energy from above is streaming to Earth from the heart center of 22 galaxies arranged in a vast cosmic ‘diamond’; and from below, from the regenerative heart of Amenti. The impact of this more powerful energy flowing through us will be intense consciousness and physical shifts as the discordant energies of past karmic cycles finally leave our energy field and more light/higher frequency energy comes into the cells of our bodies, activating change at the level of the cellular template and the DNA.   

A stargate is an energy portal in time and space that allows for transformational, faster-pulsating energy frequencies to come into our dimensional environmental domain and impact us here on Earth. 


Sometimes the energy that streams through a stargate adds to what has gone before or uplifts what has gone before, but as we will see as time goes by, the opening of the Stargate of Aldebaran is magical and mysterious. It is taking us beyond what we know and beyond who we know ourselves to be. We are becoming renewed. We are becoming a new type of human being. It is the evolutionary upgrade of the human species.  It is a process of alchemy occurring within our human bodies and minds. 


And what is alchemy? It is the process of metamorphosis, a complete change of state, where the outcome is vastly different from that which has gone before. 

I believe that the opening of the Stargate of Aldebaran on the 13th of January 2023 is a major tipping point of change. I am so excited about 2023 and what lies ahead for those people who can surrender, accept and integrate this new energy and adapt to a new way of living and being on Earth.

The astronomers of the Persian Empire, (550 – 330 BC), considered the stars Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares, and Fomalhaut to be the guardians of the night sky and gateways to higher states of consciousness. They called them the ‘royal stars’.

Each of these fixed stars rests in a corner of the sky, creating an almost perfect square, or perhaps mapping out an energetic grid, portal, or pattern. The number four is a sacred number of creation – think four seasons in a year, or four stages of human life. Aldebaran is the royal star of the EAST, which to me denotes a new beginning or a new day dawning.  Two thousand years ago the three Magi followed the star in the east to Bethlehem to bring the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Jesus and here we are at the start of a new Aquarian age. 

Aldebaran is the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus and was also known by the ancients as the ‘Eye of Illumination’, or the ‘Eye of Revelation’. It is the 13th brightest star in the night sky, which is interesting considering that this stargate portal opens on the 13th of January 2023.  This is approximately a decade after another stargate opened in 2013 called the Stargate of Alpha Centauri. This opening allowed for transformational Ascension energy frequencies to begin to stream to Earth. We’ve all felt their impact over the past ten years. Now, with the opening of the Aldebaran stargate, the energy streaming to Earth from deep space, from the heart center of 22 galaxies configured together in a vast multi-galactic ‘diamond’, will become stronger than ever before.   

Watch this space to see what this much more powerful energy of Source creation will do and create in us and in our world. Relax and surrender to this process of change that is God-driven, not humanly designed. 

The ancient Persians considered the royal star of the WEST to be Antares. In 2011 when I first wrote my book ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’ about the deliberate creation of the human being, the meeting of the Galactic Council as they gathered to discuss this ‘issue concerning Earth’ took place on the star Antares. 

It seems to me that with the opening of the Stargate of Aldebaran, we are coming full circle. For four Great Ages, four 26,000-year cycles of Earth precession the human being has been gaining wisdom. 


Now it is finally time for humanity to come of age, to step into mastery, to use the sacred knowledge and ability that we really have as human people, and to become God Creators. By working together in unity and peace we will have the capacity to solve the thorny issues of life on Earth and recreate our world. It is Aldebaran, the royal star of the east, that is revealing the way for us to follow, just as that earlier star in the east revealed the way to the Magi to find the Christ child. 


How is the Opening of the Stargate of Aldebaran likely to affect us?

  • 🌟 It is for us to find what is being revealed by the opening of the Stargate of Aldebaran by looking within ourselves for the answers. It is time to rest, to meditate more, to take stock, to be still. (BEAUTIFUL in the Ascension Library will help you to reveal your very best and most beautiful self of heart, mind, body, and soul). 
  • 🌟 It is time to connect with BEAUTY, LOVE, JOY, and LIGHT and create this in our lives. (The New Human – Going Beyond Beautiful recordings will help you to set a template for a new beginning.) 
  • 🌟 It is time to find that authentic light within ourselves. (See the Becoming Authentically YOU transmissions in the Ascension Library.) 
  • 🌟 Flow like a river, (read the article accessed through the library site navigation ARTICLES). Don’t see your future like your past. We are entering a powerful time of new creation.
  • 🌟 Let go of any preconceived notions of what life is and who you think you are.  Allow yourself to be transformed. 
  • 🌟 Set yourself free of the mouse wheel of ‘I should’, or ‘I should not’.
  • 🌟 Connect with love and with your loving heart.
  • 🌟 Show kindness, empathy, love, forgiveness, and compassion to others. Energies that are not of love – words, actions, and misaligned intentions – attract these same energies right back to us.
  • 🌟 ENJOY your life and come together with people in a new way.
  • 🌟 Look after all life forms on land and sea; the birds and the animals and focus on maintaining the balance of life.
  • 🌟 Spend more time in nature doing what you ENJOY and BE HAPPY. 
  • 🌟 Live more simply – declutter your space – express your truth – let of hurts and resentment – forgive others.
  • 🌟 Past life soul gifts and abilities will be activated to switch on and express in this new cycle. 




During the coming decade you may change very much as a person and re-evaluate how you wish to live your life. Community and people will probably become more important. Life as you know it now might change greatly. The important things are to be happy, to be healthy, to speak your truth, to be authentic, and to see and create beauty, love, joy, and light in everything you are and in everything you do. See your cup as half full and not half empty and inspire and create from a heart and a mind overflowing with gratitude and appreciation.  As Mary Magdalene once told me,

“Be grateful for what you do not have as if you already have it and more shall be added unto you.”


NOTE: The Blessings of Maitreya podcasts will be available later in 2023. Keep an eye on your inbox for details on this.


Judy Satori


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