The seven days of the Sunshine Before the Dawn retreat will be presented as an unfolding and evolving story. You will be guided by the words and energy of my book ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’ through a spiritually guided energy activation process of alchemical transformation. The focus will be to rewrite your own soul-driven life script and so begin a new cycle of expansion, upgrade, joy, and abundant well-being in your life. Energy activations will also support the expression of soul gifts, knowledge and ability. The Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat will be a POWERFUL PROCESS OF RESET for your New Beginning. 

For the past 22 years, I have been trained and prepared to speak energy words of New Creation from Source/God.


These energy words of ‘new becoming’ are designed to switch on aspects of our human DNA code to express in an upgraded capacity. 


It is this energy that I will be transmitting during the Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat in August. This work will be about RESET and BECOMING REMADE ANEW.

Join me!

Judy Satori



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