Do you feel lost in the dizzying array of technology? Maybe you’re mastering light language but tech talk is reminiscent of the old computer dial-up sound, annoying and incomprehensible. Betcha don’t even know what that last sentence meant. What’s dial-up…lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my. Now exhale and take a journey through the magical land of Xs and Os. Let’s start with the basics. Oh no, I can’t log in and panic ensues. 


Take a deep breath and look down to ground yourself throughout the journey with the powerful healing green button called HELP at the bottom right of every page in the library, whether you’re logged in or not. Consider it to be your north star guiding you through the dark night of the soul. 


What can I find there you ask…anything your heart desires is in the Library. This is your spiritual google wizard. Type your query in the search and the results will address your concern. Are you looking for programs to help with symptoms – brainfog and headaches and heart racing faster? Or maybe you want to know more about Archangel Michael and cutting cords. In Judy’s live calls and the Lightworkers Connection Calls, you’ve heard about setting intentions and using the Myasmia creation and manifestation codes but can’t remember the words.

You’re screaming hold on, I just want to change my password or update my credit card. Are you breaking out in a sweat because there’s no sound or the video won’t play? Do you feel sad because you can’t find the email to access the weekly and monthly calls? Time for your happy dance because all of the answers are contained in the HELP button. (This is what it looks like and it lives at the bottom right of your browser window ๐Ÿ‘‡)

You’ve mastered the basics and want to amp up the programs. But wait, you lost access. Type in HELP and submit a ticket. The friendly Ascension Library team will work diligently to resolve your issue. Maybe you can’t find the program…type in the search et voila, it magically appears. Now you’re in the program and looking for tips to enhance your listening pleasure. Want to see an index of all the chapters, click on the green box with the arrows on the top left. Loving that transmission and want to easily find it, click on the box with a star inside just below the video and mark it as a favorite. Are you listening and heard something that made your heart leap out of your chest because it resonated so strongly, click on the arrows on the bottom right of every video to advance 30 seconds or go back 30 seconds. 


If you’re having a hard time hearing the video or you prefer the recording to be louder than your computer will allow, be a spiritual DJ and pop on those headphones or earbuds. Internet superhighway got you down and the screen is glitchy or the tortoise is moving slowly with no sign of the hare in sight, you may be in a high traffic zone. Restart your computer, move to another room, or ask the seven dwarfs living with you to get off their devices and let you be in peace. Are you feeling unloved because you’re not receiving emails, resubscribe as you’ll always be part of our high vibe tribe. 


Don’t stop reading as you’ll miss the best part,,,Drumroll please…


Whether you’re a tech newbie or pro, this is for you! I will do a live call with my favorite tech tips and more! Learn shortcuts and discover new ways to use the library. Ask questions or simply listen. Give feedback on what you want. All Library Members are invited. Save the date and wait for the email.


The call will be LIVE on:

US / Canada ๐ŸŒŸ Thursday, February 29 @ 3 pm (EST) 12 pm (PST)
UK / Europe ๐ŸŒŸ Thursday, February 29 @ 8 pm (GMT) 9 pm (CET)
NZ / AUS ๐ŸŒŸ Friday, March 1 @ 9 am (NZDT) 7 am (AEDT) 


Much Love and Light๐Ÿ’•

Juliet Herman

Heartbeat of the Community



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