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Do you often feel overwhelmed by your never-ending ‘to-do’ list? Do you wake in the early hours of the morning mentally going over that list and trying to hold it all in your head really for ACTION?

Life for many of us seems to be getting busier, which is an absolute contradiction to what we are told by Spirit about FLOWING with life, about keeping life SIMPLE and just BEING. 

I know all the tips and tricks about how to get through ‘the LIST’. I’ve learned to focus on one task, get it done and then relax for a short time, rather than exhaust myself and drain my creative battery by not taking a break. I turn my phone off at night and do all the self-care things that busy people need to do to survive in today’s world.  


I still frequently wake at 4 am going through ‘the LIST’. I so much want to go deeper into JUST BEING and CREATING as the God-Creator in human form that I know I am, and that we all are. 


As I write these words it’s a beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, sunshiny day. You may ask what I am doing sitting at my computer on such a day. It’s a Sunday as well, but I want to get a jump start on my LIST and there’s a lot coming down the line in the week ahead!

Fortified with a cup of tea and a ginger biscuit, I’m having fun. 


I’m free-flowing with Spirit about what THEY want to say about BEING, and how to get things done from a place of stillness and peace.  


My guides remind me that Essayenya, the Siriun heroine of my book Sunshine Before the Dawn* went to Lyra to sit with the Lyran women in the Halls of Dreamtime, where together they focused on creating the vision template for the new human.  Essayenya was my soul in a past life. In my lifetime as Judy today, I am still very like her and respond as she did to life, because those types of soul traits come with the soul through all time.  She worked hard and found it hard to relax, just like I also do at times. 

In my story, Essayenya was sitting with Mollia, her Lyran friend, beside a lake at the Halls of Dreamtime. She told Mollia that she often found it difficult to relax and that she was always too busy.

This is what Mollia said to Essayenya:


“Let me tell you a secret known to us on Lyra.  Let go of your list of things to do and follow your heart. Each night before you sleep, write down all the things that you need to get done the next day and tell your higher self to attend to everything in order of importance. Then sleep. The next morning, feel into your being and ask your higher soul-self to give you direction for the day.  Throughout the day ask what would be most beneficial for your BEING and what would most empower you to accomplish your goals. Then do that thing, whatever it is. Try this and you will see that you start to feel more pleasure and less pressure.


“In this way each new day will be life a gift, a magical treasure chest to be explored and enjoyed.”

See how YOU feel when you follow this Lyran technique. It’s on page 104-105 of ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’. See ABOUT in the Ascension Library.

Spirit also say that when we let go of our focus on time, time expands and our list of tasks is done faster. So, how do we expand time?

The Ascended Master Thoth explains:


“When you let go of the focus of the mind and create your intention for substance and outcome directly from the mind of the heart, purely by creating LOVE ENERGY within the heart and speaking the words of that love-filled creative intention flowing freely from the heart, then time stands still. Light is LOVE and LOVE is Light.  Be at one with the greatest of all Lights – Source/God/the Creative Force of ALL. You will find by your heart-felt connection to SOURCE that you get things done and receive all that you seek.”


My translation of Thoth’s words is that when we want to complete a task more easily or create a certain outcome in our lives we should:


  •  🌟 Write down one short sentence about what we want to complete or create, beginning with the words “With the Power of God that I AM”, as saying these words allows us to create from the higher soul self, or the I AM presence of soul; 
  • 🌟 Create the strongest emotion of LOVE within the heart that we possibly can; 
  • 🌟 Speak the words of connection with God Mind aloud. Say, “With the power of God that I AM I connect my heart-mind with God Mind”, and FEEL IT HAPPENING; 
  • 🌟 Understand that when we connect with God Mind, we also draw on the power of infinite, TIMELESS creation. Let your intention go into the eternal void of time and space with GRATITUDE, knowing that your desire is already fulfilled.


Prayer and the words that we speak are powerful creative tools.


In 1997 when I first began my work with Spirit, I was given a prayer by the Lady Mary called ‘The Prayer of Initiation’. Initiation means preparation. This prayer was a calling-in of the Spiritual Hierarchy and a connection point for me to the realm of Spirit. As I recited this prayer day by day, it anchored me as a spiritual channel into the energy fields and dimensions that I needed to access information from and to transmit it. 

The Prayer of Initiation is attached to the top of this article ☝️. Feel free to listen to it now.  

The years 2020 – 2033 are a major Ascension activation portal. As part of an unfolding divinely designed plan, increasingly powerful energy from God/Mind, Universal Consciousness is streaming to Earth to activate more of our true human DNA potential. This process called Ascension is an evolutionary upgrade for the human race. 

We all have a soul destiny plan for our current lifetime. As part of my own unfolding soul plan in 2020 Spirit gave me a new prayer, which they called ‘The Prayer of Becoming’. You can read and print this prayer if you wish to use it from the home page of the Ascension Library. 


BUT, just this week, March 2023, I have received a new prayer called ‘The Prayer of BEING’.  


I share it with you here (👈 CLICK) so that if it resonates with you, you can use it too. As you speak these words from the heart-mind, you, along with me, will be remade anew and as Thoth said BE AT ONE WITH THE GREATEST OF ALL LIGHTS – SOURCE - TO BE THE LIGHT.


This is our purpose because when we can get to this place of pure BEING, to BE the Light, we can truly step into our NEW ASCENDED LIFE and BE Beauty, Love, Joy and Light. 


This IS enlightenment and this IS ascension.

With love,

Judy Satori.

*Note: Sunshine Before the Dawn - Judy is currently re-editing this book and the hard copy is out of print. You can however download the PDF. A focus of the ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’ retreat at Mana Retreat Centre, New Zealand in mid-August will be Judy reading the newly edited version of the story. 

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