Three flowers

I am guided to hold a TRILOGY of three face-to-face international events in 2023.  When I transmit energy, grounding words are always repeated three times. Each event has a different focus, but all are to do with upgrading us as human beings quickly. 


🌟 IRELAND: 30 May – 4 June. The focus of four events in Ireland is to educate, restore trust from one’s own experience of being impacted and transformed by the energy and to open people to their own soul gifts, knowledge and ability. There is an emphasis on working multi-dimensionally in 144 dimensions of reality, especially in the June 4 class ‘Calling All Star Seeds’. I want to help people release karmic limitation and step up FAST.   


🌟 NEW ZEALAND: 13 August – 20 August. At Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, I will be taking people through a profound process of RESET – seven days of INTENSIVE energy immersion and alchemical upgrade and transformation. The Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat is about rewriting your soul-driven life script to enable you to be a better do what your soul has come to do. Registration opens 1 May.  


🌟 AUSTRALIA: 13-16 October. The next three chapters of Anchoring the Codes of Light - 25-48 will be delivered in Sydney, Australia. As in 2020, this event will be both face-to-face and live-streamed.  Registration opens on 1 July. 

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