Judy says: I drink Krishna Tulsi, but all Tulsi teas are highly beneficial…
Organic India has a large range of teas and herbal supplements. 

Tulsi, the Holy Basil herb (Ocimum tenufolium) is known in Ayurvedic teaching as the Queen of Herbs. Consuming it regularly has many positive effects for body and mind. 

I like to drink the dark purple Krishna Tulsi, which is a potent adaptogen. It helps my body to adapt to the many stresses of everyday life and to recharge after a busy day. I also feel a sense of centered wellbeing.  

Tulsi is understood in Indian Ayurvedic teachings as being an ‘Elixir of Life’, renowned for its ability to penetrate the deep tissues of the body to support metabolic healing, balance the metabolism for general good health and well-being and deliver a sense of calm and inner peace. In the Indian Hindu religion, every part of the Tulsi plant is revered and considered sacred. It’s like a GODDESS of the Plant Kingdom. 

Tulsi also protects against toxic chemical-based injury with a host of proven medical benefits.  It has been described as being like ‘liquid yoga’!


Try my TULSI TEA evening ritual:


Prepare your tea, light a candle, and sit in a comfortable chair to relax. Enjoy just BEING and deliberately create the energy vibrations of BEAUTY, LOVE, JOY, and LIGHT as powerfully as you can with your mind and your emotions.  Drinking Tulsi tea while listening to any library transmission also supports your energy as it supports your physical health.  


Judy’s Goddess Recipe from India

I enjoyed this recipe at a spa in Chennai….It’s delicious hot or cold

  • Tulsi tea
  • Jaggery to taste - coconut sugar
  • Lime juice


Disclaimer: Judy Satori is not qualified to give medical advice. She is speaking from her own personal use and experience. Consult your doctor if you have health issues and/ or are on medication.



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