This is a year of magical regenerative alchemy, but it’s also about surfing the waves of change.

The year ahead promises SPIRITUAL MAGIC, the likes of which we have never seen before. It is however also likely to be a year of possibly destabilizing 3-D changes. Our learning is to let it FLOW and just allow ourselves to BE with what is, to stay in a heart-space of LOVE, SURRENDER and TRUST. 

It's time to step up, in life and in how we present ourselves to the world, but it's more about BEING than doing. The year ahead in 2024 will be a time of rapid evolution of who we are as people. It’s time for us to dream a new dream and to live this dream in manifested, grounded reality in our human Earthly lives.  

In the year ahead there will be three four-month SEASONS of focus for Ascension Library members. Each season will have its own desired outcomes. Juliet Herman, our new Community Manager, will be adding to the information and energy in her weekly Lightworkers Connection Calls and I will join you most months for a teaching session.


SEASON ONE: January – April 2024


In the December live session for Ascension Library members, I transmitted a guided meditation to take you through a Golden Doorway into a more expanded energy for yourself.  (See the Judy Satori Live section) This was followed by the Solstice Meditation, which you received by email. This connected you with a being from the Star Aldebaran, known by ancient astrologers as the divine star of REVELATION.


What is now being revealed?  Both meditations were planned by Spirit to get us ready for where we are now set to go in this special year ahead. Our third step of preparation will be delivered on 10/11 January during my live online session.

In this year of the Dragon, the DRAGONS are with us!

At one time I honestly thought that dragons were mythical, fantasy creatures and not REAL. Well, in the last few months I have begun to speak dragon language and now in the words of songwriter Neil Diamond, “I’m a Believer.” 

Throughout my 25-year journey as a multi-dimensional channel, I have experienced many changes, but I have to say that 2024 looks set to be taking me through the biggest change cycle of all. I invite you to join me on this journey.

In our January session, I will introduce you to my new dragon friend and tell you about an exciting event on Sunday 7 April in Sydney that I will be collaborating on with visionary artist James Jereb. Watch this space for more info!



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