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Ascension Life | eMagazine | March 2022

What is the Fifth Element of Rapid Transformation? ✨ 

Hi Story,

July marks the beginning of a new wave of Ascension energy, which as you probably felt and experienced has been affecting you during April, May and June and dislodging and clearing very deep levels of karmic energy distortion.

❤️ In a way, we are being set free from the bondage of the emotional and mental “Cords that Bind Us”. ❤️

The energy coming at us in the past three months has been very powerful and at times may have felt really unpleasant, as we have been forced to surf the waves of change, not really knowing where we are going... Now, as we move into July the energy will assist us to step into new ways of being, behaving and reacting.

Judy Satori

To align with this, we are introducing new recordings into the library starting with Beyond Beautiful - Nervous System Rewind in July (28/29th on the NEW Moon). This is the beginning of working with a new “Fifth Element” of Ultralight Ascension energy. What is the fifth element? And what is the access to this NEW and more powerful Ascension energy, transmitted through the words that I’m now asked to speak, going to do to and for us?

🙏  Many blessings 💕 Love Judy    

Read more about this in Judy's FEATURE ARTICLE this month.  Also in July's eMagazine: 

Ultralight Energy Alchemy - What is the Fifth Element

An extract from Judy's article explaining Ultralight energy alchemy

"Ultralight is light that we cannot see visibly with the naked eye, but its effects on the body can certainly be felt and experienced.  Ultralight energy is similar to ultrasound, which is energy/sound that is outside of the normal range of human hearing.  I am also told by Spirit that Ultralight is an Ascension energy frequency for these times and a catalyst for human evolutionary upgrade and change.  Ultralight emanates from the dark matter in the Universe."

Read more about this in Judy's FEATURE ARTICLE, which includes "What is Ultralight", a 39-minute video HERE


Nervous System Rewind | Deep Relaxation for the Nervous System

This 22.22-minute meditation will be added to the library on the 28/29th of July (the NEW Moon).  Nervous System Rewind prepares you to go BEYOND BEAUTIFUL by deeply relaxing and calming the nervous system.  In August and September, the next two parts of going BEYOND BEAUTIFUL will be added to the Ascension Library to enhance physical wellbeing and regeneration. 

FROM JUDY: "When you close your eyes and hold a vision of your new creation in the heart, your focused intention combined with heart chakra energy will begin to incubate your visions and desires into fruition.  The Fifth Element, the aether, is energy taking flight, like the brightness of the upper sky.  It exponentially amplifies the energy effects of dreams becoming reality.  This is SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY."

Read more about Nervous System Rewind in the second part of Judy's FEATURE ARTICLE HERE

Judy Satori Live Q&A
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  As an Ascension Library Member, You have Exclusive Access to the Zoom Call to Ask Judy Your Ascension Question

FROM JUDY: "In July’s Q&A we are going to be talking about the future and in particular the influence of Maitreya- Future Buddha and what my Blessings of Maitreya Tour of Ladakh will bring forward for us all.  We will be talking to Ascension Library members about their experiences and I will be answering questions from those who are on the call." 

✨ This is a free access program for everyone, so please tell your family and friends to watch this LIVE Q&A for energy support.  All you need to do is join our Ascension Community private Facebook group to access it  

⭐  Visit the EVENT PAGE to join the call LIVE with Judy, a replay will be posted in JUDY SATORI LIVE after the event.

⭐  Ascension Library members can ask questions on the call, but everyone who watches will benefit from the energy.  

⭐  Judy and the Ascension Library feel that this free Q&A program is the best way to contribute to everyone who joins the call.

Judy will broadcast LIVE for approximately 60-minutes at these times around the world 🌎

UK / Europe 🌟 Wednesday, July 6th, 9 pm (BST) 10 pm (CEST)

US / Canada 🌟 Wednesday,  July 6th, 4 pm (EDT) 1 pm (PDT)

NZ / Australia 🌟 Thursday, July 7th, 6 am Sydney (AEST) 8 am (NZST)

⏰ Use this Event Time Zone Converter to find your time.

Ascension Library HELP, Support and Expansion

✨  Do you have trouble finding transmissions?

✨  Did you know YOU can find answers to your Ascension questions using the green (?) Help button at the bottom of every library page? 


An extract from Michelle's article on NEW tools for searching and support in the Library:

"It is now possible for you to receive an immediate answer to any question you may have.  All you need to do is partially type your question or the name of the recording you are looking for into the green (?) Help button or Support page and the library system will bring up all available answers for you."

Michelle Swanson

⭐  Michelle is the Community Support Manager of the Ascension Library and a long-time library user. 

You can read Michelle's feature article Ascension Library HELP, Support and Expansion in the Ascension Library's ARTICLES section HERE


🌟 Michelle offers One-on-One Mentoring Calls to help Ascension Library users find clarity and direction.  Find out more HERE🌟

Three Articles to get you started on your Journey of New Creation

Click on the graphic of an article that interests you and be linked to it in the Ascension Library's "Articles" section.  Most articles have videos or recordings containing Ascension information and tools for upgrade and advancement.

Prayer of Becoming

Adding the Prayer of Becoming to your daily routine will anchor new intention energies into your life: 

"This prayer will propel you into the energies of strength and love.  With repetition, as you deepen your understanding of it, your creation of energy alchemy will exponentially increase.  This will restore and renew hope within you, and allow us to reflect it out into your world."

Ascension Support and Guidance

An excerpt from the Ascension Support and Guidance | One-on-One Mentoring article: 

"The Ascension Library houses hundreds of audio and video recordings and programs that have been designed by Spirit and I to activate our true human potential. My mission through the Ascension Library is to help others to be the LIGHT that THEY authentically are.  However, when we are evolving quickly and when we go through change in our lives, we often need one-on-one supportive guidance and direction."

Forgiveness - Set Yourself Free

From the Forgiveness - Set Yourself Free article: 

"Forgiveness is a key step in our evolving process of Ascension. If you have something or someone to forgive, now is the time!  It is not about condoning someone’s bad behavior or returning to a situation that has hurt you, but it’s about truly accepting what happened and releasing yourself from the energetic ties that bind you… to set yourself free..."

Fifth Element Energy Sunrise

"The fifth element is that amplified burst of energy, rather like putting a capstone on a pyramid.  It is energy taking flight and expanding with added impetus." 💕 Judy Satori

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