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Forgiveness - Set Yourself Free

From Judy Satori: Michelle Swanson supports members of our Ascension Library community in the use of recordings and how to gain maximum benefit from this Spirit-led energy work.  She was one of the first Ascension Library members and knows the audio recordings and programs of the library ‘inside out’.  Michelle’s first article in her ‘Tools for Ascension’ series is about how to Forgive and set yourself Free, which is foundational and absolutely needed on our path of physical and consciousness Ascension.

In the following article Michelle refers to specific audio recordings that will help you set a firm foundation for becoming a NEW HUMAN.


Forgiveness - Set Yourself Free 

By Michelle Swanson


The purpose of my ‘Tools for Ascension’ articles is to highlight the various skills in life and consciousness mastery that we need to acquire to be able to evolve quickly in our process of Ascension. My intention is to share the different stages of evolutive Ascension change you might move through, giving guidance on how to navigate these stages of the Ascension process with ease by using the recordings within the Ascension Library. 

Forgiveness is a key step in our evolving process of Ascension. If you have something or someone to forgive, now is the time!  It is not about condoning someone’s bad behavior or returning to a situation that has hurt you, but it’s about truly accepting what happened and releasing yourself from the energetic ties that bind you…to set yourself free.

A lack of forgiveness can cause energy blockages which affect our lives in so many subtle and not-so-subtle ways and stall our spiritual progress.   This is because we are ultimately Spiritual Beings of Love and so anything that is not of love internally, will hold us back.  There is a fail-safe system in place with spiritual progression where LOVE  is the only key and the way.  Holding onto past hurts will ultimately hold you back from your joy and this is why forgiveness is such a beautiful gift that you can give to yourself.

If you have events, people, or situations you have not been able to forgive it means you haven’t been able to come to terms with the event and still have some anger and resentment being held within.  One of the ways you can deal with this is to let the emotions and memories that are associated with the situation, person, or event, come up.  Allowing whatever they are no matter how intense, painful, or dark.  It’s okay … all we’re doing is bringing them out, into the light.  Write how you feel; all of it!. Get everything out.  This is your chance to voice everything you have felt about this situation or person.  This is between you and God.  No-one else.  God already knows how you feel but this is about you acknowledging the pain you have suffered, which will in turn help you to come to terms with it.  Whatever you write, or feel is a pointer to the transmissions you should use in the library to clear the distorted energy you are holding on to.  The first step is to ask for God's help by saying out loud …

With the power of God that I Am; I ask for this thought / feeling / event / situation to be healed for the Highest Good of All.

I ask to be shown the higher perspective of the [situation or the person].  I ask to be shown the truth.

If you feel you are not ready to forgive, the following transmissions may help, but please get in touch with me through the green HELP button on any library page if you feel the suggestions below are not correct for your situation.

Clearing family lines and connections: listen to each of these however many times you feel is right for you.  The following transmissions will release you and any family members from outmoded karmic ties that no longer need to be experienced and that no longer serve anyone’s highest good. 

If you are not an Ascension Library member, you will need to activate your membership first HERE to be able to access these transmissions.

Want to know more before signing up? Our "Explore" page will give you a taste of what the library has to offer. Experience the powerful energy that has helped thousands of people over more than two decades. Listen to a selection of transformational meditations and energy recordings by visiting THIS LINK

This set of transmission recommendations will help with any anger or resentment that may be being held internally …

  • Clearing Abandonment: CLICK HERE 
  • Clearing Anger: CLICK HERE 
  • Clearing Resentment: CLICK HERE 
  • Clearing Shame & Humiliation: CLICK HERE This transmission will help to clear feelings of being ashamed or being shamed, allowing self-forgiveness.
  • Clearing Regret with Yeshua: CLICK HERE 
  • Transmissions to help with Forgiveness of self and others … Cutting the Cords with Archangel Michael: This transmission is available through the Ascension Library membership but we also have an articles section that includes free access to this transmission: CLICK HERE  This transmission will help you to cut the negative energetic ties that you may have with any lingering situation, person or event that has happened in your life or past lives. 

To access the Cutting the Cords recording through the membership: CLICK HERE 

Use the above transmissions to clear any lingering distorted energy and when you feel ready to forgive the following suggestions may help you to do this. 

Michael B Beckwith's book ‘Life Visioning’ is an excellent book that I have used, along with the transmissions listed above to help myself to forgive.  He gives two great statements to use for forgiving others and ourselves.

  1. Write the statements down (9x - number of completion)
  2. Read them (9x - number of completion)
  3. Say them aloud (9x - number of completion) 

Find a sacred space and time for you to reflect on what needs to be forgiven.  This would be a good time to use the journal that you used above to write about all of the experiences and pain that you have found difficult to forgive. Centre yourself and then use the following statements ... 

  • Forgiving others: imagine all involved … 

I forgive you, (name/names or event) for knowingly or unknowingly hurting me.  My forgiveness of you is total and complete.  I am free and you are free.  All is well between us.

  • Forgiving Yourself: This often can be the hardest thing to do.  But it will ultimately hold you back from being able to move forward in your soul journey and so it is crucial to be able to grant yourself the same compassion, forgiveness and love that you would another.  This is pivotal to our soul journey. We all have something we are not proud of or wish we would have done differently.  Most if not all of us have really painful experiences that we feel we have caused and we don't know how to free ourselves from the guilt and shame of such actions. Some feel they are not worthy of being set free.  This is not the case at all and in order to set the world free from pain and suffering we must first set ourselves free.  This releases all from judgement, guilt and shame and this is how we set humanity free. You see we all as humans hurt each other when we are carrying pain in our heart.  And so carrying unforgiveness of self will cause you to unconsciously self sabotage yourself and will block you from your joy and being able to give joy ... true joy. It's time to set yourself free - but only YOU can do this.    

Cradle yourself in your heart and then silently or aloud speak the words …

I take responsibility for my actions and forgive myself for all that I have knowingly or unknowingly done to hurt myself and any other individuals [you can add in names here].  I release myself from the bondage of unforgiveness.  I am free, free in the freedom that has always been mine.  I claim it now.  Guilt, shame and blame are now neutralised by the unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness which saturate my awareness, my heart, my entire being.  Right here, Right now I am cleansed of the toxin of unforgiveness.  I begin afresh and give thanks for this realisation.


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“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” - Yeshua on the cross

Forgiveness Visualisation: Once you have completed the steps above try the following visualization to transmute the negative energy back into love …

In your inner sight: Visualize you are in a beautiful place, your spiritual home, heaven for you. This is where all of your multi-dimensional versions of self can be in one space. You are whole and free here.  In this place there is a beautiful magnificent pillar of golden, sparkly [any colour you like] Creator Light. This pillar of light goes all the way up and goes all the way down and is as wide as you like. 

In this beautiful place, call on everyone from the situation you are wanting to heal, including the version of yourself who took part in it too.  See everyone. [If it's a feeling or an event, invite the feeling or event; see the feeling/event in front of you in whatever way it wishes to present itself.]

Welcome everyone and thank them for their service to you and for holding the pain and suffering of this event. Show how grateful you are to each of them for the pain and suffering they have had to hold on your behalf. It doesn’t matter who did what. These are the distorted residual energetic versions of the actual person or the event, and not who they truly are, just as it is the distorted version of you and not your true self.  It's your true self who is granting forgiveness and love.  This is about you letting go of the distorted energy and seeing these distorted versions of everyone as a form of pain that everyone has had to hold. Thank them all and express your love for them. [This may feel difficult to do but when you actually do this, the people involved will appear in their lower self-state and you will be able to see that actually they were unable to cope with the life situation they were given, which is why they were able to cause the pain to start with and you can let them go … into love]

Once you feel to ask them [or the feeling/event] if they are ready to go into the Light. If they are, let them walk in one at a time giving them a hug and telling them that you love them as they walk into the pillar of Light. 

Once they’re all in the pillar of Light, including the part of you that also participated, join them in the pillar, allowing the Light to swirl and glisten and transform all involved back to their original Light. Watch the distorted energy spiral back up to the Creator/Spirit. Once everyone is happy and full of joy, ask if they are ready to go back into the light. When they’re ready you will see them all spiral back up and be released to the Creator/Spirit. Your Higher Self (YOU) and your pillar of Light will then shine even brighter than before.  You and the pillar will glow and glisten much more, as you have now integrated and loved all of those aspects and residue energy that have been lost in the ethers.

Once this is cleared, know it is cleared.  If thoughts or feelings of the event or people return, be strong and firm and stand in your power. Say to yourself …

No, this has been cleared. All has been transmuted and transformed back into love and I send love to all involved.  All is well between us

If it persists, there may be something else within the situation, or with that person that needs to be healed.  This won’t be due to you not clearing it properly, it's just another aspect of the event that needs to be cleared.  When this happens use the process discussed above again, but the KEY is once you have completed this process, KNOW it is cleared and be strong with yourself about it.  This will stop the thoughts and feelings from returning.

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Michelle’s second article in her ‘Tools for Ascension’ series is about Balance in Testing Times. You can read it by clicking HERE

By Michelle Swanson

Michelle is one of the first Library members and a long-time Ascension Library user.

Feedback from Ascension Library members

Marie H.

"I am blown away by the wondrous beauty of these transmissions of light and love and wisdom. What's more, is that I am finally remembering!"

David A. 

"If someone is willing to work the library, they will find tremendous value and benefit. It is hard to believe that you offer so much for so little cost to make this available to everyone."

Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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