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This article shares the various skills in life and consciousness mastery that we need to acquire to be able to evolve quickly in our process of Ascension. With a set of links to recordings in the Ascension Library that support the different stages of evolutive Ascension change, you might move through. 

In her article, Ascension Expansion team member, Michelle Swanson refers to specific audio recordings that will help you set a firm foundation for becoming a NEW HUMAN. She provides guidance on how to navigate these stages of the Ascension process with ease and grace by using the recordings within the Ascension Library. 

You will need to be a member of Judy Satori's Ascension Library in order to access the recording links shared in this article. Not yet a member? Join today for only $13...

Our Ascension journey and using the transmissions within the Ascension Library can be compared to the stages of learning to ride a bike. At first, you need stabilizers (transmissions) to help to keep your balance and remove the fear of letting go. This part of our journey is when we clear our past, present, and future timelines by clearing our Karma. Once you're ready and you feel your Karma has cleared, just as in learning to ride your bike you will build yourself up to letting the stabilizers go and ride the bike with no assistance. This part of the journey is when we know our Karma is cleared and we have forgiven all, including ourselves.  

Once you let go of the stabilizers and ride the bike, the bike continues to wobble as you still need to find your bearings and learn how to stop yourself from falling off the bike. This is where we learn to balance ourselves while our outside world continues to show distortion. We have cleared our Karma, but we are now learning to keep ourselves balanced and listen to the messages we receive from our four bodies (Emotional/Physical/Mental/Spiritual). 

Once we learn to balance ourselves without needing assistance, we are free to ride the bike with no fear and we no longer “think” of having to keep ourselves balanced on the bike. We have mastered keeping ourselves balanced.  It's now second nature and an automatic process. This is when we let go of everything and we trust ourselves and our life to bring us exactly what we need, and we are free to live life from our balanced heart, and joy returns. And just like in the joy of riding a bike; once achieved we never forget how to keep ourselves balanced as this is our true nature and who we truly are. 

Once you can balance yourself on the inside, this will show up as balance in your life on the outside. 


This will take time but as you grow and expand you will not need to use the following transmission recommendations to support you. The energy within them will clear you enough that you will eventually learn to do this on your own without any help.  

However, until then use the balance transmissions below as often as you feel guided to and particularly when you are going through a stressful or confusing time. What we are doing here is learning that as you change the energy within you, within your heart, this will change the outer circumstances of your life. This is the power that we have. We create from the heart, from the inside out. Not from our mind or from what we “do” in the world.


We create our lives from how we feel about ourselves on the inside and the more internally balanced that we are… the more balanced our lives will be. 



 Energy Transmissions for Balance

  • Haraline Rebalance: This transmission will teach you to balance and centre yourself.  It’s especially good for when we are going through particularly stressful situations and keeps us grounded until we can do it for ourselves.
  • Expanded Heart Opening: Heart opening on a daily basis will really help your life to align quickly.
  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine: Balance both aspects of self.
  • Becoming God~Goddess: This is a beautiful transmission to really start the day on a wonderful footing.
  • Magenta Pyramid - Enlightenment version: This Magenta Pyramid is slightly different to the original version as it has a part to do with creating Enlightenment in your cells.  The more you can energetically create peace, love, and joy the more it will manifest into your life in the most unexpected ways.



Energy Transmissions & Tools for Alignment



Energy Transmissions to help with standing in our Power 

All of the above transmissions can be combined and used in whichever way you feel is best. You can also choose other transmissions within the Ascension Library. This is not a problem at all.

Go with your heart and whatever feels right for you. This is your Soul guiding you to what is best for you.



Feeling lost and confused when moving through a shift in consciousness...

This is where the human part of us - the illusionary part is being transformed by our True Self. This can feel so uncomfortable, but it will ultimately lead you to your Love, Peace, and Joy! 

There are some experiences that we must go through and there are some intense energies that we must feel even for the briefest of moments to release them. Once you have gone through this shift in consciousness (or Light) a few times you will start to see how you have previously shifted from one state of being to another and with each time; this process will get a little bit easier.

One way we can help ourselves through this particularly difficult, but the much-needed phase of our Ascension is to write down a sentence or a few words that will help to remind you:




Writing something like these statements above may not be able to stop the feelings of unusualness but it at least on a mental level will remind you of what is happening. The more times you go through this shift, the more you will realize this naturally and not need the statements, but until then using the statements and the following transmissions below may help with the shift.



Energy Transmissions for Trust & Faith 



Energy Transmissions for Anxiety and Overwhelm

  • Nervous System Overload: This transmission will help with anxiety and the physical effect it has on the body. 
  • Clearing Doubting Self in Decision Making: This will help to clear any self-doubt you may be feeling when making decisions.  
  • Clearing Worry/Stress: This transmission will help to release worry and stress and allow you to Let Go and Let God. This is a Karma Clear recording, so if you feel like listening to this, listen as many times as you can.



Energy Transmissions for Ascension Symptoms 


Michelle’s first article in her ‘Tools for Ascension’ series is about forgiveness and by learning to forgive, you will set yourself free. You can read it by clicking HERE


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Marie H.

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"If someone is willing to work the library, they will find tremendous value and benefit. It is hard to believe that you offer so much for so little cost to make this available to everyone."

Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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