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Ascension Life | eMagazine | March 2022

✨ Welcome to May - Today: Imagine You’re Dancing✨ 

Hi Toni,

The 1st of May heralds the lightness and new life of springtime, and the potency and joy of new beginnings...

πŸŽ‰ As I write, I see in my mind’s eye an image of a maypoleπŸŽ‰

Maypole dancing is a May Day tradition still celebrated in parts of England and Europe. It is believed to have started in Roman Britain around 2,000 years ago when soldiers celebrated the arrival of spring by dancing around decorated trees thanking their goddess Flora.

Ladakh Trip Flags

Originally the maypole was a living tree, but over time a tree trunk was used as the pole, representing masculine energy, adorned with brightly colored ribbons and floral garlands, representing the feminine. 

✨ On this May Day, I feel excited and inspired, because in late July I am returning to Ladakh, a remote and ancient Buddhist Kingdom in Northern India.  The thought of returning to Ladakh is like springtime for my heart.  In Ladakh, I feel truly at peace like I have come home✨ 

Many blessings πŸ’•  Love Judy πŸ™    

In this month's eMagazine, Judy's FEATURE ARTICLE invites you on a spiritual adventure with her Blessings of Maitreya trip and brings these ENERGY GIFTS for your advancement:

Blessings of Maitreya - Ladakh Trip

An extract from Judy's Feature Article this month:

"Ladakh, long known as ‘little Tibet’, is a land of stark, dramatic terrains and mystical Buddhist monasteries.  It’s a contrast between very high mountain ranges and vast open plains, with picturesque villages dotted like little patches of green along the banks of the Indus river that gives lifeblood to the land.  

I warmly invite you to come with me to Ladakh.  The tour begins in New Delhi on 24 July and ends with the flight back from Ladakh to New Delhi on 7 August. There is space for 30 people, plus a few members of the Ascension Library team who will be accompanying me."

You can read more of Judy's article Blessings of Maitreya - Tour of Ladakh, Northern India in the Ascension Library's ARTICLES section HERE 

The article also includes:

  • 🌟  A video where Judy introduces the trip from the "land of the high passes". 
  • 🌟  A link to the event page, which contains all the information you need to book your place on this spiritual adventure. 
  • 🌟  An invitation to a Zoom call this week, where Judy and Sameeta will answer your questions and explain anything that you wish to know about our journey together and traveling to India.  
Judy Satori Live Q&A in Ascension Group on Facebook
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  As an Ascension Library Member, You have Exclusive Access to the Zoom Call to Ask Judy Your Ascension Question

✨ FROM JUDY: I look forward to you joining me for the Q&A on May 5th/6th as we go Beyond What We Know...  I will bring through supportive energy transmissions, guidance and mentoring as I answer your questions. 

✨ This is a free access program for everyone, so please tell your family and friends to watch this LIVE Q&A for energy support.  All you need to do is join our Ascension Community private Facebook group to access it βœ¨ 

⭐  Ascension Library members can ask questions, but everyone who watches will benefit from the energy.  

⭐  Judy and the Ascension Library feel that this free Q&A program is the best way to contribute to everyone who joins the call.

⭐  Visit the EVENT PAGE to join the call LIVE with Judy, a replay will be posted on this page after the event.

 Judy will be LIVE for approximately 60-minutes at these times around the world πŸŒŽ

UK / Europe 🌟 Wednesday, May 4th, 9 pm (BST) 10 pm (CEST)

US / Canada 🌟 Wednesday,  May 4th, 4 pm (EDT) 1 pm (PDT)

NZ / Australia 🌟 Thursday, May 5th, 6 am Sydney (AEST) 8 am (NZST)

Use this Event Time Zone Converter to find your time.

Tools for Ascension - Forgiveness

An extract from Michelle's Feature Article:

"A lack of forgiveness can cause energy blockages, which affect our lives in so many subtle and not so subtle ways and stall our spiritual progress.   This is because we are ultimately Spiritual Beings of Love and so anything that is not of love internally, will hold us back.  There is a fail-safe system in place with spiritual progression where LOVE is the only key and the way.  Holding onto past hurts will ultimately hold you back from your joy.  This is why forgiveness is such a beautiful gift that you can give to yourself."

Michelle Swanson

⭐  Michelle is the Community Support Manager of the Ascension Library and a long-time Ascension Library user. 

You can read Michelle's feature article Forgiveness - Set Yourself Free in the Ascension Library's ARTICLES section HERE


🌟 Michelle offers One-on-One Mentoring Calls to help Ascension Library members find clarity and direction.  Find out more HERE🌟

✨ FROM MICHELLE: My support calls are for when you might not be able to intuitively receive, when you are tired and discouraged and have temporarily lost your way.  You will come away from the call with a personalized prescription of library programs; we will set goals together about the most important changes and outcomes you want to make in your life.

The New Human - Conscious Conversations about Ascension
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Announcing a New Monthly Advancement Event The New Human - Conscious Conversations About Ascension

✨  FROM JUDY: Now that Becoming Authentically YOU season of Ascension & You is completed, we want to invite you to a new monthly online event that will be delivered on Zoom.  The full event is available exclusively with your Ascension Library membership, either live or as a replay.

✨ Find out what is happening to US and WHY.  We are going Way Beyond What We Know and it’s time to begin… βœ¨ 

The entire Ascension process is about becoming a more upgraded type of human being, both physically, and in the way we think and operate in the world.  In my opinion, "we ain't seen nothing yet!"  Spirit has some cards up their sleeve, and at the moment we can’t see the aces that they plan to lay down on the table.  If you play cards, you will know that the joker trumps all, there’s something coming that we are going to explore together on this new program through conscious, relevant and insightful conversation. 

🌟 Our panel this month will be Judy Satori and Anabell from our Ascension Library team, plus an invited guest🌟

Join us for The New Human Webinar live at these times around the globe πŸŒŽ 

UK / Europe 🌟 Wednesday, May 18th,  9 pm (BST) 10 pm (CEST)

US / Canada 🌟 Wednesday, May 18th, 4 pm (EDT) 1 pm (PDT)

NZ / Australia 🌟 Thursday, May 19th, 6 am (AEDT) 8 am (NZDT)

Use this Event Time Zone Converter to find your time.

Becoming Authentically YOU

What People are Saying About Judy and the Becoming Authentically YOU Journey

"Just finished my second time through the 21 recordings of 'Becoming Authentically You'.  I felt a lot more this time as my body responded to the energies.  Also, I noticed that the visualizations were more vivid and my three wishes/aims for my new life much grander and more expansive than anything I could think of before... I'm feeling excited about what will be revealed in the next round of listening!  Love and Joy are already flowing much more freely.  Thank you so much Spirit, Judy and the team xxx♥️ "

- Andrew R. Ascension Library Member

"I consider this to be one of the fundamental tools to expand, increase our energy.  So thankful, words are not enough to express how grateful I feel to receive this.πŸ™ "

- Carla C.  Ascension Library Member 

"Words cannot express how deeply this journey affected me ~ for the past few months I have yearned to find my tribe, my monad as I now learned, someone who understands me. But this journey you took us on, especially to Lyra, spoke to my heart and I wanted to go back there! How beautiful this meditation is ~ it brought me back to that time that I recall deep inside of me, touching my soul as never before. Blessings to you once again dear Judy ~ I love you.πŸ’•  " 

- Bonnie  Ascension Library Member

 β­ If you are NOT already engaged in the Becoming Authentically YOU journey, we invite you to join now, you’ll be glad that you did!  It’s not too late to start and you can go at your own pace START HERE ⭐   

When you listen to the 21 recordings from the Becoming Authentically YOU pathway in order (1-21), you are activating a shift in the energy at each of the six nodes shown on the "I Am That I Am" template through the central point of Love/ Heart Opening. 

Three Articles to Get You Started on Your Journey of New Creation

Click on the graphic of an article that interests you and be linked to it in the Ascension Library's "Articles" section.  Most articles have videos or recordings containing Ascension information and tools for upgrade and advancement. 

Spiritual Glossary

From the Spiritual Glossary article: 

"The energy transmissions in the library are all spiritually designed tools for personal empowerment and advancement.  These concepts may be new to you so we have produced this article, to expand your understanding of metaphysical / energy terms used on this site."

Three Stages of Ascension

An excerpt from the Stages of Ascension article: 

"Who I am as an eternal soul is merging more into my body and mind.  I am becoming a new type of human being while still remaining in the same human body, but staying in a body that is being energetically upgraded.  THIS IS ASCENSION."

Clearing Pat Life Vows

Find out more about the Clearing Past Life Vows with this article: 

"Past life vows are decisions that we have made in a previous life and in a previous time. It might have felt like a good idea in some past life to have made such a determined decision, but it does not work for you now in your life today."

Blessings of Maitreya Trip

"For me, crossing the high passes of Ladakh was a metaphor for life's journey.  When we got to the top at 17,000 feet there was a tea house with pots of hot, sweet tea and biscuits.  Even though it was hard to breathe, life still holds sweetness.  We just need to keep going to the top of the mountain. Then going down is easy."

With love, Judy πŸ’• 

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