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To thine own self be true... These are the words of  William Shakespeare, written 500 years ago; they are part of a speech from Act 1, Scene III, of Hamlet.  In this scene, Polonius is giving advice to his son Laertes as he sets off for University.  In Elizabethan times being true to self probably meant watching one’s back.  It was a dangerous time to be alive.  However, these days being true to self more likely means allowing one’s uniqueness and personal individuality to shine through and following inner guidance. 

For me, being true to self is taking on another meaning.  It is also coming to mean being true to SOUL.  I have noticed in myself that I feel very different as a person than I did even a year ago.  I am beginning to look visibly altered and my thoughts and feelings are different.  In talking with others I am noticing that they feel the same.  What is happening is that who I am as an eternal soul is merging more into my body and mind.  I am becoming a new type of human being while still remaining in the same human body, but staying in a body that is being energetically upgraded.  THIS IS ASCENSION. 

It’s much more than what has come up for most of us while being confined to our homes during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

It is the stirring inside oneself that there is a bigger picture to life, more than we know, and that the winds of change are blowing ever so softly inside of us.  If this is YOU, you are probably beginning to feel different about yourself.  You may feel a welling up of excitement and anticipation for something, but you know not what.  You may feel that you want to do something new, which has not yet shown itself. 

The veils between the realm of man and the realm of Spirit are thinning.  We are in a body living a human life, but we are also an eternal soul living out many lifetimes of physical experience.  We can now draw on those positive experiences instead of being buffeted by past life shadow-self karmic patterns.  Being true to self has even come to mean the reconnection to past life soul abilities and bringing those abilities and sense of expanded-knowing into our life experience today. 

You see, every person on the planet is moving through a process of physical and consciousness change called Ascension.  This is not about going up or going anywhere.  It is simply to do with evolving into a more capable, loving, and physically more vital human being and living life through a consciousness of peace and unity with others.  We are becoming 5-D human beings living on a 5-D planet.  We are beginning to be guided more from the perspective of our expanded soul than from our human personality-self.

In this audio recording, Judy shares how the progressive expansion of your capacity to hold light in the cells of the body can create uncomfortable Ascension Symptoms.  Perhaps you have experienced some of these?


Ascension is a divinely designed and spiritually motivated process of human evolutionary upgrade.  It is affecting us physically in terms of how our body functions and it is also an expansion of consciousness.  Most people aren’t aware that they are going through this process of change.  Most people are just trying to survive and adapt to the ramifications of a global pandemic, but change out there in the world is also mirrored by change inside of us. There has to be a breaking down to break through. 

Everyone is affected by Ascension energies, but we are all at a different stage of the process. On a physical level Ascension relates to our ability to hold LIGHT in the cells of the body.  The speed of our Ascension journey is determined by our human personality and soul’s readiness and automatically occurs when we vibrate at the required energy frequency.  Meditating and consciously creating energies of love, peace, and unity with heart and mind speeds the process up. 

There are three stages of Ascension: 

Stage One: You begin to question life and where it is taking you, realising that there is a bigger picture.  You start to remember who you are on a soul level and may even recall past lives.  Food preferences may change.  You may feel that you need to eat more lightly and more plant-based foods.  You may even become allergic to certain foods that you have always enjoyed.  You may feel that there is more to life, that there is a purpose that you are here to fulfill, but you may not know what this is. 

Stage Two: This stage is marked by a transition to new feelings about yourself and the way that you want to live life.  It does not necessarily mean that your life circumstances will change, just that an inner prompting to change your life’s expression of self may come upon you.  You may feel anxious or uncertain that you have no anchor, clear direction, or rudder to guide you.  You may experience life challenges as your soul may want you to be elsewhere, or living life differently.  You may feel tired and need more rest.  Stage two is rather like the third stage of labour and it is the most challenging part of our Ascension process.  You might feel that you are like a yo-yo, swinging this way and that, and get easily irritated and upset.  Calm down.  This too will pass. 

Stage Three:  You are ready to be of global or local service.  Service means being less self-absorbed and seeing others as an extension to self, which is unity consciousness.  This stage is marked by a desire to help others and fulfill your bigger-picture purpose.  When you reach this stage, passion, creativity, and excitement for life and what you are here to do will just ooze out of you.  You will fully radiate your divine light presence.  You WILL BE love, peace, and joy.  You will feel more vital.  Your body will appear younger and will seem to regenerate. You will not be energetically affected by people or places as you may have been in the past. You will easily create what you need and want.  YOU HAVE ASCENDED.   

All the programs and audio recordings that I have created with Spirit are support tools to help us get through the stages of Ascension faster and to be happier and more physically well.  All you need do is LISTEN. Not a member? Start your membership today!

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The life-changing energy transformation program TRUE COLORS is a powerful 16-week journey to clear sabotaging blocks and limitations and then align you with the driving force of your soul free from the inhibiting patterns of your personality self.  Part Three of the program even activates past life soul knowing and soul ability.  This program is available to Ascension Library members, you can find it >>HERE<<


Judy Satori. 

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