What is the Fifth Element? Ultralight Energy Alchemy

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Most of you will be aware that for a number of years I have been transmitting energy words of new creation from an energy spectrum called ULTRALIGHT. 

Ultralight is light that we cannot see visibly with the naked eye, but its effects on the body can certainly be felt and experienced.  Ultralight energy is similar to ultrasound, which is energy/sound that is outside of the normal range of human hearing.  I am also told by Spirit that Ultralight is an Ascension energy frequency for these times and a catalyst for human evolutionary upgrade and change.  Ultralight emanates from the dark matter in the Universe.

🌟 You can find out more about Ultralight in an article I wrote, which includes a 39-minute video from a LIVE event in Perth HERE 🌟

In 2019 I introduced the BEAUTIFUL program into the library; this five-week program aligns YOUR energy template to the true Soul YOU and includes a week of energy preparation before we go into Beauty of Heart, Beauty of Mind, Beauty of Body, and Beauty of Soul.

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Now, as we move into July 2022 a stronger, faster pulsating energy is coming to us through the words that I speak. 

This "fifth element" energy puts a faster spin onto what has gone before, like a cricket or baseball player putting a faster spin on the ball as they bowl or pitch. 

✨ The "fifth element" of rapid transformation is like putting a capstone onto a pyramid and in this case, the pyramid is the BEAUTIFUL program.

In July, August and September 2022, the three parts of going BEYOND BEAUTIFUL will be added to the Ascension Library to enhance physical wellbeing and regeneration. 

New to the library in July: Nervous System Rewind

Deep Relaxation for the Nervous System 

This meditation prepares you to go BEYOND BEAUTIFUL by deeply relaxing and calming the nervous system.  Lie down, shut your eyes and allow yourself to deeply relax.  Imagine that you are being transported to a tropical rain forest and that all your cares and worries are drifting away.  The energy in this recording will rewind your nervous system of stress and mental overload to profoundly calm and relax you.  It is literally a "calming of the waters", to allow for the LIGHT of the fifth element to do its regenerative work.  It is an excellent short meditation to do at night before you go to sleep.  This meditation will also support balance within the endocrine glands and will help to normalize hormonal production.  [22.22 minutes] 

FROM JUDY: When you close your eyes and hold a vision of your new creation in the heart, your focused intention combined with heart chakra energy will begin to incubate your visions and desires into fruition.  The Fifth Element, the aether, is energy taking flight, like the brightness of the upper sky.  It exponentially amplifies the energy effects of dreams becoming reality.  This is SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY. 

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Not a member?  The Ascension Library has hundreds of audio recordings, videos, and programs that are designed to clear karmic past life trauma energy; activate more expanded states of consciousness such as inner peace and love, and go beyond achieving physical balance to physical and consciousness re-genesis.  

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"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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