This set of 18 studio-recorded ultralight energy transmissions focuses on expanding you into greater empowerment, expanding your capacity as creators and anchor a deeper level of clearing. 

The Energy Alchemy series help to delete deep-seated patterns that disempowerment may present as stumbling blocks to moving forward AFTER or DURING the BREAKING THROUGH process.  Take a metaphor of us as people only being able to see a 'small picture' of who we are and have the potential to be.

BREAKING THROUGH will activate passion and synchronicity ... to see through new eyes.  REMEMBER ... any limiting emotional responses are merely an aspect of the old YOU transforming into a more passionate and creative NEW YOU.


Clearing: Feeling Inadequate
Thought pattern: I am not clever enough.  I am stupid.

Rebalancing: Task Incompletion
Self-defeating patterns of NOT getting things done on time or not completing tasks and assignments.

Rebalancing: Task Distraction
Not focusing on the important things that you want to get done.  Going off on a tangent.  This transmission works to align the hara line to do with purpose and intention.

Clearing: Punishing Self
Almost expecting punishment or criticism from others and so punishing and criticising oneself first.

Rebalancing: Self Denial
When you feel that you somehow don’t deserve good things, but that other people somehow do.  For example, you may feel that you are stupid, so why should you deserve it.

Clearing: Being Indecisive
When you feel unable to make a decision and commit to a course of action.  You are afraid of making the wrong decision or doing the wrong thing.

Clearing: Getting it Right
Anxiety about ‘getting it right’, especially in the eyes of others.  Impotency of action, so you hold yourself back and either don’t engage in life the way you want to, or hold yourself back in some way.

Clearing: Shame and Unworthiness
Being shamed or humiliated by others.  Being stuck in a loop of unworthiness and feeling not good enough.  Soul sadness and anxiety.

Clearing: Fear of Disapproval
Fear of disapproval and judgment by others.  May shut down your ability or desire to even try.

Clearing: Self-Recrimination
Do you often feel like a failure and beat up on yourself, feeling that you can never succeed, or overcome this pattern?

Clearing: Feeling Forgetful
Do you feel foolish because you frequently forget what you were doing, where you have put things, important meetings?  Do you sometimes feel concerned about physical or mental health in this regard?

Clearing: Abundance Issues
This recording will support you when you don’t feel successful, competent or capable, with respect to creating financial abundance.  Other Ascension Library support: Programs ... Be All You Can Be and MORE ... True Colors.

Clearing: Performance Anxiety
Feeling anxious about the possible expectations of others and feeling that you cannot measure up.

Clearing: Chronic Lateness
This transmission may support you when you have a pattern of being habitually late and not showing up on time for important events and meetings.

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