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Welcome, I’m Judy Satori.

If you’re feeling stuck, or at an impasse in your life, I urge you to read on as Spirit is wanting to help us quickly move through this “doubting ourselves” feeling that is holding us back from what we are being called to create in our lives.

This page shares POWERFUL TOOLS to do just that. And I’m sharing my biggest personal breakthrough ever, which happened during my adventure with Spirit. Around Europe in 2019.

For the last 22-years Spirit has trained me to bring through energy transmissions and light language specifically to help us clear & release old patterning and activate the DNA codes and Divine Potential within each and every one of us. 

I know just how challenging this path can be, for all of us, as we are being asked to clear the limitations and blocks standing in the way of igniting our highest expression, and sometimes it can feel very intense, challenging and hard going.

And so it is my honour that Spirit has used me as a conduit this month to share some powerful tools that may assist you to get the breakthrough you both desire and deserve. 

Below you can listen to a guided meditation that will take you back to a previous lifetime on Tara, where you can clear and release something that is holding you back now. 

Doing this changed my life! 

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My Biggest Personal Breakthrough Ever - Listen Here! 

In 2019 I toured Europe on a spirit-led adventure sharing Ascension information and DNA activation codes at a series of events.

At the London event, Spirit transmitted a "past life guided meditation" to allow us to access and clear karmic soul trauma from lifetimes on Tara; the name of 5th Dimensional Earth approximately 600 to 700,000 years ago when Tara contracted in vibrational frequency (THE FALL) and became third dimensional Earth.

When I listened back to the meditation, so much sadness, grief and deep pain triggered for me. I felt that in my lifetimes on Tara I had failed BIG TIME at something I was supposed to do and this had led me to doubt myself ever since, especially before anything that pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me feel anxious about my ability to DO IT!

For five days (the number of change) I felt physically awful. My throat felt uncomfortable, my head ached and I was exhausted. Then on Saturday, just before the Copenhagen event, something amazing happened. Like a "switch flicking on" I suddenly shifted gears. So much lightness, happiness, ease and joy flooded my body in an incredible wave of LOVE and this continues. I KNOW I CAN DO IT!

Try listening and see what happens for YOU.

I should add ~ we haven’t all had past lives on Tara, but those who have may experience a VERY POWERFUL CLEARING that will liberate you, as it has for me, and give you that BREAKTHROUGH you need! 

1) Energy Preparation for Past Life Meditation (12/mins) 

In this first audio Judy prepares you to return to a previous lifetime when Earth was a fifth dimensional planet called Tara and how this may have impacted on your life today. It is important to listen to this track first and before you embark on your guided meditation. The information Judy shares is energetically preparing you to reconnect. 

Audio clip from "Our Divine Human Legacy" - Judy's London Event.

2) Past Life Meditation (14/mins)

In this guided meditation, Judy will guide you back to a previous life on Tara for the purpose of connecting you with something important to your life now, why you are here and your higher purpose and potential. It's best to listen to this when you are in a quiet, undisturbed space and able to relax and go within.  

Audio clip from "Our Divine Human Legacy" - Judy's London Event.

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