Strengthening the "Tree" of our New Life:

In this episode of ASCENSION & YOU, Judy explores physical regeneration and how we can tap into the Quantum Field for our own physical wellbeing and renewal.

FROM JUDY SATORI: "Last month I began to work in the fifth level of the body’s energy field called the Etheric Template.  This is the energy pattern of the physical body.  In this session we will work to restore the innate perfection of the physical body’s pattern and then work directly with the physical body to harmonise and balance. As the energy transmitted is Ultralight it has permanent, positive, energy alchemical effects in the body."


Spirituality and Science are beginning to find a common ground of shared provable belief.   This is because new scientific discoveries about the quantum elements in our bodies, and in the "field" around us, are helping us to understand and experience a more expansive reality of human evolution.

Quantum Physics is the scientific study of the behaviour and attributes of Quantum Energy. This branch of science, birthed in the mid-1920s, differed from Newtonian physics because it focused on energy, not matter.

The Quantum Field exists everywhere, across time and space.  It has been said that the Quantum Fields are the real building blocks of the Universe.  

According to Quantum Field theory particles are excitations of the quantum fields, which fill all of space. 

At a basic level quantum physics predicts very strange things about how matter works that are completely at odds with how things seem to work in the "real world".

These invisible energy fields began to affect us as human beings around the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, when we began to feel and experience their energy effects. 

When you are exposed to Judy Satori speaking energy languages of New Creation, the particles of the Quantum Field that also exists within your own body are also becoming "excited".

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