The Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat with Judy Satori (taking place from 13-20 August at Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand) is a RESET for a NEW BEGINNING, a powerful process of energy transformation and alchemical change, that will transform you on all levels of body, mind and soul.  

The seven days of the retreat will be presented like an unfolding and evolving story. You will be led by the words and energy of Judy’s story ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’ through a spiritually guided energy activation process. The focus will be to assist you to rewrite your own soul-driven life script and so begin a new cycle of expansion, upgrade, joy and abundant well-being in your life. Energy activations will also support you in accessing and expressing soul gifts, knowledge, and ability.  

Sunshine Before the Dawn is a story about the original creation of the human being. It explains how the hu-man, a being created in the image of God, literally as ‘God in physical flesh and body form’, was designed with the best of the genetic attributes of 12 founding races from the Star Nations of our Milky Way Galaxy.  In the beginning times, Earth was a pristine fifth-dimensional planet called Tara. 100,000 years ago, after several failed attempts by the spiritual hierarchy and the Star Nations of our Milky Way Galaxy to upgrade Earth’s contracted third-dimensional energy frequency, it was decided by the Galactic Council of the Milky Way to create a new, upgraded species and seed this advanced race on Earth. This race was called the Hu-man, as ‘hu’ is a sound and vibration that means ‘of God’.


The Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat is designed to activate previously untapped human potential. 


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What follows is the first chapter of Judy's book, which she is reworking into an upgraded version this year, with the help of energies being channeled at her special retreat event.


How It All Began


In the late 1990s, I was living in Auckland, New Zealand working as a healer in the human energy field and as a spiritual teacher, transmitting both energy and information from many higher-dimensional beings of light. I guess you could say my personal story-of-the-stars began one night in 1998 when a man named Alvin called me at my home in a high state of stress. It was late and I was tired, yet there was a tinge of urgency in his voice that compelled me to listen.

“I’ve got to see you as soon as possible,” said Alvin. “There are waves of energy running through my body. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m sorry it’s so late, but can I come and see you now?”

“Yes, of course,” I replied. “Come now.”

I could feel that what was occurring for this man was something extraordinary, and I felt that I needed to help him if I could. When Alvin arrived at my home a short time later, I asked him to lie down on my massage table so that I could check how the energy fields of his body were functioning. Despite being an energy healer, I knew that what was happening to Alvin at that time was possibly beyond my expertise, and I was unsure how to help him. As he lay on the massage table with his eyes closed, writhing in discomfort, he attempted to describe what he was feeling.

“I feel nauseous,” he said, “Like I’m at sea. It’s like being seasick.”

He closed his eyes again. I held on to his feet, praying that I might be able to help him.

Within my mind, I heard a voice say, “He has an entity attachment.”

“Please help me to help Alvin,” I prayed.

Immediately, I felt a jolt of energy coming from Alvin, flowing through my body and out through the soles of my feet. Alvin’s body jerked upwards on the massage table. He lay back down, still with his eyes closed. As is my custom whenever doing energy or light work, I keep a notebook and pen handy to capture my thoughts and any messages given to me. I began writing. Alvin was breathing quietly so I wasn’t worried, but after a few minutes had passed with no communication, I stopped writing and asked him how he was doing.

“I can’t open my eyes,” he said, “but somehow I can see that I’m on a spaceship, and I’m out in space. I’m looking through the windows, and I can see the stars. I can see the Earth. Now, I’m looking back toward the Earth. It looks very far away.

“There are many beings around me, strange-looking beings. Some look very tall, rather like us, but with upturned eyes. They’re wearing shimmering robes of many colors. Others look quite short. They’re only about three feet tall with large, round, dark eyes. They’re moving away from me now, and I can see coming toward me other rather grotesque-looking beings. They look like no creature I’ve ever seen.

“They’re talking to me. They say I’ve been brought here to receive an energy transmission, so that, at the right time, I can bring through knowledge to help the Earth.”

I found this pretty interesting as I knew that Alvin was an inventor working with solar power, and I wondered about this “knowledge” that was to help the Earth.

Alvin went on to describe the interior of the spaceship as being decorated with inscriptions of gold, silver, red, and cobalt blue, which looked “a little like Egyptian hieroglyphs, but not quite the same.” 

Then he surprised me.

“They have a message for you,” he said. “They say that your purpose is to recode the DNA, not now, but at the time of the Earth’s shift to higher consciousness. They say they will begin to prepare you now, and then you will know within your soul what you are to do.”

Somewhere within me, I sensed that this was correct, but my sole knowledge of DNA at that time was from school biology classes. I only knew about two strands of DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid - also known as the “double helix,” but Alvin was talking about twelve strands of DNA, which he described as the template or pattern of ultimate human potential. I was not aware in 1998 that twelve strands of DNA were thought by those in spiritual “New Age” circles to relate to the “perfected pattern” of the human being. It was not until later that I learned that optimizing this inherent twelve-strand-DNA potential would allow energy from higher dimensions to come into the body’s energy fields through twelve vibratory energy pathways. This in turn would “switch on” human potential - in the same way that we might switch on a light bulb - and would advance humanity’s evolution in seemingly miraculous ways.

The entire event lasted a couple of hours, and Alvin left less troubled. As I wished him well, I felt strangely calm, excited, and bubbling with a sense of happiness. Even so, I took time to sit down and finish writing my recollection of the event and the thoughts about this “new” purpose before getting some sleep.

Over the next few days, I thought about my experience with Alvin, my “re-coding assignment,” and what was meant by the twelve strands of DNA. I began researching many books, yet it was my spiritual guides who became my greatest teachers. They told me that the twelve strands of DNA also related to twelve dimensions within what they called the lower heavenly worlds. When I asked what this meant, they told me that a dimension is rather like a vibrating envelope of light, a waveband of energy within which beings that resonate at that rate of vibratory frequency can exist in physical bodies. In these twelve lower heavenly worlds, each soul can take on physical form, and this form depends on the dimensional environment into which the soul is born to experience mortal life. It was also explained that within each strand of DNA are twelve sub-strands - one-hundred-and-forty-four sub-strands in total.


My spiritual guides explained the many different life forms that exist in the twelve dimensions of the lower heavenly worlds. They said that the physical form of each soul depends on the frequency waveband they are born within, as well as the unique environmental characteristics of the planet or star that is “home.”


I learned that on Earth, human beings have long existed within what is called third-dimensional reality. In this waveband of light, souls are housed within quite dense physical bodies, the form of the body depending on the genes received from both parents. I discovered later that the incarnate form of a human being is also shaped by “morphogenetic fields of energy,” which remain with the soul through all its lifetimes of experience. The word morpho literally means “to form” or “to build.” These morphogenetic energy fields are the light, sound, and scalar waves or waves of potential that are the template for the physical body’s energetic creation.

I learned from my guides that from the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, higher-dimensional energy began streaming into Earth’s atmosphere, readying the Earth for a shift to a faster pulsating consciousness and vibration: fifth-dimensional energy. This influx of energy has been accelerating since the year 2000 and continues to increase, activating more and more people into a greater understanding of their inherent spiritual nature.

This energy activation coincides with the opening of stargates, energy portals in time and space that are reconnecting Earth and her people with the incoming energy of higher-dimensional star civilizations - first Pleiades, then Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda, Vega, and by 2010, Lyra. My guides explained that all these star races contributed aspects of their genetic code to the genetic code or genome of the human being, but that throughout all of Earth’s time in the third dimension, this genetic code has only been partially activated and is not near its full potential.

However, all this was unknown to me back in 1998 when I helped Alvin through his ordeal, listening as he told me about his experience on the space ship and writing down everything he said. Back then, I considered extraterrestrial beings as “aliens” and was rather unnerved by the whole alien experience. Even so, I did feel a happiness that I couldn’t quite explain.

In the intervening years, I have worked with many “extra-terrestrial” or “star” beings and know them to be created by God. I have also begun to use the term God interchangeably with Spirit, Source, or Universal Energy, as they all mean the same to me. I have learned that the purpose of these benign, loving, Star Nations is to guide and support us here on Earth. I have also become aware that not all extraterrestrial beings resonate with love and goodwill; but when we ourselves hold a consciousness of love, they can do us no harm. I came to realize that it is important to be guided by what we intuitively feel when connecting with other energies.

I began to speak the “Language of Light” on New Year’s Day 2002. I was at a spiritual festival in Christchurch, New Zealand, and both my friend Don and I, independently, but on the same day, were asked by Spirit to bring energy through to the group of people attending this event.

We gained permission to speak to the group and, later that evening, I found myself standing in front of about three-hundred people in a large marquee set up in the middle of a grassy field.

I explained that I really didn’t know what was going to happen, but that Don and I had been asked by Spirit to bring a special energy through for everyone on that first day of the New Year.

With Don standing behind me, I closed my eyes. “Okay, I’m ready,” I said to my guides.


I felt my throat begin to quiver and out of my mouth came a stream of language, strange words that I had never heard before, let alone spoken. I had my eyes shut, as in those days I found it hard to tune in with my eyes open. 


I heard people start to laugh, and I felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed that I opened my eyes a little to see what was happening. I thought they were laughing at me!

The sight that met my eyes was astounding. Many people were laughing, but not, I realized, at me. Some seemed to be laughing uncontrollably, perhaps with joy; others were crying; others sat quite still, rooted to the spot, completely unable to move.

Then I heard myself begin to explain to the group that Spirit wanted everyone together in one place to prepare them for accomplishing their missions on Earth. I explained that the role I was playing was to transmit the energy that would activate them for this purpose.

By 2003, I was speaking this strange language frequently. The poetic almost rhythmical words flowed rapidly, and my guides told me it was the Language of Light, one of many dialects of a divine language we could all speak before we began to incarnate on Earth. My spiritual guides described to me a star constellation called Lyra, in particular, a group of twelfth-dimensional stars called Epsilon Lyrae. They said that all souls on the Earth have come from the celestial worlds beyond the twelfth dimension, through the “Lyran Stargate,” a portal in time and space. They told me that there are forty-eight dimensions in total in the lower and higher dimensional worlds within this galaxy. Also, I learned from my guides that each soul is to gain wisdom by having physical life experiences while on Earth and subsequently ascend, first through the twelve dimensions of the lower heavenly worlds, then back to Lyra and beyond to higher heavenly worlds.

In the years that followed, my ability to understand and use Light Language has grown stronger, and the words have changed and matured in vibration as my body becomes better able and adapted to handle the energy. While continuing my work as an energy healer, I noticed that when I spoke Light Language, people changed in positive ways. I began to realize that the Light Language is a coding for the soul that can help each of us to remember our essence and our truth. I also witnessed how Light Language could very quickly clear the distorted energy patterns of past-life thought that we know as “karma.” People listening to the Light Language rapidly become empowered, and can then think and act in their lives without being held back by sabotaging patterns of “thoughts and beliefs” - karma.

As my new “linguistic” skills evolved, I learned to work with “feeder lines” of light and energy that link higher-dimensional energies through each acupuncture point into the energy system of the human body. The Light Language opens and clears these ancient energy pathways, thereby allowing energies from the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensions of the lower heavenly worlds into the energy circuits of the human body.

These energy pathways, which resemble wizened filaments of light, have needed to be reactivated and reconnected to higher-dimensional energy, in order to become part of a new energy circulatory system for a more advanced, fifth-dimensional type of physical human body. This has been occurring automatically in the years preceding 2012, as well as through the assistance of energy workers. My purpose was to use Light Language to reconnect these atrophied energy pathways of the human energy anatomy while the Earth was still resonating within a third-dimensional “envelope” of light. Now, for the next twenty-one years that follow the shift of the Earth to a fifth-dimensional vibration, from 2012 to 2033 or so, my purpose is to assist people to use their new gifts of greater spiritual energy and empowerment.

I have been told that humans have incredible spiritual power and potential, which is, as yet, untapped. My spiritual guides tell me that when we as human beings can pull energy from all twelve dimensions of the lower heavenly worlds through our energy bodies, all twelve strands of potential DNA will be activated, and we will reach our true destiny as human beings. My energy work has always hinged around this principle, the principle of activating people to their highest soul potential and preparing them for their own spiritual work, whatever this is meant to be. Over the years my spiritual guides began to tell me more about the Divine Plan for human life on Earth, that we all come here from higher dimensions, from star civilizations that were once our home. 

 I began to understand that the time period on Earth from 2012 and beyond, until approximately 2033, is a very special time on Earth. A “Sidereal Year” is the time it takes the Earth to revolve around the Sun – about 365 days. The Earth completes one “Annus Magnus” or “Great Year” or “Great Age” before it begins another in December 2012. A Great Year, also called the Precession of the Equinoxes, is the time it takes the Earth to rotate around its own axis in one complete revolution – every 25,920 years (roughly 26,000 years). The completion and beginning of each “Great Year” always ushers in a new, upgraded, evolutionary cycle for the Earth and this twenty-one-year period of change until 2033 is a critical period of evolutionary change for Earth and her people. 

My spiritual guides explained to me that the conclusion of this particular Great Year on 21 December 2012 is even more important, as it marks the completion of four Great Ages of time, each of approximately 26,000 years. My guides explained that one-hundred-thousand years is roughly the length of time it takes for a new type of human genetic code, with a more advanced twelve-strand-DNA potential, to be integrated within all people living on Earth.

I was told that at the beginning of these four Great Cycles that are now completing, many beings from the stars came to Earth to take into the genetic records of their own souls this new, more advanced type of DNA. 

The completion of this fourth Great Age is especially important as it also marks the resurrection and return of Earth to a fifth-dimensional, faster vibrational frequency. This means that the Earth is being re-created to exist within a faster pulsating, fifth-dimensional envelope of light. I learned that Earth had once been a fifth-dimensional planet called Tara and that, because of what was known as the rebellion of the fallen angels when the original inhabitants of the Earth were corrupted, the Earth had fallen from the faster pulsating, fifth-dimensional energy vibrations into the lower consciousness and vibrational levels of the third dimension in which we have been living for many eons.

In the third dimension, creation with the mind takes longer, and the entropic energy of the Earth’s gravitational fields causes decay and aging of the physical body, something that does not happen in the higher-dimensional worlds of light. The third-dimensional Earth is also a very challenging environment in which to live, as it is a place of duality, a place where the memory of each previous lifetime is veiled from us, and a place where karmic distortion, caused by the traumatic experiences of previous lives, is continually triggered in our physical body and energy fields. This prompts souls to learn about the self or others from experience, and from correct and incorrect thoughts and beliefs, some of which are not in alignment with higher-consciousness states of peace and love.

As the years went by, I was told more about the Divine Plan for the Earth. I learned that, as humans, we are all created in the image of God or Source, Creator-of-All. I discovered that all life forms are manifested by the imprinting of energy, light, sound, and vibration into material form, no matter whether that form is human, animal, plant, or beings from a higher dimension. For humans, the energy “imprints” of creation set in place the exact DNA pattern for the human genome, those sequences of sound, light, and vibration that are in turn translated into the complicated and precise nucleic acid sequences which, in turn, code amino acids and thereby the chemistry of the body to create the organs and physical form of a human body.

It was explained to me that, at the time of the Earth’s shift into higher consciousness and fifth-dimensional energy frequencies, the people of the Earth would also be energetically activated to expand the ability of the cells of the body to hold light. At that time, the energy circuits and chakra system of the body would “recalibrate” to use this faster pulsating, fifth-dimensional energy. The physical body will become more energized as a result.

Using Light Language more frequently now, I soon discovered I have a particular affinity with the star Sirius. I feel very strongly that at one time I lived there and that this star is my true home. I learned from my guides that Sirius is also aligned with re-creation energy, that energy which is now streaming in from the Galactic Center to prepare both the Earth and ourselves for fifth-dimensional life.

In 2003, I began to work a great deal with beings from Arcturus, and I found I could even speak and translate the Arcturian language without thinking, or having been taught it. Somehow within me, I just “know” how to speak many sacred Light Languages, and when I speak these words, people become aware of the latent knowledge and abilities of their own souls.


I realize that my role on Earth is to serve as a conduit to the heavens, to help people reconnect to Source or God energy, and that I am like a cog in a wheel - a wheel irrevocably turning, taking us all toward New Life on a New Earth.


In the late summer of 2010, I was sitting with my husband on the verandah of our house overlooking one of the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. It was about 9:30 p.m. and still warm, even though it was September and fall was setting in. Simultaneously, we both noticed a large, white light moving across the sky. The light remained stationary for some time. It wasn’t a star, and it did not appear to be an aircraft as it wasn’t moving and was quite round.

As we watched the light, I felt energy streaming into my throat and jerking through my body. I started speaking very rapidly in the Language of Light, and I felt myself being “spoken” to by someone who told me he was the commander of a spaceship, and that “they” would come to me soon with information, and that I should write it down. That was all. The light moved away very quickly, horizontally across the sky, and disappeared.

A few months later in the stillness of a snowy winter morning just before dawn, I was woken up by a large, white orb of light in the sky. It hovered over the lake outside my bedroom window. Still groggy with sleep, I glanced at the light, and the same voice I had heard back in September began to “speak” to me again, telepathically in my mind, saying it was time to tell me a story. Once again, I was told to write the story down and share it with others.

That first day, I thought I was dreaming, but early the next morning the orb of light returned yet again, and I knew then that it was neither a dream, nor a star. After I awoke and heard the same voice telling me to get up and write, the light vanished as quickly as it came. In a flash, it was gone, shooting off through the sky.

On the third day, I could no longer ignore the light or the words.

I knew I had no choice but to get up and begin to write. My previous years of experience as a spiritual channel had taught me how to distinguish between what was important and what was not. I shuffled off to the kitchen to make a hot drink and, thus fortified, I sat down and began to transcribe what I was hearing.

“This is a story of human evolution. It is also a story of love.

“Do not be afraid. You were once the same as us, and the stars were once your home. We are soon to come in great numbers to the Earth, to walk among the people of the Earth, and you must have no fear, for we come in peace. We are of love. We were created as you were, in the image of God, the Father-Mother Creator-of-All. We are united in oneness with you. We tell you this story to prepare all the people of the Earth, so that when we come you will understand, and you will be ready.”

It took me twelve months to write this story of the stars: Sunshine Before the Dawn. Every word was telepathically down-loaded into my mind by the Galactic Council of our Milky Way Galaxy. I would not know from the beginning of each paragraph what the end would be, nor did I know where the story was leading.

English is used to represent the spiritual Language of Light so that we might understand. I have however included in the book authentic written Light Language. This Light Language calligraphy is the work of my Singaporean friend and colleague, Yantara Jiro. You will feel the energy when you look at the words.

The spelling of some English words is as given to me by Spirit, and therefore may be somewhat different from the spelling you are used to. For example, I was asked to spell Atlantis as “Atlantes.” 

During my time of writing this story, I experienced many changes. I came into a greater understanding about the purpose and potential of life for all of us here on Earth, and I began to express more of my own soul’s truth and essence.

I share this story with you with the same energy of love and peace that it was given to me, so that we all may join in a greater understanding of what it means to be human and to begin a New Life on a New Earth.


Judy Satori


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