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Life in today’s world is confronting and challenging, but the impact of COVID is also presenting us with a powerful opportunity to examine a more expanded perspective of what is important to us in life and what life on a post-pandemic Earth could look like. 

We have all had to surrender to what is and in that letting go of what we think life should be like, we are opening a doorway to synchronicity, divine serendipity, and life happening in new and wonderful ways that we don’t actually know about right now. 

As we step into 2022, we are on the cusp of major change...

It may feel worse before it gets better. We are all being asked to surrender. Times have been tough for me too in the past two years as I have physically had to handle rather taxing downloads of high vibrational energy pumping through my body. You have probably felt this too. However, throughout it all, I have consistently felt the presence and support of the many high vibrational and loving beings who walk beside me and are with us all. 

The divine plan for Earth and Earth’s people is creating a deep and existential shift for all life forms within 22 ‘Diamond’ galaxies that comprise a more expanded Creation Energy/God matrix. Our Milky Way Galaxy is part of this "mansion world" in the Universe. “In God’s house, there are many mansions”. On our planet Earth, rather inconspicuously situated in one of the outer arms of the galaxy, we are being shaken to our core as the pendulum between love and fear in people’s thoughts and actions swings widely. 

The reason why Earth is so important in the whole scheme of things is that there is arcane wisdom held within Earth’s central core of Amenti, that place of creation within the inner Earth, and this information is KEY to EVERYTHING that we are to BE and BECOME as a human race.  This information has been safeguarded since when Earth was fifth-dimensional Tara around 650,000 years ago. 

When we are able to access this information, humanity will be transformed. The energy of this information will shift many people in an instant, in a moment of time, even though the Ascension process per se will continue on for many souls for several hundred years. 

I AM is the name of God. We know this from the Book of Exodus in the Bible when God spoke to Moses from the burning bush and instructed him to take the Israelites out of the land of Egypt. When Moses asked for the name of God to tell to Pharaoh he was told to say, “I AM has sent me to you”.

We are all created in the image of our Divine Creator, that divine creative spark of all life. We are all an aspect of our original I AM Creator source. Our I AM presence is that eternal, timeless aspect of soul-self that merges with the physical in each lifetime and expresses through the personality human self.  Our I AM that I AM presence guides and overshadows every thought and action of our lives. 

Recently I was sitting in meditation asking Spirit what lay ahead.  I saw an image forming in my mind. It looked like what I knew was the Star of David, the Magen David, or shield of David, an important symbol of Judaism. As I delved deeper into the significance of this six-pointed star, I discovered that in Hinduism the star represents Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of fortune and material abundance; to the Buddhists, the hexagram star means harmony and peace and in Islam, it is known as the seal of Solomon. In medieval Arabic legends, the Seal of Solomon was a signet ring that gave King Solomon spiritual power and protection.  It was said to have been engraved by God and delivered to the King directly from heaven. The Seal of Solomon reflects cosmic order, the movement of the stars in their spheres, and the perpetual interplay between heaven and earth, between the elements of air and fire.

Written above the star in my vision were the words "I AM THAT I AM" and directly below this, unfolding rather like a banner unfurling, "Child of the Universe be still and know that you ARE God."  

As I watched the vision forming in my mind, I saw angels hovering around the template from below, and in the words of John Lennon’s song Believe, "above us only sky", I saw glistening stars in a vast indigo sea of cosmic darkness. 

Maybe this too is symbolic, showing us that in darkness there is always light and that when we look to the stars, we will be shown the Way! 

I feel tremendous significance in the words be still, especially because in November 2020 I received from Spirit The Prayer of Becoming, which emphasizes that it is within the STILLNESS of our own inner contemplation that we can access our own unique attributes of soul, the wisdom and knowledge that we ALL have that is part of the soul’s positive memories. We even have thoughts flowing into our consciousness from the more expansive soul group or monad that we are as timeless souls. Learning to be in the stillness and to hear what is being said to us demands a regular discipline of meditation. Just close your eyes and place one hand on the heart chakra to feel into love and the heart’s voice; place the other hand on the soul’s seat just below the diaphragm to feel into the soul’s timeless truth; and then sit, tuning into the love and authentic truth that YOU ARE, for 11, 22 or 33 minutes. Just BE.  

After I saw the vision, Spirit guided me to 21 specific recordings that are amongst the hundreds in my Ascension Library. Each of the 21 has been specially selected to open you to more of your own authentic truth. The energy transmissions and the energy behind the English words that I speak will create subtle shifts in who you are and how you express your authentic truth.  

"It is the divine right time for us all to access who we authentically ARE.  We need to access soul truth to do what we will be called to do in the years ahead. We need to take the journey through grounded integrity and inner peace to passion and fulfillment to be truly happy. This IS the Way forward."

Spirit has always said to me that the goals of life in the body are health and happiness because without this life is drudgery, pure survival, and very stressful. 

The true purpose of Ascension is to be happy and well and then from this place of inner peace to help others to know and to create this pure soul state of being.  It is a journey, not a destination. I feel both humbled and honored to be supported by Spirit to assist my fellow travelers on the path to becoming EVERYTHING that I know we all have the potential to BE and BECOME.

Judy Satori | December 2021 

A new pathway containing all these recordings will “officially” be released into the Ascension Library on January 6th. However, we are offering a pre-release option to access the recordings from the different programs in your library right now.

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