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At times in our lives, most of us have had to hide our light. We may have done this to please others or because we were feeling oppressed in some way. This feeling of oppression can stem from our present life or a past one. Hiding our light can plunge us into a state of victimhood like we’re sinking deep into a muddy swamp. It can leave us submerged, languishing, feeling that we are beyond help.

"Becoming the Lotus" is a meditation that is designed by Spirit to help you rise from oppression, like a lotus flower standing tall above the muddy swamp. It will help you find your light within, which may at times have felt lost deep inside of you.

Being oppressed, dominated, abused, or made to feel inferior, can cause many negative consequences within you. It's common to feel depressed and deeply insecure, with an overall lack of confidence in yourself and what you are here to do. The causes of these feelings can be so deeply buried in your consciousness that you are unaware that they even happened to you. If you feel like you are sinking into that muddy swamp, use "Becoming the Lotus" as a catalyst to help you strive to find your love within again.

After listening to this meditation, you should begin to start feeling lighter. To further the healing process, I recommend using the "Healing the Pain" program in the Ascension Library.

Like "Becoming the Lotus", it focuses on energy healing and clearing that will help you release the pain of being dominated, abused, and oppressed by others in this or previous lifetimes. It is an in-depth 14-day program designed by Spirit. Each day I bring forward energy to focus on clearing different negative patterns that may be impacting you in this life, or past ones. For example, day eight focuses solely on clearing patterns that are caused by not being heard or validated by others. 

If you are already an Ascension Library member, you can find the Healing the Pain program >> HERE <<


You can also find out more about other programs the Ascension Library has to offer via the Ascension Library explore page which you can find >> HERE <<

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