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Blessings of Maitreya - Tour of Ladakh, Northern India

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Today: Imagine You're Dancing

The 1st of May heralds the lightness and new life of springtime, and the potency and joy of new beginnings... 

🌟 As I write, I see in my mind’s eye an image of a maypole.  Maypole dancing is a May Day tradition still celebrated in parts of England and Europe🌟 

It is believed to have started in Roman Britain around 2,000 years ago when soldiers celebrated the arrival of spring by dancing around decorated trees thanking their goddess Flora.  Originally the maypole was a living tree, but over time a tree trunk was used as the pole, representing masculine energy, adorned with brightly colored ribbons and floral garlands, representing the feminine. 

On this May Day, I feel excited and inspired, because in late July I am returning to Ladakh, a remote and ancient Buddhist Kingdom in northern India. The thought of returning to Ladakh is like springtime for my heart. In Ladakh, I feel truly at peace, like I have come home.

Ladakh, long known as "little Tibet", is a land of stark, dramatic terrains and mystical Buddhist monasteries.  It’s a contrast between very high mountain ranges and vast open plains, with picturesque villages dotted like little patches of green along the banks of the Indus river that gives lifeblood to the land. 

I warmly invite you to come with me to Ladakh.  The tour begins in New Delhi on 24 July and ends with the flight back from Ladakh to New Delhi on 7 August. There is space for 30 people, plus a few members of the Ascension Library team who will be accompanying me.   

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For me, returning to Ladakh is a rite of passage as I prepare to enter the next chapter of my own life.

I know that those who feel chosen by their heart to come will also experience a process of profound spiritual and personal transformation. 

We’re going to be receiving the Blessings of Maitreya, future Buddha, to usher in our future self. 

✨ As I write these words, this is what I am being told✨ 

“When you said farewell, you did not expect to return, but we, the ancient ones of this land, knew that you would.  You are coming of age.  You have lived 70 summers and now we are preparing you for your future life and your future work.  In your years upon the Earth, you have known yourself to be a certain way and you have identified with this rather fixed and limited aspect of self.

Now you are being prepared to go way beyond where you have been and who you have known yourself to be.  In Ladakh, the Blessings of Maitreya will be given to you and through you to those who are ‘chosen’ to accompany you.  All of you are coming home to a more authentic and upgraded version of self and in that homecoming, there is a new beginning for you all.” 

🌟 I am a little taken aback by the use of the word "chosen", but these are the words I am hearing.  What I am hearing is that if you are meant to come to Ladakh you and your soul will JUST KNOW🌟

Our 14-day, 13-night adventure in Ladakh is divinely designed.  This process of spiritual initiation will first help you to "remember" who you really are as a timeless soul, then you will be energetically prepared and empowered to step into the highest, most evolved aspect of your soul’s I AM presence.  Our journey will also explore the awe-inspiring beauty of Ladakh and get to know its people and its ancient culture.

You WILL experience a profound process of spiritual initiation and transformation, during which very advanced energy transmissions and information will be transmitted.  These initiations will follow the sacred cycle of creation; Water, Fire, Earth and Air.  Our time together will be overshadowed by Maitreya and others of the spiritual hierarchy. 

I would be honored to have you join me.

💕 With love and blessings🙏

Judy Satori. 

✨ Join Judy for a 13-day spiritual initiation process and tour of the ancient Buddhist Kingdom of Ladakh, the "land of the high passes" ✨

Sunday 24 July – Sunday 7 August 2022

✨ Find out all you need to know about the tour on our EVENT PAGE HERE 


If anyone wants to know more about the Ladakh trip, or has questions to ask, we will discuss the Blessings of Maitreya trip at the end of the LIVE Q&A (after approximately 60 minutes of general questions).   Check the start time for the Q&A, wherever you are on the 🌎  HERE 

This Zoom Call is open to anyone who is interested in the Blessings of Maitreya spiritual adventure in Ladakh.  If you need information on how to access the Zoom link, please email: [email protected]

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