Clearing Karmic Toxicity

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Since the year 2000, and especially since 2013, we have been clearing and releasing karmic toxicity.  This is the energy distortion from traumatic experiences that have happened to us in our soul’s past.  These karmic distortions have been blocking our capacity to receive and assimilate Ascension energy frequencies, divinely designed for our human transformation.

It might feel to you that karmic clearing has been going on for years and is never-ending, but from 2021 we move into a new time of RECALIBRATION and ADVANCEMENT.  The aches and pains that you may be currently experiencing are more about preparation for advancement, NOT more of what has gone before.  You might be experiencing these physical symptoms: pain, especially in the spine, bones, and joints; dizziness that comes and goes; fuzzy thinking and disorientation; chest discomfort and heart chakra heaviness; vision problems, as we are going to be seeing life through new eyes.

Depending on the symptoms you are experiencing, listen to these library programs: Clearing and Healing the Throat Chakra; Detox for the Body’; Feel Better fast; Tuning the Physical Instrument; in the ASCENSION SUPPORT pathway in the Library may help. Visit the EXPLORE section to learn more about programs and pathways in the library or ACTIVATE your free 5-day trial and try some of the programs today.

NOTE: You should always get physical symptoms that go on for more than 7-10 days, or which worry you, assessed by a qualified health practitioner, as not every physical issue is to do with Ascension changes.


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