ASCENSION is the process by which the human species is being upgraded from its original form of creation to become more evolved, more capable, and more enlightened. During the Ascension process, which will last hundreds of years, humanity will change a great deal, both in the way that we function physically and in the way that we operate in our world. Our worldview as beings will come to focus more on love, peace, and co-creation. Human beings will in time create a new world order on this planet and join together with other galactic ‘Star Nation’ civilizations in peaceful co-existence. 

Our current time period on Earth, from 2020 – 2033, is a powerful Ascension activation cycle, which means that it is a very important and special opportunity for souls in human form, US, to step out of the karmic cycle and also be upgraded physically, rebuilt by LIGHT. In consciousness, we are also becoming more ‘enlightened’, which is seeing a bigger picture of ourselves and life. A major outcome of Ascension is to step away from the human karmic wheel of life and be able to view life differently. 

In the ancient times of Earth’s beginning, or Zep Tepi, when modern man was originally created and brought to seed the Earth, there had already been a number of experiments by the divine hierarchy of our Milky Way Galaxy to uplift and redeem this planet.


Earth had ‘fallen’, meaning that it had contracted and slowed vibrationally from being a fifth-dimensional planet, TARA, to being a third-dimensional planet, EARTH. This occurred over several hundred thousand years, beginning around 650,000 years ago. 


In 2011, I was told by the Galactic Council the story of ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’, the book that I am now upgrading and rewriting. This is the story of the creation of the human being and took place around 100,000 years ago. When I wrote this story I was told that after four Great Ages of Earth precession, approximately four cycles of 26,000 years, human beings would be ready to be advanced and the true human potential locked into our human DNA code could then be activated to switch on and express. 

This is what is now occurring. Earth is being bombarded by Ascension energies coming from deep space. My spiritual guides tell me that this energy is coming from the creation center of 22 galaxies arranged in a vast cosmic ‘Diamond’.  


My role in this process is to speak and transmit ENERGY WORDS OF NEW CREATION that will get us there faster and which will trigger a re-coding function within human DNA so that previously dormant ‘junk’ DNA is activated to switch on and express.


This is already changing us and will continue to do so in every aspect of who we are as human beings, so that our human abilities and capacities are enhanced and can shift to a more expanded level of functioning. 

As defined by Spirit, a CODE OF LIGHT is a sequence of energy, like a sentence, or paragraph, that defines and determines a specific outcome in body, mind and soul.

In 2020 when I held an event called ANCHORING THE CODES OF LIGHT: 1-24 in New Zealand, the focus from Spirit began with clearing the karmic trauma that we as souls had taken into soul’s energy anatomy when we were physically alive, though not in human form, when Earth was TARA and later during the civilizations of MU (Lemuria) and Atlantis. The final set of 8 codes, 17-24, related to preparing us for what is now to come forth in ANCHORING THE CODES OF LIGHT: 25-48 in October 2023. 


When a code of light is ‘ANCHORED’, a divinely encoded set of instructions that includes light, energy, tonal resonance, and vibration is repetitively imprinted onto the flesh and blood cells of the body and the DNA template matrix in the nucleus of every cell. 


This repetitive energy code imprinting then opens time locks within DNA sequencing, so that resequencing of specific sets of genetic instructions can be programmed to occur and made ‘real’ in the body by the translating function of mRNA, (messenger RNA). 

A Code of Light could rightly be called a Key of Light, designed to open a doorway into a new ‘room’ of greater knowledge and capacity within us all.  When verbally transmitted, the energy codes sound like a repetitive digital code, as the DNA itself is a repetitive digital code. 

ANCHORING THE CODES OF LIGHT: 25-48 is a divinely designed LIGHT–LIFE process of metamorphosis. The energy ‘information’ of this process of human transformation working at the level of the cells and the DNA template comes from the eternal LIGHT of the One – Divine Source/God. We will be literally remade with DIVINE LIGHT. 

Each of three sets of 8 codes, 25-48, will build one upon the other creating consecutive tiers of understanding and ‘energy comprehension’ in both body and mind. This is like the creation of a step pyramid of new life in the body. 


‘ASCENSION 2023: Anchoring the Codes of Light 25-48’ was transmitted over four consecutive days in Sydney from 13-16 October 2023. You can purchase access to the live recordings below.  

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