Planet Earth is going through a time period of rapid change and recalibration. The energy and consciousness changes affecting us are also affecting the planet and vice versa. Those who are sensitive to energy are feeling the shifts of the Earth and the energy impact of solar flares and frequent climate change events. As human beings, we are energetically calibrated to the energy frequency of our planet and that frequency is changing, as is ours. 

We are living through an accelerating and continuing Ascension cycle. This is affecting how we think and feel about ourselves and life and how we co-exist with nature and other life forms on this planet.

In August 2020 I was asked by Spirit to transmit 24 Codes of Light in a live-streamed ‘Anchoring the Codes of Light’ event. I was told by Spirit that these energy codes, which they called transmissions of resurrection and upgrade, were designed to activate a strong physical, energy, and consciousness foundation within people, as a preliminary for other changes that lay ahead. (This program, ‘The Codes of Light’ is in the members' section of the Ascension Library. If you're not yet a member, consider our 13 Days for $13 trial membership)

As I prepared for this event, I was taken back to the earliest times of life on this planet, when souls came to Earth, not as humans, but as beings of high light and evolved consciousness in semi-physical/semi-light bodies. These beings were called the ‘Children of Light’. They had not previously been incarnated in physical bodies and were still closely connected to the Oneness of All, the divine source of our creation.


As Children of Light, many souls came to this planet from beyond Pleiades, from beyond Sirius, from beyond Lyra or Arcturus. We came as pure evolved God consciousness in non-human physical form. Our Alpha to Omega story of soul began.


In this early time of our first beginning, we had not begun to take into our souls the energy of karmic trauma that we began to absorb in later physical experiences. We were pure love and pure light.

As Children of Light, many souls came to this planet when Earth was called TARA and was a fifth-dimensional planet of great beauty and potential. As Children of Light, we came because of the magnetic energy pull of Amenti, the place of creation and regeneration within the Earth. We were attracted to the beauty of Tara, with a desire to bring our soul’s light, strongly connected to the light of our Creator from ABOVE to BELOW. However, Tara also became a magnet for energies that were not aligned with the Oneness of Creation. Over a long period of time, the pristine energy of Tara was pulled down, corrupted and contracted, and fifth-dimensional Tara became third-dimensional Earth, a place of duality and challenge. 

Time passed. The Children of Light could no longer hold their energy vibration on Earth. They withdrew their energies to the higher heavenly worlds. They physically incarnated in other galaxies, especially in the Star Nations of the 12- dimensional worlds of form existing within our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Here they/we as souls began living many physical lifetimes; not as humans, but as star beings living in other dimensions and other worlds aligned with the Law of One and our Creator source. You may remember past lives on Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, or Lyra, because these lifetimes set us up and prepared us for who we are today and our purpose in being here on Earth.

From that early beginning time as Children of Light until our present lifetime today, we have been on a very long soul adventure, an Alpha to Omega cycle of soul experience. Alpha in the Greek alphabet means beginning and Omega means end.  This current Alpha to Omega cycle of soul is at an end. Many people, many souls today, are entering a more expanded soul cycle of new beginning. During the past cycle we gained wisdom through experience, but we also absorbed into the morphogenetic fields, which are the light-grid building blocks of soul experience that are imprinted onto our physical selves, karmic trauma from past life energy responses and events. 

That karmic trauma energy effect increased significantly after we chose to be reborn on third-dimensional Earth, because Earth is a challenging place on which to live. 


Why would we choose to come here?  Why would we put ourselves in the firing line for more karmic drama and struggle? 


From that early time when Tara’s energy vibration was corrupted and became third-dimensional Earth, the guardians of the galaxy and the spiritual hierarchy wanted to redeem Earth and reinstate it to its rightful place as an advanced planet in the cosmos. 

There was more than one attempt over many hundreds of thousands of years to uplift Earth’s frequency, but like attracts like and Earth continued to be a beacon for extraterrestrial energy forces that wished to dominate and control and did not align with the Oneness of All and the principles of Love, Peace, and Unity.

Earth remained a planet of duality and challenge.

Finally, around 200,000 years ago, the Pleiadians, who were closest in energy frequency to Earth, in consultation with the other guardian Star Nation races of the galaxy, decided to establish a colony of peace and love and co-creation. They called their fledgling colony MU, as Mu is the Pleiadian word for MOTHER. 

Unfortunately, the Pleiadian colonists could not bridge the gap themselves. Even though they were aligned to Earth frequency and could adapt to life on Earth for a time, they were not native-born Earth beings and could not establish themselves on Earth to any great extent.  They were Pleiadian and their bodies were not adapted well to Earth conditions. Even the Siriun colonists who came to Mu could not adjust. They had to return to Sirius every 22 years to restore their bodies that were affected by Earth’s gravity and energy vibration.  

It was around 100,000 years ago, at the very beginning of the four Great Year or Great Age cycles that have just completed, that representatives of all the Star Nations of the Milky Way met together on the star Antares to discuss the problem concerning Earth. At this time Earth was populated by colonists from the stars in places like Mu and Atlantis, but also home to a diverse range of indigenous peoples, the result of past failed genetic experiments.

These beings had lost their way. They could not reconnect to the truth of their original soul and Child of Light heritage and could not be reached by energies of divine light as their genetic makeup did not allow for this spiritual connection with divine Source. They appeared lost and unable to be reached, even though the colonies of Mu and Atlantis were flourishing. 

It was decided by the Galactic Council that a new species for Earth would be genetically designed and created by the Siriuns, the best geneticists in the galaxy, the Lyrans, with their advanced abilities to conceive a vision and to bring it into form and the Elohim, the God Creators.  The new species was to be called HUMAN. Although created in an energy trinity of co-creation by the Siriuns, Lyrans and the Elohim, the human being included the best of the genetic potentials of 12 guardian races of the galaxy, representing each of the 12 dimensions of the Milky Way where consciousness – soul can take on a physical form of expression.   


And this is where OUR HUMAN STORY begins...


The colonists of Mu and Atlantis and other more remote colonies of Mu needed to become human and this could only be accomplished over a long period of time.  According to my information, 8 men and 8 women were originally created as human beings and brought to seed the Earth, first in Mu and Atlantis then to spread out to other lands. The human genetic code was stronger, as it was fully adjusted and adapted to Earth's vibration. Much study had been carried out at its inception and creation by the Siriuns to ensure that the human being would be able to integrate and intermarry with the colonists from the stars and the existing indigenous beings on Earth. (See the book ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’, available for digital download.)

The call went out to beings from the Star Nations who were willing to support this divinely designed plan by letting go of their lives on Pleiades, Sirius or Lyra, to be reborn on Earth as humans to human or hybrid parents in Mu, or in the early days Atlantis, as Atlantis was the first colony of Mu. 


And, so we came...


We chose to be born as human beings on Earth and in becoming human and by contracting our light-filled soul into a dense and slower vibrational frequency to mesh with Earth’s third-dimensional vibration, we were forced to remain on Earth from lifetime to lifetime, living out hundreds, maybe thousands of Earthly lives, JUST SO WE COULD BE HERE NOW. 


The worst thing about becoming human was that in each lifetime the veil of illusion and forgetfulness was drawn over the mind. We could not remember who we REALLY were as light-filled souls, or why we came to Earth.  


Now that veil of illusion is lifting. We are preparing to enter a new time period, both as souls and as human beings. Karmic patterns that were entrenched and solidified by repetitive Earthly life cycles are dissolving and releasing. 

You may feel a degree of confusion about what is going on. You probably don’t feel like you used to feel. Life can feel rather overwhelming at times as our inner consciousness terrain changes. The question, “WHO AM I”? is surfacing in many people as the perceptions of how we see ourselves and our life change rapidly.  Life experiences for many people are also unsettling and destabilizing.


The way through this emotional angst is to trust and surrender. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but what we do know, is that we are SOUL, that we are LOVE, that as timeless souls we are SAFE, no matter what. It’s the time to surrender and float peacefully down the river the life, even though we don’t know where life is taking us. It’s not the time to know. It’s the time to BE and BE STILL. 


When we became human to anchor the more advanced human genetic code on Earth, our true, divinely designed human genetic potential could not be activated to express to its full capacity. This was because we are Earth beings and as human beings, we are tied into Earth’s vibrational frequency. 

Since we first became human on Mu or Atlantis, we have been waiting for this time to arrive. We have made it, but not without hardship or stress. Now we stand at the gateway of a new beginning, both as human beings and as timeless souls.


Spirit say that this is the time of the Great Return. It is a time of redemption and restoration and the releasing of the karmic ties that bind us. 


But as Earth and humanity begin a fifth Great Age cycle of earth precession and the soul who is us also begins a new Alpha to Omega cycle of experience something incredible is beginning to happen.

The true genetic potential locked into human DNA, the human genome, is beginning to be activated to switch on and express through our physical human selves. We are transforming physically and in consciousness and as our energy changes, so too does our world, as like follows like. As Earth changes, so do we.  As we change, so too does life on our planet. 

How are we changing?  With energy, with sound, with energy words of new creation that impact us physically and trigger changes at a DNA and cellular template level; by solar flares and other energies of source creation bombarding Earth from deep space; by our soul’s destiny plan for this lifetime; by our own thoughts of how we wish to recreate ourselves.  Our human DNA is like an antenna to the Creator and it is through our human DNA originally created in the image of that Creator, that humankind will gradually be remade anew. 

This is Ascension.


 Judy Satori

NOTE: All the audio recordings and programs in the Ascension Library are designed to clear karmic distortion, realign the body’s energy anatomy and open the heart into love. This is because the love vibration is the key energy required for the Ascension process and to balance and realign body and mind to allow for regenesis to take place.  Allow yourself to be intuitively drawn to which recordings in the library ‘call’ to you.  

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