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When we speak a Divine Decree, we are accessing the energy matrix of the combined force of God-Mind/Source Creation held within the heart center of 22 galaxies, a Diamond Grid. These 22 galaxies are configured together in a diamond-shaped energy grid expanded creation matrix within the cosmos. Each galaxy of the 22, which is a master builder number, has its own tonal frequency, and TOGETHER all frequencies create a more expanded ONENESS of NEW CREATION. Watch the video above, where I Invoke a Divine Decree for world peace;  it's time to manifest your new reality.

We are now able to tap into this more expanded creation energy, rather like a more expanded God force, to create a new, more expanded reality for ourselves and for the Earth on which we live. 

As part of our personal and planetary Ascension process, we are stepping into self-sovereignty. As eternal soul beings inhabiting a physical body, we are expressing more of our authentic soul self through our physical vessel on Earth. 

As human beings, we have been locked down for eons into a third-dimensional consciousness and vibration. We have been unable to fully access our authentic soul truth and abilities for all of the time that Earth has been vibrating in third-dimensional consciousness, which is ALL of the time that human beings have existed on Earth. 

We have taken into our soul vibration, our soul’s akashic records, trauma from many unpleasant past life experiences. We have forgotten that we were originally created by the Divine as divine beings and that we do have so much more power and ability within us than we may currently realize and be able to access. 

This is “the time of the Great Return” when we are becoming MORE AUTHENTICALLY WHO WE ARE and bringing the truth of our soul into our human life experience. 

The entire I AM THAT I AM pathway of the Becoming Authentically YOU program in my Ascension Library will help you connect to and access your SOUL’s truth and release the energy trauma of past life.

To add to the effectiveness of the energy transmissions of the pathway you can also speak and invoke divine decrees to magnetize to you more of what you want to create in your life as the DIVINE CREATOR that you actually ARE

Preparation: Sit quietly with your hands crossed over your heart chakra. Go inwards with your mental focus and speak the words and have the intention: “I join my heart mind with God Mind”. 

Really focus on KNOWING this. You don’t need to visualize. You just need to KNOW it deep within your heart.

Write Your Divine Decree: A decree is not a prayer and you are not begging, asking, or beseeching. A decree is your spoken word linked to God Mind with the absolute KNOWING that you are ONE with God mind and in the moment of writing and speaking you ARE as the CREATOR. 

Write any wish of the heart as a divine decree like this: 

With the power of God that I AM I (manifest, invoke, command, create) that ......... 

Keep your sentence short and write it from what your heart mind is saying. Don’t limit your new creation. This is why the entire Becoming Authentically YOU pathway is such a powerful catalyst and support for you, because as you follow through and listen to the 21 recordings of the program you will become a much more rock solid ‘Creator’. Just listening to both the English words and the energy words of new creation that Judy speaks clears distorted karmic energy and rewires you to become a CREATOR. 

Write these words at the end of your sentence: 

I AM THAT I AM and as I fully connect to my I AM SOUL SELF I fully reclaim myself as a sovereign being. I AM GOD in the body. I AM THAT I AM. And so it IS. 

NOTES: Before you begin always spend a few minutes in preparation connecting to heart mind and God-Mind. Keep your decrees short and focus on one primary or aligned outcome for each decree. Focus on a maximum of three decrees and keep repeating those decrees 1-3 times daily until they manifest. 

Speak in present time as if you have already received what you want and feel the gratitude of having already received. 

Feel the emotion of ABSOLUTE KNOWING that you have what you are invoking into being. Be consistent – think water pistol – keep your finger pressed down on the energy trigger with verbal energy repetition. 

Continue with Becoming Authentically YOU to clear any energy blocks that may be deeply unconscious and unrecognized. The best way to clear sabotaging thought patterns from the unconscious mind is the continue to use the recordings from Becoming Authentically YOU or to work with karmic clearing recordings from the Ascension Library when patterns and thoughts show up. Keep going with your divine decrees during this process. 

An Example of a Divine Decree: 

With the power of God that I am, I command perfect health, energy and vitality in every cell of my body. I regenerate and grow younger every day. I AM THAT I AM and as I fully connect to my I AM SOUL SELF I fully reclaim myself as a sovereign being. I AM GOD in the body. I AM THAT I AM. And so it IS. 

You might like to print and laminate THIS PDF, which has 3 easy steps for you to get started with learning and speaking your Divine Decrees.

With love, Judy Satori


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