SEASON ONE - 2023 - JUDY SATORI LIVE:    These 90-minute webinars are hosted by Judy Satori and the Ascension Library. There are nine shows which are recorded live during the 2nd week of each month, three in each season. 

Each episode delves deeper into a particular pathway or set of recordings featured in the Ascension Library and provides an expanded spiritual perspective to assist us ALL to a greater level of clarity in these evolutive times.

The show's theme is released as part of the Monthly 'Ascension Life | eMagazine' - delivered on the 1st of each month. With an introductory overview and live show links added to in the Judy Satori Live section of the Library.

2023, will have three seasons each with three shows... Feb, Mar, Apr | Jun, Jul, Aug | Oct, Nov, Dec – they are LIVE at midday Pacific Time USA (Los Angeles) on the second Wednesday of each of these months.


2023 Dates:

Season One | 9th Feb | 9th March | 13th April

Season Two | 8th June | 13th July | 10th August

Season Three | 12th October | 9th November | 14th December



Stories from Beyond Earth

Season One - Part One:  
Our New Alpha to Omega Cycle of Soul 


Judy Satori tells ‘the story behind the story’ of the ‘Codes of Light’ program in the Ascension Library in a 90-minute live program with energy transmissions from Above and Below and live Q + A.  In part one we explore how our past life experiences on Tara, Mu or Atlantis have served to lock us down into a paler version of our true soul selves.  

The overall theme of Season One is to better understand our new Alpha to Omega cycle of Soul and what it means for us as human beings as discussed in the program ‘Codes of Light’, which anchored and activated 24 codes of Light. The energy of the codes, as transmitted in August 2020, 1-24 now becomes more potent, because of the opening of the Stargate of Aldebaran in January 2023 and when we listen to the codes the energy will enliven and expand you on many levels. Listening to this program over the next three months will prepare you for ‘Anchoring of the Codes of Light: 25-48’. This next Ascension expansion piece will be delivered in September or October 2023.  

In part one, Judy will be speaking to us from Aoraki-Mt Cook, the highest mountain peak in New Zealand. She will be discussing the Hermetic teachings of Thoth and the metaphysical significance of ‘Above and Below’. Mt Aoraki has been described as a pyramid and so indeed it is energetically, as the energies transmitted at this location will anchor a trinity from Above (Beyond the Beyond) to Below (Amenti) through everyone listening, to create a strong energy template and foundation for physical and consciousness upgrade. Physical regeneration that began with codes 1-24 will be continued with codes 25-48.    

In this program, you will understand more about the Codes and how they work ongoingly to help us all to evolve both as individuals and at the beginning of this new Alpha to Omega cycle of soul experience.



  • Understand the Codes of Light and how to use this program in the Ascension Library for maximum benefits. 
  • Listen to the story behind the story. 
  • Be activated by energies from Beyond the Beyond and Amenti which will enable the codes to become more transformative in their effects.
  • Prepare yourself energetically for the Codes of Light 25-48. 




🌟 Judy’s story about Aoraki-Mt Cook 

🌟 Your Alpha to Omega Story

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Marie H.

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"If someone is willing to work the library, they will find tremendous value and benefit. It is hard to believe that you offer so much for so little cost to make this available to everyone."

Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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