We want to start shining a light on some of the amazing recordings in our Library. For this purpose, we're getting some of our staff and members to recommend their favourite recordings.

Juliet Herman, Heartbeat of our Community, recommends HAPPY KIDS. It lives up to its name. Listen whenever you need to be lifted up into happiness land! Happy Kids is for kids of all ages (including grown-up kids!). You can listen to it for free HERE. (Library members, this recording is in your Foundational Tools HERE)

Juliet heads our Ascension Library Community to guide and support members. When you click on the green HELP button on any Library page, it is Juliet who will now reply to you. The Ascension Library is upgrading its operation and functions to be of greater support and assistance to members. There are a number of upgrades to the Library planned this year.

For three weeks of every month, Juliet hosts a Lightworker Connection call on a range of interesting topics that are aligned with the overall direction that I am guided by Spirit to deliver. These first four months of the year – January to April are all about optimizing our true human and soul potential. All events align and support this overall ‘big picture’ spiritual directive. 


This recording and hundreds of Judy's transmissions are accessible to you as part of Ascension Library Membership.

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