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Light-Life Recoding Episode 3 – The Blood, River of New Life

We began the Light-Life DNA Recoding series in January with Episode 1 - Etheric Body Upgrade to build a reservoir of energy within the first etheric level of the body’s energy fields. 

Episode  2 - Endocrine Gland Advancement, which was added to the library in April, balanced hormonal production and prepared the endocrine glands to work in a new and balanced way.

Now we are ready to work with the blood and circulatory system. (The Blood – The River of New Life will be live for Library members on June 1). This year, our 3-D bodies are transforming to vibrate at the faster frequency of 5-D. Every person is moving through this transformation in their own time and in their own way. 


There are six recordings in the Light-Life DNA Recoding series being added to the library this year. Consistently listening to these recordings will get you there FASTER.


Keep it simple: Listen to Episodes 1,2, and 3 in sequence over three days and keep going consistently,  or all three recordings once per week. This energy is very powerful. There is no need to overdo it. Our bodies need time to change. This does not happen overnight. The new energy instructions that are received into the body at the level of the cells and the DNA template take time to be integrated before manifesting as physical, organic change. Keep going! 


The Blood River of New Life Includes:

  •  Simple breathing exercises and energy transmissions to support the way that the hemoglobin molecule transports oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
  •  Energy transmissions to wash the circulatory system with light designed to strengthen the heart, arteries, veins and capillaries. 
  •  Irradiation of the body with 3-12 dimensional color rays and tones to instill upgraded energy vibrations in the cells and to assist the blood and circulatory system to upgrade. 
  •  Irradiation of the body with 3-12 dimensional color rays and tones to assist chakras 1-12 to upgrade.


There will be a Live teaching session with Judy on the meaning of this episode and how to use it. The teaching session is free and open to all subscribers and will be taking place on June 19, 4pm EDT. Access details via email. (Not a subscriber? It's free! 👉 SIGN UP)


The full 'Light-Life DNA Recoding' program is available as part of Library membership! More episodes will be released throughout the year.

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