Overcoming Obstacles: Deliberate Creation


Life is all about change and change ‘can happen on a dime’. Life on our planet is evolving. We are becoming a new type of human being and it’s time for us as a species to learn how to create our lives from a place of empowered, DELIBERATE DESIGN.

In this part of the series, we discuss the skills required for deliberate, conscious creation. You will be divinely guided and energetically supported to assist people everywhere to create a new reality of health and happiness, and to co-create a global society of peace, abundance, and loving-kindness.

Judy Satori's series of online discussions and energy transmissions with Dr. Jean Farish on her ‘Love Light’ program on Voice of America will break you free of energy vibrations that may be holding you back and getting you nowhere in creating the changes that you want to manifest.  

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Overcoming Obstacles: Deliberate Creation

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