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Shine your Authentic Light

This month’s article explains how forces of Darkness and Domination can operate through us and how to stay in the authentic centre of your own Light. The pandemic and especially the issues of domination and control of people’s personal sovereignty caused by vaccine mandates have polarised people from each other and brought up anxiety, confusion, and fear.  

In recent months I have noticed how much more stressed, confused, and upset many people seem to be becoming. I was always told by Spirit that in these years, 2020 – 2033, humanity would be moving through challenging times and experiencing swinging polarities between LOVE and FEAR in all its forms – anxiety, confusion, anger, and attack. 

This is the mysterious process of Ascension, not really understood, because we are living through it, which is affecting all of us. It is tough at times, but this process of change is actually shifting us into a new way of being and living on our planet. It is designed to help us evolve as a human species.  Every human being is affected, but at different stages, as guided by the soul. (See article: Stages of Ascension)

If you are feeling anxious, or upset right now, it may be because emotions from another place and another time are surfacing, to be cleared from your soul’s experience, so that as a human person you can then go on to become MORE of who you are authentically supposed to be in this lifetime. My program BECOMING AUTHENTICALLY YOU in the Ascension Library is a powerful catalyst to support this Ascension transformation and to help you to progress quickly. The polarities within you might swing wider for a time, but you will get through it. 

If you are clearing karmic energy, this can show up as physical ailments in the body and increased emotional volatility. In my case, a large cyst developed on the left-hand side of the base of my tongue affecting my larynx, which had to be removed surgically. The tongue is very much about speaking and the left-hand side of the body is related to the feminine aspect of self. I understood that the growth of this cyst was to do with speaking my authentic truth and that in past lives I had probably been stopped from doing this many times. I understood the cyst to be a physical manifestation that was karmically induced. To heal this karmic issue in myself I listened over a period of nine days to the audio program CLEARING AND HEALING THE THROAT CHAKRA.  Several times as I listened I screamed out loud. Something deep within me was really shifting and clearing during these nine days. It was not comfortable to go through it, but I knew that I had to. Now I feel calm, focused, and clear in a way that I have not experienced before. 

The rapidly changing life circumstances that people are experiencing today will of course bring up anxiety about the future. As human beings, we are trying to control what can’t really be controlled and make sense of a change process we are living through that can’t really be understood. No one really knows where this process is taking us. No one has a crystal ball to predict the future, because the future is created moment by moment by our individual thoughts, emotions, and actions and by mass consciousness thought-form and emotion.  (Listen to the TRUSTING SELF program to regain personal control.) 

The hundredth monkey principle is a sociological theory.  It dates back to a scientific study carried out in 1952, which followed the behavior of a young female monkey living in the wild on a remote Japanese Island. One day she got the bright idea to wash the dirt off her food in a stream before eating it. Her curious tribe watched and one by one all the monkeys on the island began to copy her idea. With the 100th monkey, a tipping point seemed to be reached.  All the monkeys on the island followed her example. Overnight, every monkey on the island took it as the norm.


"Ascension is a sociological change that is affecting how we think about ourselves and our life. It is also a physical and consciousness change. It is BOTH scientific and spiritual.  We can play our part in creating a happy and peaceful future for ourselves and the planet by living our life day-by-day with grace, love, and inner peace and by showing kindness and compassion toward others."


I have decided to speak out about the ‘Dark Forces’ of domination and control on this planet and how they operate in the world of form, because of the number of vitriolic messages that I personally received after I posted a message of respect, love and condolence following the death of Queen Elizabeth on social media.  

These messages, 22 in all, personally attacked me.  They were messages of hatred and condemnation because by posting my message of condolence I did not appear in the eyes of the writers to agree with some of the ‘New Age’ theories currently flooding the internet.  What shocked me most was that some of these posts were anonymous, hidden behind various ‘love and light’ nom-de-plumes.  

While some of the information on the internet is valid and designed to advance human consciousness and understanding, some of it is not, is mean-spirited and false, and is designed to denigrate and defame others. The fallout is felt both by the people affected by these falsehoods, but also by those people spreading this virus of online malevolence.

Karma has its way of coming back to you. Like a boomerang words of anger and condemnation of others has a way of coming back to the person uttering them, attracting the same energies back that they are putting out.


To my mind what happened on my Facebook feed was an example of the ‘Dark Forces’ seeking to dominate and control consciousness and thoughtform on this planet operating at full throttle through the hearts and minds of possibly well-meaning people, ‘Lightworkers’, that they have influenced to do their destructive work by creating fear and confusion in the mind.

This is what I am receiving from Spirit: The arbiter of truth lies within you. When you centre yourself, sit quietly, connect to love and feel into your heart you will know that truth. If you feel anger, hatred, a desire for revenge, or condemnation then BEWARE. What you think of as YOUR TRUTH may be your ego self, your shadow self, or the added malevolence of the dark forces that absolutely DO exist on your planet of duality and which when you shift your attention and intention away from LOVE can work through you. 

We are at a tipping point of change.  Each of us is faced with a personal choice.  Do we choose LOVE, or do we choose FEAR? The Ascension process can only happen for us through the power of LOVE. We must create the emotion of love within our own hearts and minds. 

Two thousand years ago, at the beginning of the Age of Pisces, Jesus Christ came to Earth to teach humankind about LOVE and that acting from a place of love and deliberately creating and energy of love in one’s heart so that it vibrated strongly in the cells of the body was the KEY and the WAY.  

As we enter the last three months of 2022, a year of radical change for many people, we are being asked to make a choice of where we put out ATTENTION and INTENTION.

We have a choice as to whether we align with LOVE or FEAR, with LIGHT or DARKNESS, with PEACE or INNER CHAOS. 

Our words, thoughts, emotions, and actions will pull TOWARD US that which WE ARE. 

❤️❤️❤️  Judy Satori

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