The Power of Intention


Intention is a universal creative force that generates an energetic imprint. When we consciously connect with our heart-mind and generate emotion around the topic of our intention as having been received and fulfilled, we magnetically attract it to us.  This is why when you repetitively listen to recordings such as The Fundamental Aspects of Love, from The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene, your love energy will become increasingly balanced as you repeatedly entrain the energy frequencies of balanced LOVE within yourself. 

Science has proven that with repetitive entrainment of a thought, which is energy, new neuron pathways are created in the brain; this is known as neuroplasticity.  In addition, the energy frequency of our intention, strengthened by the energy of the heart-mind with emotion, interacts with the universal quantum field to magnetically gravitate light frequencies across space-time.  Life in the fifth dimension is very much about becoming a God Creator and manifesting our conscious desires into being.  

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