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The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene is a three part masterclass inspired by Judy's time spent in the caves of La Sainte-Baume, in the south of France.

The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene

This three-part series is designed as a 90-day evolutive experience. Judy will teach you how to embody Mary's teachings and open a doorway of joy, magic, and abundant happiness in your life. All you have to do is listen.

 "LOVE is the KEY and the WAY"


The Fundamental Aspects of Love is the first part of The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene trilogy to expand your ability to love yourself and others. 


Being Love: Gateway to Joy is Part Two of the Mary Magdelene Trilogy. In this six-part series, of meditations you will embody the Love Vibration moving towards Joy.


Joy is Love Expressed is the third and final part of the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene Trilogy. Enhancing your ability to love yourself and others in this life and through all time. 

Is this masterclasses is for you?

In the audio below, Judy shares an overview of her three pilgrimages to the sacred cave in La Saint-Baume where Mary Magdalene lived for 30-years.


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