Open to love, joy and happiness with this series.
The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene was inspired by Judy's time spent in the caves of La Sainte-Baume, in the South of France where Mary lived. 

Join Judy for this deep expansion process to vibrate abundant happiness within.  The energy in this masterclass series will enhance your capacity to heal and regenerate and ultimately support you to manifest your dreams.

In this three-part Masterclass series, Judy guides you through an extensive 34-part process to embody the infinite love of Mary's teachings; when we vibrate with joy there are no boundaries of expression.

The first part of The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene trilogy is designed to expand your ability to love yourself and others. 

Be transformed and remade by this powerful set of energy vibrations. "Love is the Key and the Way”, the journey begins with energy to open your heart to infinite love.

In part two, Judy brings through meditations from Mary to help you embody the love vibration and move towards joy. 

This 13-part process is designed to create a new energy foundation within you, for being able to love and to be loved in a balanced way.

In the final part of the trilogy, you will be guided through a powerful integration process, where the love vibration is actually instilled into the cells of your body by Spirit. 

The energy in this series of recordings will enhance your ability to love yourself and others in this life and through all time. 

"LOVE is the KEY and the WAY", all you have to do is listen...

In the introductory recording below, Judy tells the story of how she "walked the path" over three years with Mary and gives an overview of the transformative three-part series that resulted from her experience with this energy.  The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene is a 90-day evolutive journey that will teach you how to embody Mary's teachings and open a doorway of joy, magic, and abundant happiness in your life.  


Members share their experience The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene 

"So grateful!  I feel so blessed and enlightened so peaceful.  The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene are so profound, it is truly laying the foundation of what we are- Love, and from there we can go anywhere. Thank you so much, Judy and all the beautiful beings of light always assisting us!🙏🏼"

Anna B.

Ascension Library Member

“So wonderful to know how to work with the heart and soul in such a tangible way, supported by energies of New Creation to initiate our energy resonance.  Nobody else teaches this and creates resonance like this!  Truly epic, life-affirming, and Soul-empowering, I cannot wait to see what happens next... Thank you Mary Magdalene and, of course, Judy!”💕"

Cecelia H.

Ascension Library Member

"Wowsers!!  These energies filled my chest with expansive warmth and love which flooded throughout my beingness...  I could not move nor wanted to, I was so totally mesmerized and relaxed into purity and bliss.  Thank you, Judy and the loving beings she channeled.”

Joy Arnim

Ascension Library Member

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