thriving in today's world
when life knocks you down

I should have known that the universe - the guiding force of my soul’s inner compass - maybe had a message for me when the Air New Zealand steward accidentally dropped someone’s heavy metal crutch on my head. It hurt….. but more was to come. 

The very next day I parked on the side of a busy main street to go to a meeting. It was raining and just after 5 pm so I carefully opened the car door, and, glued to the side of the car, sidled towards the curb. At that moment a speeding lorry appeared out of nowhere and the next thing I knew I was face down on the road, fortunately behind my car. The first thing that flashed through my mind was the destruction of my expensive dental work, which was floating around inside my mouth. Then came the rounds of the Emergency Department at the hospital, some scans, the dentist, the chiropractor, and so on.  

In the days since my accident, I have reflected on what happened to me and why. In New Zealand, we have a saying about “Mac trucks hitting us and changing the course of our lives.” This experience is usually traumatic, but it ends up being for the best - otherwise, nothing would change. A ‘Mac truck’ experience is just that - it is like being hit by a huge lorry. It could be an illness, an upsetting experience, a financial challenge, or the loss of a home or loved one.

Life is never without its ‘Mac trucks’. It is our reaction to our ‘Mac truck’ experience, though, that matters. This deeper understanding of self, painful though it may be, has the potential to propel us through a powerful portal of new beginning if we use this experience to understand the message from our soul. 

"We can’t change what happens to us in life. It has already occurred. In our linear time zone we can’t go back and change the past - yet - but we can design a new future."

The first thing I did after my fall was to rest because, whatever your ‘Mac truck’ experience is, it will rock you to your core for a while. It is that core, timeless soul aspect of self that we must first connect to when we are down. It is the reconnection to our soul’s guiding light in a deeper way that is the lodestar to help us get back up into life, powerfully reset and renewed. 

For days, I listened in a four-day sequence to the ‘New Human Fifth Element’ recordings in my Ascension Library. They are synchronized to work together in a four-step regenerating cycle of renewal. Water, Fire, Earth, and Air is the sacred 4-step process of life and it can be found everywhere in the natural world.  It is this same holistic, transformational rite of passage that Spirit has given me to impart to others through the ‘Beyond Beautiful New Human Recordings.’ 

I listened to the energy transmissions of Water - Setting the new template for body and mind; Fire - Galvanising a new, more vibrant action potential in the body;  Earth - Powerful energy transmissions to consolidate and then expand the potential of the physical body to heal and regenerate. And then Air, which is all about renewal and taking flight - the energy charging our new beginning. 

In the past 25 years, since I have been doing work with Spirit, I have been consistently asked to “live” what I teach. And what I want to teach now is how I see my ‘Mac truck’ experience as a powerful catalyst designed to propel me into a new kind of life. As I sat in stillness and connected to the voice of my heart and the guidance of my soul, I became more and more excited about what was coming. The past few years had been very challenging and it felt as if, finally, I could get to dance with my soul in a new collaborative partnership of greater happiness and fulfillment. 

I began to understand more deeply that how we view what happens to us in life is only our perception of that experience. That perception is only a creation of the mind based on past experience and reaction - from this life and past lives. Rest for a time, and through that rest, you will intuitively know when it’s time to get up again. Just know while you're resting that you’re preparing to have a new and wonderful adventure with your soul. 

Many people today are worried about their future. It feels quite scary. I have also had many experiences of fear and anxiety in my life about what the future might bring such as when I was made redundant, when my marriage ended and when my partner died of cancer. But what I’ve come to understand is that life goes in cycles. There are many chapters in our book of life. We can always write a new chapter. Our future does not have to be like our past because we are here on earth to learn and gain wisdom as timeless souls. Whenever I felt lost and alone I held myself in my arms with the profound realization that my soul was always safe and protected, and that all would be well. 

"The future’s not ours to see. But it IS ours to create. And the first step is being still and connecting to our inner guidance - the voice of our heart and the truth of our soul."

I did this by disconnecting from digital devices and digital overload. I began to find happiness in the small things: being in nature; surrounding myself with beauty. I would pick a single flower on a walk and put it in a vase. I picked the flower because its color and perfume spoke to my heart. I got back to working in my garden and walking by the sea. I listened a lot to the programs in the Ascension Library. I began to recover.  

Quite often after my accident I had to force myself to be still, to stop working on my endless “to-do” list, and to stop worrying about the future of my work or whether, because of my concussion, I would be able to do my planned Zoom call events effectively. I also learnt to let go of what people might think or need from me and concentrate on ME. There’s a saying, “Fill up your own cup first.” It’s true. My accident forced me to live it. 

Post ‘Mac Truck’ experience I was forced to pause and reflect on what the universe, my soul, was trying to tell me. In a powerful crunch of insight, I realized that the 25 years of being a healer and spiritual channel had defined how people saw me and it had depleted ME to such an extent that the existential soul being that I was had almost ceased to exist. But not quite! 

Ten years ago I wrote the story of my soul in my book, “Sunshine before the Dawn”. This book is arguably the true story of why we are here on Earth. It is a love story about Essayenya, a Sirian member of the Galactic Council, and Mosteenya, the Lyran leader. It’s my story, as I was Essayenya. But it is also the story of all of us. And the story was transmitted to me to help us all remember who we really are - eternal soul beings. 

Essayenya was told in the story, set 100,000 years ago: “When you go to earth, you will not go alone. There are many souls that are preparing now to incarnate on earth. You will go together to hold the Light. For four great cycles of time you will be reborn into many bodies and have many different life experiences. It is necessary for many from our worlds to do this so that the genetics of the new hu-man, which have been seeded on the earth, can pass to souls who already carry this higher light. As you and your kind intermarry with the root races of this planet Earth, you generate a new kind of hu-man and the combined genetics of the Star Nations will, in time, be held within the DNA of all peoples of the Earth.”

When I wrote “Sunshine before the Dawn”, I didn’t know the story in advance. As I wrote each chapter, the scene unfolded like a movie playing in my mind. I WAS Essayenya. I felt her with me as I wrote. I am still Essayenya and after my accident, I had a new realization that the essential truth was what I needed to connect to in order to move forward in my life as Judy in the world we live in today.

I stopped binge-watching ‘Netflix’ and I put the TV remote away. I reconnected with Essayenya and her/my story. Essayenya was from Sirius. She came to earth to help humanity evolve and move forward in consciousness and action. 


When I wrote ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’, I didn’t publish the book through mainstream channels. Other people put it on Amazon but I didn’t, because I knew that there was more to Essayenya’s story than I was able to access in 2012. 

Now Essayenya’s energy has returned to integrate more fully with me. She is me and I am her. And it is time for me to write again - not only Essayenya’s enduring story but other stories of the Stars that explain more of the truth of who we are as human beings. 

Love and Blessings on your journey 🙏

❤️ Judy Satori


The Stage of the Water - Beginning to create a new reality. 

THE KEY: Be fluid, and flexible, nurture yourself, and find joy in the small things. Be kind to yourself. Understand the GIFT in your Mac truck experience. Don’t let your past define you. The past is gone. Work intensively with the library recordings. They will help you shift faster. Let the Karmic clearing - aches, pains, emotional reactions - come up. Focus each day on what makes you happy. Trust your heart’s voice and your soul’s truth.  

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