Explore the legacy of ancient civilizations with transmitted information sessions and all-new UltraLight energy activations.
Judy takes you to the Bosnian Pyramids with a series of talks on location.  The evolving story that she uncovers is a mix archaeological evidence and energy alchemy from Spirit.  Listen to this series to find out about the transformational secrets of these pyramids that have recently been unlocked for us all.

This two-part series features over six hours of audio recordings in a merging of scientific archaeological understanding with transmitted information and energy from Spirit.

An Ancient Legacy Revealed

Part One explores the unique properties and evolving story of each of the five pyramids located in the Visoko valley.  As you listen to this series, you will understand why these sites are visited by thousands of people every year.  Judy transmits energy and information from Bosnia to unlock the secrets and significance of this sacred energy at this unprecedented time of our advancement and upgrade for us all.

An Ancient Legacy Renewed

In part two of this series, Judy returns to Bosnia to prepare us to receive Ultralight Ascension energies- some of the most powerful Judy has worked with. Watch a captivating video from inside the Tunnels of Ravne and listen to a series of talks exploring, in-depth, the energies of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Judy brings through energy and understanding from the "Ancient Ones", about what is so special and important about this time on earth. 

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Who were the pyramid builders?  

This ancient civilization knew something important about the Earth and Earth cycles. They laboured hard to create an energy grid of stone pyramidal structures on the Visoko plateau.

What markers did they leave for us to find and understand today?

The very hard, extremely durable ancient conglomerate used is of an industrial quality concrete seldom seen on Earth today. It is technically very advanced.

What is so special and important about this time on Earth?

There have been many special times on planet Earth and there will be many more, but this time on planet Earth is incredibly important.  Listen to this recording to find out more as Judy provides some context to the story of humanity and explains how the energy coded sequences in this series work to activate the cells in your body.

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Do you want to learn more about the archaeological project happening in Bosnia?

Our visit was supported by the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation.  This not-for-profit organization works to study and preserve this ancient legacy for future generations.  Visit the organization's website to learn more about the project, people, upcoming events and how you can support the Foundation.

More about the Pyramid of the Sun Foundation


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