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Feeling your Authentic Self

We create our lives from what we feel and believe about ourselves in our hearts. If we align ourselves internally by honoring the truth of who we are. Our life will reflect this truth. This is the process of Ascension.  

We are energetic human beings living in an environment where we are continuously processing information through all four Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies. This information being projected and reflected at us, comes from numerous sources, throughout our day, every day. This can cause us to forget ourselves and who we truly are. Creating confusion, lack of clarity, and mental fatigue as we process thoughts, feelings, messages, sounds, and images on a moment-by-moment basis. This lack of clarity and unknowing causes our experiences in life to be dualistic, distorted, and painful. However, we are here to manifest our Divine nature into this human life and part of this process is to master all four of these bodies, by teaching them how to work together in unison, as they were always intended to be. 

Giving ourselves time and space to breathe, to let go of everything outside of ourselves, and to acknowledge our Divinity within will speed up our evolutive process into the Divine Human that we truly are.

This Feeling Your Authentic Self, tool for Ascension, is the third tool in this series and would make a great addition to any spiritual plan. It can be completed at any time of day, for as long as you like. The key is to REPEAT OFTEN until you move into this authentic state of being most of the time.

You will eventually move permanently into this state of being.




For the first few times, it will be difficult to feel anything but with each day, you will start to feel your radiant eternal presence more and more.

  1. Find a place that you love to be. Somewhere easy and accessible where you can do this at any time during your day.
  2. Grab yourself a cuppa or something you enjoy and give yourself 5 mins to just spend on yourself.

  3. Sit in a position of strength and take a deep breath.

  4. Center yourself by using the statements below ...

     [These statements can be said aloud or within]

    “I Am Centred - I Am Whole - I Am Balanced”

    “I Am Conscious - I Am in the Now”

    Allium Ya Mar Seen Ya ... Allium Sa

    (Mantra from Judy) 


    Meaning: I connect with the peace and love of my Ascended Soul Self.

[Saying this mantra 3-9 times will help to bring peace and balance. Use this mantra to bring yourself into alignment while using the process above or if you find yourself in a stressful situation at any point in your day. The mantra can be said aloud or within.]



Learn More About This Process and How it Will Change You: 

We are not meditating, creating, praying, or setting an intention. We are not asking for anything. We don’t need anything. You are acknowledging who you ALREADY are and learning to feel this truth. Physicalizing your Ascended Soul Self your God Self into this physical human body, into this incarnation. You are already the most evolved version of yourself here in physical form. We accept this truth by letting go of everything that has gone before. All projections, reflections, and beliefs, taking off the weight of ALL EXPERIENCES we have ever had in this life and all lifetimes. Allowing yourself to feel the TRUE POWER AND LOVE within you. Sit for as long as you can in this state. The longer you can sit in this state the more you will feel your Love, Power, Wisdom, and Strength and your life will align to this truth.

When we feel the statements above “I Am Conscious” and “I Am in the Now” we are remembering who we truly are. We are commanding “I Am in this moment fully awake in my most evolved state.” When we are affirming “I Am in the Now” we are letting go of all past experiences and projections into the future, bringing ourselves back into this moment with strength and clarity. Conscious of our true Beingness.

This is who we are, Conscious as the creator of our reality, in a dualistic world of time and space. 


We are unifying our Spiritual and Physical selves as one.


The purpose of this process is to teach how to change your energy and vibration regardless of what might be going on in life and to feel your radiant eternal presence within. This is Mastery and Abundance. The presence you seek; is the person YOU are within. Until we cultivate and accept who we truly are by experiencing our internal equanimity and love, the outer world will continue to reveal differing levels of conflict. Eventually, you will do this, not just when you set time aside, you will BECOME who you feel yourself to be in your day-to-day life. You will automatically become aware of when you have shifted out of your center and bring your energy back into alignment. You will begin to notice that you feel exhilaration, or joy, or love, or bliss for no reason at all. Small things will start to go right, life will flow, synchronicities will show up more and you will have more loving, joy-filled experiences. When you can tap into this feeling, more and more, you will start to feel that no matter what is going on around you, even if you are upset, your heart will continue to feel love, joy, and excitement for life. This is YOU manifesting your authentic Source energy. Flowing unimpeded through you. Your reality and what you previously knew it to be, will start to shift and change. Manifesting Heaven on Earth. Learning to hold this, no matter what is going on in your outside world, is the key to your Ascension and a happy life. 






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Michelle Swanson supports members of the Ascension Library community in the use of recordings and how to gain maximum benefit from this Spirit-led energy work.  Michelle’s ‘Tools for Ascension’ series is designed to help us to understand and navigate the rapid changes in how we think and feel about ourselves and about our lives. 

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